No Maintenance 55 Gallon Aquarium – Low Upkeep Planted Fish Tank

No Maintenance 55 Gallon Aquarium – Low Upkeep Planted Fish Tank

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing hope you had a great week and a relaxing
weekend here’s what’s going on it’s Sunday baby but you’ll notice I’m not
any place you’ve ever seen before old man Dustin got looped in by his wife
to set up a fish tank she works at a pediatric clinic here I’m not getting
paid to do this so I’m actually just emptying my garage it’s part of my fish
tank Fung Shui cleaning I’m doing I got to move the 125 into a certain spot I
got to get rid of a 55 so it actually is helping me clean out my garage I’ve got
a 55 stand lights filter the whole day I’m going to show you I’m going to set
that up quickly today for a very no maintenance tank I’m not trying to do
the work on this tank but first I want to show you where I am here okay so yeah
this is the area where obviously I’m going to set the fish tank up got to
have her in the middle NOLA show me where to put it honey
put it down there right over there we were that’s right NOLA is my big helper
here I got the 55 lugged in by myself cuz that’s how I roll that’s not where
we’re putting it I showed you we’re putting over here in the Middle’s
everybody can sit around it so we’re gonna put it over here no Lisbon help me
we’re gonna get this sucker over here I’ll show you and it’s gonna be tight
we’re gonna move another chair NOLA grab that chair right there there you go got
my big helper here five-year-olds big help doing a 55 and we’re rolling so I’m
excited about that I want to show some it’s kind of cool I’m actually gonna put
some my Peru fish in there and I want to show you guys on a map where I’m going
and just happen to have a map I’m gonna take out this pin right here and I’m
going to show you on Iquitos right there that’s where D is going January into
January so click the link and check that out it’s going to be so fat in the
middle of the Amazon there so going to Iquitos again but anyway I’m doing this
now here’s the deal folks when you get roped in to a project and you’re doing a
fish tank for somebody you have to ask the biggest most vital question is where
the hell is the water okay and I don’t know where the water is I feel like
though I know where the water isn’t it sucks here let me show you so the water
here unfortunately you’re looking for obviously the best water you can get I
have nothing here this water and whatever I can like barely fit a bucket
I can fit a book underneath there there’s no place to do it so I was
talking to Tom Barr like two weeks ago yeah he’s like when I go do somebody’s
house like first things first I want to know is like where’s the water all right
before I do anything get your plumber in here get me a drain give me a singer I
got none of that so we’re gonna do a little bucket brigade action i’ma show
you this 55 here we go all right so we got the 55 in here we got the old
particle board stand up at my garage forever we got the 55 I had up high in
the greenhouse I’m actually moving the 125 up to where it was and I’m really
excited about that stay tuned for a video on that it’s going to be sick
don’t worry about it and then we got the lights on any lights are probably older
than I am they are ones at t12 12 to 12 is the bigger one and then the smaller
one is a t8 so we got a t12 t8 and they’re rolling on there I actually had
a new t12 bulb new I’ve had it for like many years but just sat in my garage
because I’m a fishtank pack rat so I’m unloading some of this but I want to
talk about how I’m going to do this as almost a no maintenance tank I say no
maintance you’ve got to do some minutes it’s just no maintance for me I don’t
want to do the maintenance so I want to make this as easy as possible for the
people that are working on it or you know not working on it so what I’m going
to do is uh first and foremost I’m not going to dirt it I am going to use
plants in here but I’m going to try out some ozma cosmic oat I don’t know my man
Mike Bernard but Chicago do it I haven’t had success with this stuff yeah but I
tried a lot of people but telling me to try to step out today I’m gonna try I
don’t know two bags of it in the bottom just to see what happens it don’t
hopefully doesn’t make a big mess the reason I’m not turning it is because I
don’t want someone that is cleaning it to like pull up a plant and uproot the
whole thing in dirt an old deal um I’m also showing my fish tank pack radness
pack retinas I have a penguin 330 that I bought at a garage sale for $3 I love
you can see that we this was three dollars I could not pass it up was like
I have to have it it’s never been used although the box obviously got wet but
brand-spanking-new filter so I’m pretty pumped about having this thing going in
here so we’re gonna get this all rolling what I’m going to do is I’m going to
have so we got a bucket brigade that really stinks so we’re going to just run
back and forth with buckets I’m going to get the gravel in here and I would cut
down and then put the travel over it I am using uh just like
SH will gravel that I had I want to some big some small whatever and then I’m
gonna probably put like a nice layer over once everything’s going all right
you can see I got the osmocon laid down here
I am not really sure how much of it to be using so I’m only going to use a tiny
tiny bit I recommend this with your dirt in a tank too and you’re like unsure of
it or it’s your first time you don’t need to use that much dirt like you get
away with having two dirt well last as long but you know whatever sambal using
a tiny bit of this soot something happened then I’m putting this gravel in
here I’ll show you this I would like for it to be all the same size actually
manually for the turtles thanks for all the feedback by the way on our turtle –
turtle diary Tuesdays but yeah I’ve actually hand-picked this stuff out for
the turtles that’s shows my love for them this is the wrasse this is just a
big bucket of it so I’m going to load this in here I’m gonna remove the blue
one because nothing’s worse than Blue Rocks alright so we’ve got this sucker
about 90% filled with water we got the lights on look we got no filter on now
this is the hardest part for rookies it’s so hard to do and that is do
nothing that’s right I’m going to do nothing I’m going to not add fish to
this you get as many plants as you want in my opinion as long as you do
chlorinate the water but I’m not gonna add any fish and that right and all you
gotta wait you know that folks so I said I wasn’t going to put any plants in here
today I lied it’s Sunday it’s specie Sunday might as well show a few of the
plants I got going in here I got some anubius gigantea i’ll list what it’s
called I asked my lady at the nursery for its exact scientific name she goes
honey it ain’t come with the birth certificate so I’m like artists we the
newbies growing her water we’re doing good
I’ve also got some water wisteria I’m floating it high grass with the formas
I’m floating it on top of the tank because I want to have a nice big like
canopy like thing for the angelfish they’re going to be in here I got to my
Groff line cuts the folio over here some java fern some lod and a Chris that my
turtles haven’t eaten yet they love that stuff and then a couple of crypts
so that’s what I’m doing I want to talk about a couple of halftime adjustments I
made though instead of using the penguin filter hanging on the back I’m using
this little sponge filter right here learn this from Steve you really like
these because they have a really big area for a lot of bile they’re a little
unsightly in tank the idea of looking through this I’m
actually going to cover it up with plants at some point one of the big big
big big big things for this is a timer this is a 24-hour timer if more people
had timers their tanks would be better because it’s simple um I’m gonna have it
on for 6 hours 24 hour timer that’s a six hour chunk of it give or take and
that’s what I’m going to do this is real important too because I don’t know how
many people are going to be feeding this I’m trying to make sure that they only
feed it like every other day because you lord knows how much food people going to
be you guys know how it is in somebody else feed your tanks is different
ballgame so that’s what I’m doing there I’m also leaving this with them and a
bucket that will actually fit underneath one of the sinks so they can do two
buckets you know two bucket water changes every week just scooping it off
the top and replacing the aphrodite coordinator so that’s what I’m doing if
you like what I’m doing subscribe to get updates on this uh throwing this tank
together was fun for me because I actually get to work out my tanks now at
home in the greenhouse doing a lot of moving around in there got this out of
my garage got some space so just like working towards Dustin’s bunk Shui is a
lot of fun also check out this place right here doing the all day awesome
aquarium event January 17th here in Lexington actually partnering with food
chain Lex and West Sixth brewery and bar that’s right folks again aquaponics in
one section brewery and bar and the other and restaurant is going to be
really really sick so excited to have that role in my girl will do splashing
water everywhere setting up all kinds of things so check that out yeah everybody
make it an awesome weekend tank on one you

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