NO Filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts Aquarium What is it all about

NO Filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts Aquarium   What is it all about

Here is an example of aquarium without filter. No Filter means that this aquarium does not have any man-made filters. Wait, are there any other, no man-made filters in this aquarium? Yes. Sure. There are natural filters in every and all aquariums, including this one. Natural filters come in the form of different, yet well known names – plants, algae, bacteria, microorganisms and such. We do not call them filters, but that is what they are! They filter water for a living. In fact, they do much more than that, making them more efficient than any man-made filters. Microscopic bacteria and algae are fundamental in our environment and can be found in any and all living aquariums, including aquariums with man-made filters. Here you can see many plants growing. And here are some green dots on the walls – it’s common green algae. So again, next time you hear anyone saying that an aquarium does not have a filter, do not take it literally – they only mean no man-made filters. No Ferts in an aquarium. Fertilizers are substances added to increase the fertility of plants. Fish poop and all other waste produced by all living organisms, including plants themselves, are fertilizers. Any and all fish food, commercial or homemade, added into aquariums eventually becomes fertilizers, whether fish eat it or not. So, the next time you hear No Fertilizers in an aquarium – do not take it literally! Feed your fish for the fish’s sake 🙂 It serves your plants as well. NO CO2 It means no CO2 injections in an aquarium that some people do to supposedly boost the growth of plants. Plants, algae, and some other microorganisms need CO2 for photosynthesis. They release Oxygen through this process during the daytime. Here you see oxygen bubbles on a Marimo ball. All living organisms consume Oxygen and produce CO2 as result of breathing. Snails, fish and … plants themselves consume Oxygen and produce CO2. The great thing is that plants produce more Oxygen in the daytime than they consume in the nights. So we all can breath 🙂 CO2 gets in the water from atmosphere through air to water surface exchange and from the breathing of aquatic organisms. CO2 dissolves in water about 20 times faster than Oxygen. The more CO2 is in water, the less Oxygen is there. Be mindful about it. No Water Changes. It means do not draw (replace) water from an aquarium – which is generally done to remove fish waste to maintain water quality. Here is an example of an aquarium where the water was not changed since 2016, about 4 years as of now. The waste has been accumulating on the bottom and turns into fertile soil. Whether you change (replace) water or not, you still have to add water to the level as necessary. Get a Proper Aquarium. Many thanks to everyone who suggest that I get a proper aquarium. I know you mean well! Go ask at a pet store for a proper aquarium! It is the best advice… for those who don’t know what they need. I build hundreds of aquariums of different shapes and sizes, each to fit for a particular project. A proper aquarium for each project. You are the one who knows best what you need. You have to learn the meaning of what is proper from your personal experience. Do Your Research – “Google” it. This kind suggestion may be the cause of confusion. Googling is a synonym for online searching. Searching through known data. Researching means systematic experimentation in order to find new ways, new data! So, let’s rephrase it. “Google” it then do your research. For me it makes more sense to do it in this order 😉 Googling may help to do research. It does not substitute it! So, here we have Proper aquariums with NO Filters, NO CO2, NO Ferts. Each of this NO is a step toward Natural Self-Sustaining aquariums. All and each of those big NOs are about Self Sustaining aquariums. I will share my thoughts and ideas about self-sustaining aquariums and some other Big NOs related to it in future videos.

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  1. с маленькими аквариумами всё более менее понятно, расскажите про большие обьёмы (50 – 200 л.), если это возможно. спасибо))

  2. Great video! As it says in the beginning of your videos, "few do it" and it's so true, why conform to what everyone else thinks is the only way to do things, your setups work! I keep a few myself, and they are doing great, keep up the great work your doing!

  3. Curious. Are all your no filter no co2 no ferts aquarium, are the walls always clean with nothing growing on them? After watching your videos, i am trying to imitate you, but my aquarium is not covered up though. And the walls of my aquarium have algae and hairy looking thing growing…

  4. Me gusta tu trabajo. Pero lo cierto es que no me convence poner peces en lugares tan pequeños, ni aunque sea solo uno. Siento que eso no está bien.

  5. I share in this philosophy. While I do have a "proper aquarium" and a man-made filter, those are for cosmetic purposes because I like the large viewing area and crystal-clear water that I can get by stuffing the filter with 50 micrometer filter media. I grow a lot of plants in the aquarium that I grew from cuttings I took from a local pond. I have an "undergravel filter": snails that burrow into the mud, taking fish food and waste with them to fertilize my plants.

    Would you consider doing an update on your small guppy breeding project? I'm actually attempting to breed small "guppies" of my own, though I started with Endler's Livebearers instead. So far I have one tiny fish that's barely larger than a two-week old fry but has blue, green, black, and orange all over its body.

  6. 3:23 i've been watching your channel for a while now and keep endler guppies myself so i'm confident in saying your methods are fantastic. i keep similar jarrariums on my window sill as cultures for live foods and algae. i never change the water and they've been going basically self-sustained for at least two years now. as good as these conditions are for guppies, i'm sure you already know not many fish can be kept this way in such small aquariums. for instance, nano predators like bettas would just destroy all the beneficial creatures that help to keep aquariums healthy. besides this, most nano fish in the hobby would also need more room. i think that's where people get the idea you aren't doing the right thing.

  7. Thank you Michael . My guppies are doing well and using your methods . I also have other aquariums without fish , all because of your channel .

  8. Wonderful Michelle .. I have a question, please .. Can the snail eat the plants because the plant has some leaves in it with some wear and tear .. I can exchange a small amount of water in the tank every time for the smell and for the revitalization of the tank .. What is the solution, can you tell me, please ..

  9. Keep up the good work, always looking forward to your videos, i am just curious your Russian or Ukrainian ??? i would love to see you in your vedios

  10. my guppies do not seem to like my 22 gallon aquarium i think i am going to get a smaller one and sell the big one as i dont want to get other fish. what about heaters? i use heaters as i have no control over room temp in my place and it can get cold. its snowing today

  11. Michael, I love the idea of the filterless, no co2 aquariums, but please watch out for planeria. It's more common with shrimp, but it can also get in you guppys. It's a flatworm that will kill both shrimp and fish. You can buy flatworm dog dewormer to kill them out, but you also have to keep the silt from building up. Not coming down on you, but just don't want to see all your hard work go to ruins. Please clean the gravel. The gallon jar looks great.

  12. Good job dude. Really appreciate what you do. I have the same goal like yours, to have a self sustained aquarium, and I think I am almost on the verge of achieving that. I have a small tub (~50 litres) in which I have guppies mainly. Now I have achieved a balance that I don't even feed them.

  13. Mr Langerman, do you think other species of small fish can live in planted jars like that? your experiments are very interesting

  14. My land moss experiment is going well, but I did decide not to make a video, and just enjoy doing the experiment on my own for now, it has been a few months, I used 2 different kind of moss, I am going to move the moss into my aquariums very soon!

  15. Good morning from Athens.
    Please I have a question for my guppies.
    I had an accident on October. One of my female guppies was pregnant from her brother.
    So the result is that the babies are almost five months now. They are healthy and I don’t lost even one but they not growing up.
    I have guppies 10 years now and this is the first time that the babies staying in the same size for 2 months now. Do you believe that due to the fact that the parents are brothers?
    Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

  16. hi! i'd like to ask you about the temperature, the only place stable where i may put it is in a close room whitout windows, otherwise it can oscilate 5-10°C day-night . I've got guppies too and i want to put the fry in a can but i think it is gonna be dangerous. What you recommend? Thanks for your videos!

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