NEW NORWAY REDFISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 85 | Pungence

NEW NORWAY REDFISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 85 | Pungence

– We got a great white
shark, let’s go for it. Dude, this is the fight of the century. Narwhal get away from me. I think we should go
for this ichthyosaurus. Hey, what’s up guys, welcome
back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys today, we’re playing as this brand new Norway Red Fish. Guys, we’ve never played
as this thing before. And dude, it’s got one of my
favorite abilities in the game. So it’s got it’s devour ability, so we can swallow 50 percent
bigger fish than normal. So guys, it basically
means we got a huge mouth, a huge stomach, it’s one
of my favorite abilities. So I’m super excited, but guys we gotta figure out a name for this thing. Last video, we played as the tuna. You guys had some amazing names. Some of my favorites were, Tommy
the tuna and Tammy the tuna so, depending on if it’s a guy or a girl, it’d be Tommy, if it’s a
guy, Tammy, if it’s a girl. I love the names, there were some other really great names in there too. But guys, we need a name
for the Norway Red Fish. Let me know on the comments,
also, guys, you did it again. You guys always put a smile on my face, last video hit 6,000 likes
which is actually, it’s a lot of likes compared to how many,
like, views the video got. So guys, thank you so much,
it puts a smile on my face. And like I’ve mentioned before,
it helps my channel so much. Guys, I try not to play favorites, I try not to play favorites
with my subscribers. I love you all the same,
but guys, I’m telling you there’s a special place in my heart for those of you who hit the like button. So guys, if we get in
6,000 likes on this video or maybe even seven,
that’d just be amazing. I probably wouldn’t be able
to stop smiling for weeks. Okay, what do you think,
should we play as this guy? Let’s do it, let’s do it. So guys, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna, we’re
gonna swallow some fish. But I want, what are my main goals today? Is to see if I can swallow
the great white shark. Okay, here we go, yeah
we’re gonna see if we can hunt down the great white
shark and swallow him whole. Dude, maybe we could even
get one of these whales. Okay, so guys let’s take a
look at this Norway Red Fish. Dude, I really like this thing. So, as usual, whenever there’s a new fish, I like to look up some details. You know, I like to look
up, you know, pictures, or wiki or something, just
to learn about these fish cause I’m no expert,
I’m no marine biologist. What’s that, what is this
fish, something I’m gonna eat. Do you think I could swallow this guy? Let’s try it, let’s try it, swallow. This guy looks like some kinda,
dude, okay he swallowed him. I don’t think I was lined up well. Oh, there’s a whale shark in the distance. But yeah, so I was
doing a little research, basically, see I didn’t really
do any, like, wiki research. I just looked up some pictures,
I just wanted to see… Oh there’s a narwhal, you know, guys we gotta get outta here,
this whole like ice area is very dangerous, it’s just
full of whales and stuff. We’re not ready for that, so we gotta start off
small, work our way up. But yeah, so, I just looked up some images and guys, dude, this actually
is a really big fish. Like, look at these pictures,
I just looked up some… There’s the Orcas, dude, I
was trying to get outta here and I just got deeper into the ice part. Dude, there’s a narwhal, um,
we gotta be careful guys. And I’m playing on hard, I’m playing on the hardest difficulty. Dude, is that guy going for me? He’s going for me, no,
no you stay away from me. And there’s the big giant whale. No, dude, narwhal, get away from me. There’s the big giant
whale, okay, narwhal, yes. He got distracted, where’s
the big giant whale? Last time I saw him and then I lost him and then the next thing I knew, like, he was eating me alive. Dude, we gotta get outta here. Okay, so yeah, it’s a big fish. Norway Red Fish, very big fish and I think they did a great job, I think they did a great job
with the model and everything. Guys, the creators of this game, I’ve never been in contact with them, but, dude, I’m telling you
they’re really, really good. Okay, guys do think we could
eat some of these blobfish? Also, known as tomco fish, I bet we can. Let’s (yells), that’s a go shark. You know what, let’s keep,
um, can’t swallow him. I tried, dude, guys we
haven’t eaten anything yet. Have we, I don’t think
we’ve eaten anything. Let’s just get outta here,
what are we gonna start with? Maybe like a crab, oh dude, here’s one of these things again. Give me this thing, give me this thing. Dude these things are hard to drag down. I think that’s lantern
fish, what’s chasing? Oh it’s another one, I
think it’s a lantern fish. Okay, I gotcha, you try to sneak up on me. I’ll sneak up on you,
okay, can I swallow… Oh, I got him, I got him guys. Okay, yeah they’re just hard to get. Dude, give me this one,
yes, okay, we got some food. Um, so we haven’t really…
uh oh, that’s hammerheads. We haven’t really leveled up yet. So, no, he’s chasing me, guys maybe I shouldn’t of put
it on the hardest difficulty. No, guys we’re dead meat, we’re dead meat. Um, what can I do, I could attack him. I could attach him but, like,
I’m no match for this guy. There’s nothing I could do, I’m dead meat. Did he, he just lost interest. (laughing) Guys, he just lost interest, I don’t know how we got outta that. But we just got outta that, okay, you know, let’s go where it’s safer. Dude, how did we survive that? There’s ichthyosauruses, hammerheads, guys, there’s crabs up there to the right. Dude, it seems like my sprint takes a really long time to regenerate. But yeah, there’s crabs
up there to the right. And if I could get up there, then that would be very,
very useful and helpful. Well, there’s the mosasaurus, we gotta keep out distance from him. Okay, we got some cuttlefish, I bet I could eat some cuttlefish. Let’s go for these guys, there’s
a bunch of them down there. Let’s see if I can eat these cuttlefish, there is a hammerhead, um, I ate the crab. Dude, there’s a hammerhead, eat that crab. And eat this crab, okay,
we’re at least level two. (laughing) We leveled up once, that’s some progress. Okay, dude, let’s find
these crabs and I think there’s like little bibos
around here too or something. Dude, it’s gonna be
slow, it’s gonna be slow. Oh, look at all those
crabs, I want all of them. I want all of them, just be a vacuum. I’m gonna be going to vacuum cleaner mode. Um, maybe not, maybe
not, yes, I got one crab. Make it, two crabs, make
it, three crabs, okay. That’s kinda like vacuum cleaner mode. Dude, those guys spread out pretty fast. A lot of them went over the cliff. They just jumped off that cliff. So we’re level three now, yeah, it’s gonna be slow going at the beginning. But once we start to get some momentum, once we start eating some,
like bigger fish and stuff. I think we’re gonna start
leveling up really fast. Like, yeah, we gotta eat some hammerheads, we gotta swallow some, like
tiger sharks and stuff. Then we’ll be leveling up
fast, yeah, cause right now, dude look at all these crabs I’m eating. And we’re barely level four, oh man, we got another crab family,
it’s vacuum cleaner mode. Let’s get them, let’s get
them, so we’re level five. There’s a bibos, we do have
to be careful for those guys, they’re small, but the thing is, like, once they attack in a group,
they could take you out quick. Okay, just eat the crabs,
vacuum cleaner mode. We’re level six, guys we’re
starting to get a little momentum, but wait til we
start eating some bigger fish. Then we’re gonna really get big. Okay, guys, you know how I
love messing the angler fish. There’s a great white shark down there, so we gotta be careful, but dude, let’s see if we can find some angler fish. Those guys are just so much fun to eat. It’s just basically a big, a big ball. Okay, um, look for the angler fish. They’re invisible, so
they’re very hard to find. What do I see, I see, oh I
think those are clown fish. Yeah, these aren’t really
gonna do much for me. But yeah, dude, the
angler fish are invisible. So that makes them hard to see. But once they start moving,
then we can see them. Dude, what’s going on,
this happened last time. I don’t know dude, maybe the angler fish, they’re only in the other
area, like the deep waters. Okay dude, I wanna mess
with some of these fish but you got great white sharks. Dude, every area in this map is dangerous. You got great white sharks or whales or something crazy all over the place. Okay, can I eat this eel? Oh, dude we’re swallowing eels, these are pretty decent size, okay, dude that’s really good, okay. I got that eel, okay, we’re at 76 health. The more health we can get, the more damage we can take
from something and get away. Okay, there’s another eel, dude, I think this is a good
area, this is a good area, we gotta bunch of eels
and I don’t think there’s any great white sharks around here, I know the mosasaurus can hang
out around here sometimes. Oh, I see an ichthyosaurus shadow, I don’t even see the
ichthyosaurus himself. But I see his shadow, I
don’t know where he is. They usually do hang
out towards the surface, so that’s good for us, okay, level seven. Guys, we’re almost at…
yes, we’re level eight. We’re almost in double digits,
once we get to double digits I’ll feel a little bit more comfortable. (laughing) Dude, I don’t know, I don’t
know if it was a good idea to play on hard, because, dude, the fish are just so aggressive on hard. Okay, I see some barracudas, dude let’s eat Barry the barracuda. What’s up Barry, get over here. Get over here, yes, no,
do I see a ichthyosaurus? Yeah, ichthyosaurus, they’re
diving down, that’s not good. There’s a swordfish, I
probably can’t swallow him yet. Dude, let’s see if I can get a… Oh, dude, there’s the megalograptus. Oh my goodness, did you hear that noise? It was like, he was like extra crunchy. Dude, the megalograptus,
I did see some comments, you guys wanted to see that again. So we’re gonna have to
come back to that guy. Oh, there’s another one, let’s see if this guy sounds
crunchy too, are you crunchy? Dude, look at that move,
he’s got some nice moves. He’s got some nice dodge moves. But I’m still gonna get
you, dude, he’s fast. Oh my goodness, look at how fast he is. This is like a high speed chase. Oh that was crunchy, colossal crab. I just ate a whole colossal crab. (laughing) Dude, those both were really crunchy. Okay, we’re in double
digits now, we’re level 11. Guys, now we can eat some bigger stuff. This is getting good,
guys it’s getting good. Okay, I see a swordfish,
see another colossal crab. Extra crunchy and where am I,
dude am I in the depths again? Okay, so those are some
chambered nautiluses. These are some of my favorites. Guys, for whatever reason, these just remind me
of peppermint candies. It’s hard to see them right now. Yeah, these just remind
me of peppermint candies. Okay, so we ate some chambered nautiluses. Dude, look at all those sparkles. There’s that angler fish, dude, this is where all the angler fish are. There’s so many of them, oh my goodness. There’s so many, I must eat them all. Level 12, dude now we’re leveling up. Oh now we’re talking,
this guy disappeared. I got him, I got him even
though he was invisible. Dude, level 13, level 14, I leveled up a whole level just by eating one of them. Dude, I gotta eat all these angler fish. Level 15, guys we’re leveling up really fast with these guys,
look at all those angler fish. Okay, I think some of
these are angler fish, some of them are just the mushroom spores. Let’s just keep going,
we’re almost level 20. Guys, this is going really well. I gotta say, I really
like this Norway Red Fish. And dude, this devour ability,
it might be my favorite ability in the game, but
guys, you gotta think, we do have a lot of other cool ones. Like the cuttlefish, it can
like hypnotize it’s enemies, it can ink it’s enemies, you got the eel that can go invisible, dude,
we should use that again. We should use that invisibility trick and start tricking some other fish again. Yeah and the megalograptus,
it like poisons it’s enemies. Dude, there’s just really,
really cool abilities. Okay, guys we’re almost to level 20. Let’s see if we can
take out a ghost shark. That’s like, that’s my gauge. Uh oh, there’s a whale shark, but the size of the shark I can swallow is usually a gauge of how well I’m doing. Okay, let’s try to eat this ghost shark. Get over here ghost shark, he’s cornered. He’s cornered, I just ate him. Dude, I know it was hard to tell, but I just ate the ghost shark. Dude, and there’s more
around here somewhere. We gotta eat another
one, okay there’s a bunch of them up there, guys,
let’s eat these guys. Okay, dude, it’s gonna
be awhile until I can eat a whale shark probably,
but that’s one of my goals too. Okay, maybe this is a bad idea, let’s mess with this whale shark a little
bit, dude, I do 16 damage. Okay, let’s see if I can just bite him cause I know I can’t swallow him. Well, let’s try it, that’d
be crazy if I could. Yeah, we can’t swallow
him, let’s just bite him. Dude, he’s like spinning me in circles. No, okay, he only does two damage. I almost feel bad for the poor guy. Dude, he only does two damage, but dude, if I can take him out, it’s probably, probably gonna level us up a lot. Dude, look at how much
meat this is gonna be. This is actually a pretty good battle. Dude, his mouth is so big though. I’m surprised he can’t swallow me whole. Okay, dude, get back here,
guys we gotta finish the job. Problem is, I feel like
we’re getting kinda slow. The bigger we get, the slower we get. Okay, dude, as soon as I grab onto him he just spins in circles, get back here. Get back here, yeah, crazy whale shark. I got ya, I got ya, get him again. Dude, my bite speed is really slow. We are definitely not meant for biting. Oh my goodness, dude, I got him. Okay, let’s take him up to the surface because these guys have a
tendency of like going flying. Okay, we’ll take him up to the surface, turn him into meat, here we go. Here we go, dude, we’re level 27. Okay, that leveled me up like once. Not really worth it, look
at all these colossal crabs, making a colossal mistake running into me. (laughing) Guys, let’s get some revenge, let’s get some revenge on
those hammerhead sharks. Let’s see if I can find some,
I’m seeing ichthyosauruses. But I think there’s some
hammerheads this way. Dude, can you believe
that hammerhead attacking me at the beginning, I don’t
know how I got away from him. It seemed like he lost interest, maybe I don’t taste that good. Like, I didn’t look to
see if Norway Red Fish is like a delicious fish or anything. But I’m assuming I just
didn’t taste that good. Dude, do you think I could eat
this, swallow this swordfish? I just swallowed a swordfish,
oh that’s really good. Dude, get over here you zebra fish. Gotcha, and gotcha, level 29, almost 30. Dude, where are those hammerheads? Oh, ichthyosaurus, guys, I
think we should go for it. I think we should go
for this ichthyosaurus. (laughing) We just swallowed a ichthyosaurus. Okay, it’s hammer time,
it’s hammerhead time. Okay, I got the hammerhead, dude, that’s what I call revenge, he got him. Okay, let’s get another hammerhead and dude we gotta be close to being able to swallow some tiger sharks,
I bet we could do that today. I bet we could do it, right now maybe? Dude, this could be a really bad idea. If we get in a fight with
one of these guys and lose, we’re gonna lose everything
but it’s worth it for you guys. Okay, here we go, um, we’re
going for this tiger shark. He looks a little bigger than I expected. Okay, go for the tiger shark. Guys, we’re swallowing tiger sharks whole. Dude, each one is a full level. Guys, this is really good, dude, okay, here’s the thing, they changed it so they don’t spawn in
the same spot every time. So that kinda stinks but this is kinda like my go to
method for leveling up. (laughing) Just getting these tiger
sharks over and over. Okay, dude, it’s time, I think
we’ve waited long enough. It’s time to get big,
oh my goodness, dude, we just devoured that guy, okay, look at the tiger shark
being such a bully. I guess in a way I’m kind
of a bully to him too. Dude get over here, get over
here you crazy tiger shark. Gotcha, and I’m gonna eat your lunch too. Okay guys, we got a great white shark. Let’s go for it, let’s go for it. Oh please tell me, he’s running away. That’s a good sign, um, dude
I can’t swallow him yet. I’m level 50, I can’t
swallow this guy yet. Okay, good thing he didn’t attack me. Guys, if he attacked me, he
probably would’ve taken me out. How about a browurag, think
we can swallow a browurag? I got him, okay we can swallow a browurag. We’re level 62 now, I bet we could get the great white shark
now, now we just gotta… I found him, there he is, he’s lurking. He’s, uh oh, I just
disappeared and I’m back. (laughing) Okay, well I guess the dreu eel isn’t the only fish that can disappear. Okay, here we go guys, we’re level 62. Tell me I could eat this guy, swallow him. Swallow this great white shark, dude, I can’t believe
this, I can’t swallow him. I just touched him, he’s
not gonna attack me, is he? Okay, I don’t know what
the deal is with that guy. I gotta feeling I just
don’t taste that good. I can’t believe it, I still
can’t swallow him whole. Okay, how about a whale shark,
let’s try a whale shark. Dude, the whale shark is really big. I gotta feeling it’s
probably not gonna work. Plus, they’re just, I don’t
know, he’s very evasive. Get back here, get back here, oh. Guys, I’m swallowing whale sharks. I can’t believe I just
swallowed a whale shark. Dude I need to eat another one. I must eat another one, dude
this is gonna level me up fast. Get him, oh my goodness,
I’m just chomping him down. Okay, here’s that narwhal, guys
we gotta be careful though. When you get in this area,
you get in the ice area, and you’re pretty much dead,
if you’re not big enough to survive against that whale,
you’re pretty much dead. (bubbles gurgling) Guys if we eat one more whale shark, we’re gonna get to level 100, we got him. Okay, guys, we’re level
100, we’re level 100. I gotta be able to swallow
that great white shark now, right, dude, I admit, he’s big. He’s a very big shark but
we’re gonna take him down. Dude, I just ate a million whale sharks. I should be able to
take out a great white. Okay, where’s he at, he’s hiding. Okay, he was right here
bef… oh, there he is. Guys, we’re level 100,
I have 2,100 health, let’s take this guy out,
let’s take this guy out. Right now, take him out right now. Um, I can’t direct myself very well. Okay, here we go, take him out, right now. Get him, get him, I wanna do it, I can’t really turn left and right when I got the camera like that. Dude, I still don’t think we can… Oh, right when I said
that, I was gonna say I don’t think we can do it. Okay, we took out a great white shark. Maybe we should do another, but guys maybe we should step it up a notch. Maybe we should go for some whales. Let’s see if we can take out some whales. Oh, there’s two great
white sharks right there. Okay, I wanna get him
with the camera view. Okay, get these guys
with the camera angle. Yes, I got him, get this one too. I missed him, they’re kinda hard to get. And I can’t turn left and right. Dude, I can’t believe it, so we had to get to level
100 to get it to work. Dude, he’s just out of
range, oh now he’s trapped. Got him, that’s what I’m talking about. Okay guys, let’s see if I
can take out some whales. Thing is, we’re gonna have some problems with that big old giant whale, like dude. It’s like one or two bites and I’m dead. But I think he does 300 damage, so technically I could withstand like ten hits from him I think. I don’t know, man, what
kinda damage do we do? It’s probably not great, 135,
135 actually isn’t too bad, I might be able to take him out after all. Isn’t this what we were
trying to do last time? Guys, if you missed last
video, it was a lot of fun. We had some fun with the tuna fish. But I think this is what we
were trying to do last time, take out some whales,
okay, let’s try it again. Dude, let’s see if we
can find some narwhals, some orcas, some beluga whales and we’re gonna keep our
distance from that big giant one. Okay, guys a see a narwhal,
it’s right past this iceberg. Watch out for that
iceberg, I see a narwhal. Right there, dude, he
actually looks pretty… Oh, there’s the giant whale, um, he actually looks pretty
small in comparison to me. Dude, we got him, okay, our only problem is we’re just really slow. Okay, dude, so you got baby
orcas and you got full grown orcas, I think this is a
full grown one right here. Actually, no this is death match. Okay, get this orca, I got him. (laughing) This is death match, so I
don’t think there are babies. Because I think that’s just survival mode. So yeah, I think everyone’s an adult here. Okay, get another narwhal,
we got the narwhal, we got the orca, let’s see
if we can get some belugas. Okay, just keep our distance from that chattering, crazy, big old whale. Okay, where’s the belugas, I think he’s hungry for belugas too. Um, it’s like we’re going to the same restaurant or something. Okay, just keep our distance,
he’s got a big range that he can sense me from, oh here we go. There’s a beluga, um,
I’m gonna eat you now. I’m gonna swallow you whole, got him. So guys, we got every
whale in this whole area. Except for the big giant one, okay, this is probably a bad idea, but I think we gotta just go up against
him and fight him head to head. Cause there’s no way I
could swallow him whole but, dude, if I’m doing 135 damage. Here he comes, here he comes,
cause we’re going for it. Okay, wait, I’m only doing 121? He does 238 damage, okay, I don’t know how much health he has. Guys, we gotta go for it, oh, dude. It’s hard to tell, it’s hard
to tell if I get him or not. Because his mouth keeps
going open like he’s dead. But I think that’s just how he bites. I think that’s just how he bites, guys we’re still alive,
we’re still fighting. Dude, this is the fight of the century. Okay, he’s only taken
out half of my health. Oh, did I get him, no, I didn’t get him. He’s still alive, how is
still alive after all this? Dude, that guy can take a beating. Although I think, dude,
did we just get him? Oh my goodness, we just got him. Guys, I can’t believe it, dude, we just took out that huge whale. Okay, I’m definitely hurting on health, I probably couldn’t beat him again. But dude, did that level
me up like three times? That felt really good, guys,
we’ve taken out everything. Well, we haven’t taken out the mosasaurus. Maybe we’ll save that for next time. But guys, like I said, if you didn’t see last weeks tuna video. Dude, that was a really fun one. Also, yesterday, I just uploaded
the finale to Octogeddon. Dude, we went up again
the final boss again. We actually got a narwhal
tentacle for that octopus. Guys, you gotta check it out but, dude, I feel pretty good, we
swallowed whale sharks, we swallowed the great white shark, we swallowed whales,
I’m feeling pretty good. We got triple digits in
our level, we’re level 112. We’re a huge Norway Red Fish,
I think mission accomplished. But guys, like I said, let
me know in the comments what we should name this guy. And guys, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always,
feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe
if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in the
next Feed and Grow Fish. (upbeat music) Now is the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing is gonna expl…. oooohhhhh. Oh my goodness, it’s a pungence gone. Oh, it turns everyone into pungence. No, no, he got me, I’m popping them, I’m trying to get out, crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in.

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