No Maintenance Tank 55 gallon Aquarium Setup Update

No Maintenance Tank 55 gallon Aquarium Setup Update

check people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s everybody doing
hope you’re doing well hope you’re having a good break I know I am but I
gots to bring it to you all on a Sunday so I want to do a little video on an
update on the no maintenance tank that I try to do no maintenance on at my wife’s
work so check it out this is the 55 gallon aquarium if you’re just seeing
this for the first time not to worry I will link up all kinds of videos you can
click around here and see the start of this and the builders I set this tank up
almost exactly a year ago and I want to show you guys how it’s going so at the
end of this video you can see links to the other ones that I do suggest you
check those out to bring you up to speed on this tank but what we got going on
here is this the 55 gallon tank it’s at a pediatric clinic all volunteers
um and it’s meant to be a no maintenance tank and I want to bring you through the
process of what we did when I first set this up I set it up with asthma cot and
I was simply not happy with that that’s a fertilizer a little these little balls
right here you guys can put this in your substrate and it will feed the plants
somewhat okay it will feed the plants a little bit but not enough to my liking
so about six months in I wasn’t getting heavy plant growth so I want to take a
step back here okay so why do we want heavy plant growth boys and girls we
want heavy plant goes because we don’t want to do the work there’s two reasons
number one we want the plants to work for us number two is that it looks cool
but number one is we want the plants to work for us because I want to not be
able to come in here I want to have a very light fish load a whole lot of
plants so I can just not worry about this tank because it’s lightly stocked a
lot of plants the plants will work to absorb the excess nutrients the the fish
can take a dump but it won’t file the tank and cause algae everywhere so we
want a lot of plants and I wasn’t getting a lot of plants with the osmocon
I was not getting the growth that I wanted so about six months in we dirted
this half of it and the growth is good I won’t say it’s exponentially better than
the not than the osmocon side but it is better I mean the spiralis is going
really well it’s sunday Sweezey sunny well those scrips Morales action that
crypts Perales is doing well one of my favorite crypts as far as like beefy
Hardy crypts definitely check that out the Amazon sword has nice veins the
Crypt is doing well interesting thing the water wisteria is not thriving like
I would like it to but the giant anubius hosta Foley is doing really well so go
figure but I wasn’t getting the growth so you can click the link see the video
how I dirted half of this sucker so then I started to get the plant growth I also
added the Fox tail which is completely gone buck wild in here which I like it
kind of dislike but so once the plants were in dirt and then once the tank was
kind of established remember folks it takes like a month or so to even be like
plans to just adjust to be like oh what the heck kind of conditions are we in
now so just you know take that with the grand song as well but six months in I
realized I wasn’t getting the growth I wanted I dirted this part of it and then
once I saw growth here’s where it gets fun I added more like as I wanted to
turn up the growth rate so I added these quad high output T fives there off my
220 and I got blasters alright so I excuse me I added these in like October
so what I did so now my plants can eat as much as they want to eat over here on
this side they’ve still got something with osmocon I still could replace that
but now they can eat so now I can turn up the gas and and I say gas turn up the
light and get a lot more intensive plant growth and you can see this fox tail in
here is growing like crazy you know this other stuff is doing well I mean this
tank is definitely healthy there’s new growth on the anubius all over despite
that it’s coming through there so I had quad help with you but here’s the tip
you do not want to add more lights until you have a heavy plant load unless
you’re going to do a lot of work so you don’t want like a sparsely planted tank
and a whole ton of lights because you will get excess you know you look at
excess nutrients or you’ll just have to be really really on it because the
plants aren’t there to work to absorb that light but once you have a ton of
plants in there you’re golden so I had a ton of plants I saw new growth and I was
like alright cool now I can add you know probably triple the light to this I only
run the light 6 hours everybody can see that actually I’ll show you that the
timer down here 6 hours everybody see this here this is important God get
yourself a timer please it’s so cheap but yeah so now it’s rolling so what I
do is I come in here and I fill the tank up when I’m in I just top it off this is
on my morning run routine so I’ll top it off and then like today I’m coming in
here and the only reason I’m even water changing this is because I’m interesting
the video might as well do a large news I’m gonna do probably 30% water change
and trim this all up so yeah the gnome his tank hi-hi-hi amount of plants
lololo amounts of fish I’ve got like three neons have got an angel in here
that’s a Peruvian Ultimates pretty tight so I’m gonna clean this up and show you
guys and here’s what we’re looking like after about a 30 percent water change
quick hit in and out Lam bam you can see the plants are bubbling I removed all
kinds of foxtail it’s around here somewhere so yeah it’s roll I’m trying
to get the Peruvian Altima out he’s not an autumn they call him pure mole
because they got better looking fins they got the little blood worm actually
going on there a little Christmas snack for these guys this tank has been left
alone for a week by the way so we’re having a lot of fun check out the
Peruvian awesome over here come on dude he was getting punked in another tank so
I adopted him from the coffee shop I take care of so he’s a pretty tight
little fish so yeah if you like what I’m doing subscribe get on those free top
ten planted tank tips I got a ridiculous sale a lot of sweet content coming at
you from that angle everybody make it an awesome week and tank on look

65 thoughts on “No Maintenance Tank 55 gallon Aquarium Setup Update

  1. Heavy plant load – low fish load is great – I call it old school – the modern hobbyist is all about "How many fish can I have?" At the aquarium society October auction I picked up 6 Honduran Red Points and 6 Golden Rams. Dropped them into two tanks and had two pair of each breed almost immediately and these are community tanks. I do a weekly water change of 15-20% and little other maintenance. My fish swim out in the open all the time because there's lots of places to hide nearby. Old school is how I learned and I love it. Of course I can keep goldfish or rift lake cichlids or Oscars or or or – but I'm happy.

  2. Looks great bro, I agree the more the plants the merrier! Plants and fish go together so better than no plants. If only everyone kept planted tanks then they can see what we love about the hobby "addiction" lol I am guilty for admiting it haha. Have a great New Years Dustin, be safe bro!

  3. Hey Dustin. Tank looks awesome for such low maintenance. I use aqua soil in my 20long with osmocote plus and my Monte Carlo grows faster then I can trim it. I do almost zero dosing but I'm using co2 and high light.

  4. Dustin i have a 20 gallon and its planted its been a couple of months and the plants grew really well but now they are kinda growing too much.its starting to growing out of the water and gets burned by the light.

  5. Nice tank! I have a question though, i got these cool round rocks from a beah near me (Cornwall UK) and i was wondering if i can use them in my tank without killing my fish. Can any rocks be added or does it have to be a certain type?

  6. Tons of plants, and not really any fish. Like 3 tiny neon tetras. The tank looks nice, but I like looking at nice big fishy guys….

  7. no maintenance tank should include biohome media ultimate. It supports anorobic bacteria which convert nitrite.

  8. I've started a 10 gallon tank using the miracle grow system. Just like Dustin says. I bought his book, watched all his video's, etc. etc. even bought a few products, i.e. the Iron and Potassium which kicks ass… the plants grow fast with this.

    Now this is my 6th or 7th tank but only 2nd Miracle grow tank.,.

    How come the Alkalinity is Rock bottom all the way down about 10 ppm???

    The water here is 8.2 to 8.4 ph out of the tap.
    We have very hard water, lots of minerals and high in calcium.
    And it is high in alkalinity…

    But when it is in the tank it drops 3 days later to 6.0 ph
    and the alkalinity drops all the way down to 10 ppm, almost zero…
    The hardness drops to medium which I am ok with…

    I just added Cuttle bone and an oyster shell in the water. Just dropped
    them into the water yesterday. It's still super super low alkalinity, 10 ppm.

    So what's the deal with the alkalinity??? Any thoughts??

  9. I'm looking to buy a 55 gallon freshwater tank and I was wondering if there was a way where I could create an ecosystem that I don't have to do water changes. Is that possible?

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  15. HAY Dustin, mark from southern ARK. only one question, What do you think about the CO2 tablets thats in the stores. do they work or are they a wast of time.thanks an keep on keepen on.

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  21. Alright Dustin… I just upgraded to a FX4 for my 2 over the rail Aqueon filters in my 65 gallon Malawi tank. You bragged about the FX4, so I took your word and dropped 280 bucks.

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  23. Such a 90's kid. That angel fish was getting "punked" in the other tank, "he's pretty tight". Lol!

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