No more Tsukiji!? Let’s walk New fish market “Toyosu” in Tokyo with me!! #134

No more Tsukiji!? Let’s walk New fish market “Toyosu” in  Tokyo with me!! #134

I got Tamagoyaki Well, look at this!!
It’s huge!! There are many fish Kanji over here! Hey guys welcome to Rion’s TV
I’m Rion!! so today I’m at Toyosu market,
Yes the market is opened this place is composed by three parts
of course as you can imagine this place is huge
so you have to walk a lot alright so at first let’s go to the Tokyo central
wholesale market let’s go!! that way!! let’s keep walking well look at that actually you can come
over here by motorbike as well there is a huge parking and you can park it there! well look at that so that’s the food
restaurant area let’s check inside and find something looks good
Alright so let’s go!! all I want to eat something but just
there are so many people over there So forget it!! yes finally arrived to the fish market
it was kind of far yeah you see the station over there so actually we have
to walk all the way down to this place it was about I think seven to ten
minutes okay so let’s check the market inside there are many fish Kanjis over here
those Kanjis are perky difficult Even I am Japanese I can’t read it
so right here unagi which is a Japanese eel my favorite fish and there are many
explanations about the fish that’s the cart usually they use in the
market and there is a guy ! well I don’t know who he is
but why don’t we take a picture well there’s other guys well but it’s okay I don’t have to take a picture
with them okay so this is like a souvenir street huh? look at this I got Tamagoyaki I love
this one was only 130 Japanese yen so that’s a good for snack tasty it’s kind of sweet
and then so condensed egg taste you see? even this eggs but it’s skewered
interesting right? it’s sweet and good this place is like a Japanese souvenir
Street I believe it’s like a Doguyasuji in Osaka so maybe this is a good place
to find a souvenir all right so let’s check next place so I’m going back to
the station right now and heading to the next building where the market exists
all right yeah let’s go Alright so finally I arrived to the fish market right here well you see all the way down over there
that’s the place where I was and walking all the way down and finally I’m here
that was kind of far but, finally I arrived so let’s see inside the building well actually so this is the aisle to go
to the fish market so there are many restaurants around here
and so many people as well well I think you can eat the lunch from 1000 JPY- I guess like if you wanna spend money then like you can’t spend
over 10,000 Japanese yen I believe because I’ve seen many expensive
fancy restaurant okay so when I became a popular youtuber
then I would buy it but no now yeah for now maybe
yoshinoya is good for me actually this is the way to go to the
fish market yes still we have to work let’s keep walking
that’s the entrance for the fish market let’s go, it was about three to four
minutes walking I think yeah not that far oh look at that
that’s a huge fish over there I believe it’s a tuna well so look at this huge so
this is the actual size this is the biggest size they had the weight is 500
kilogram and three meters long that’s huge Wow so this place seems more
interesting compared to the other place alright so let’s keep walking it’s noon time so there no people so
here well if you come over here in super early time then you can watch their fish
auction actually Wow it is interesting huh well so this is explanation of the fish
market they start it from 2 a.m. and their auction
started from 4:30 a.m. so of course it’s already over so I guess it’s pretty
much it That was long walk so if you really enjoy Toyosu market then you’d
better come over here at 5:00 a.m. I believe, which the market starts
well, in that way you can see the fish auction as well it must be fun
I believe!! last one is fruits and veggies yes the building over there
well actually this place is much closer than other places they’re preparing for tomorrow’s auction it’s huge in long huh? well look at that
the each window has the name and the colors for example this one is wasabi
well the next one is a Sakuranbo which is a cherry it’s cool huh so if you come
over here with your friend and if you’re lost you can call them and then hey
where are you at well I’m at Wasabi! come over to Wasabi
yeah easy to meet with your friend cool good idea alright so let’s check more so this is the main observatory right here
this place as well if you come over in early time like 5 a.m. then you see many
people having an auction over there but now it’s already overed still
interesting though alright so that was pretty much it and it took about three
hours and the most of them I was walking well as you guys know this is a huge
place so if you want to come over here get ready for walking but it was really
interesting though this video pretty much that’s it !! hope you liked the video
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thank you very much bye bye

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