North Carolina Trout Fishing – Alleghany County

North Carolina Trout Fishing – Alleghany County

Hey guys its Middle Tree Outdoors again, we up
here at rifle range and show you how how we fish a little bit. We got the purple
PowerBait worm right here we’ll try it. We got some live bait crawlers, night
crawlers we’re gonna try to get you some film of us while we’re fishing, and give you a little bit of video and show you what we do and see what we can catch today. I’m just gonna use the old trusty… night crawler. Pull the hook out… put it on like that right there and you’ll be good to go. I’m going to go right down here. (music) Probably laying right over in there. You gotta be careful throwing in places like that though because of tree limbs I don’t know if you can see it but right there and then right there… there are fishing lines hanging everywhere. and first throw…. See if I can get it out without breaking… Yep, I did. There we go! That’s what we want to do. Right here is something a lot of people will overlook. This little spot right in front of me. Just because there are tree limbs or something in it. But a lot of times, you can actually catch pretty good fish out of a place like this. I figured there would be one laying there… guess somebody’s caught them. In the month of March you can’t fish hatchery supported. So you don’t get confused this is what opens and it stays open til October 1st… that’s when it closes again. You can fish this the whole month of
March with single hook, artificial, unscented bait. But this one, Helton, and a
few other rivers in our area you can do on but you can’t fish the hatchery supported until the 1st Saturday in April… which is the opening of trout season. Something to always keep in mind, cause you sure don’t want to get you a ticket. My luck is…. I get checked, quite a bit. So I don’t have any confusion, I just though of this. You can fish here all year long but you can’t keep them except from the 1st Saturday in June up to October 1st. After that you can’t keep them here… but in hatchery supported you can keep them all the way up until March 1st. Then you can’t keep them through the whole month of March. So right now, what we’re doing is we are parked right here at the sign. The main holes are right there where they throw fish in…but when you get up here, like we got a sign here… most of the time they stock where the signs are. We’ve been up here in March and stuff
fishing, we found a couple good little places up here. A lot of places don’t do
that but that’s good to have on the side of the creek… your regulations and stuff… what you can and can’t do. They may have threw some in right here. We’ve caught some pretty good fish right here before, Oh, I remember this spot now. They ain’t biting like you’d think they would. Unless a lot of people have…. which there hasn’t been anyone here. The only bad thing about that tree right there is that it is laying right in front of a good spot. It’s gonna be hard to get a line in and out of there. He don’t want to bite again… I’d like to catch at least one fish. have about 2 or 3 trout to eat. and in North Carolina just your year
normal daily limits is 7 trout Alright, right here we… got ’em!!! There we go, I knew there was one in there somewhere. Tighten up the drag a little bit so I can get him in here. What kind do we have here? Oh yeah, one down… six to go We have… a Brook. Good hook set, right in the corner of the mouth. If I can get the hook out of him. Get the stringer around here. A lot of people like the rope stringer. I personally prefer the metal ones because, as a kid, growing up, I used to use the rope ones and it came off my fishing pack one day. And I went swimming down the river after about six trout… so I like the metal ones cause they clasp onto your pack, your belt. Whatever you need to put it on, you can. So…. let’s rebait and try again. Alright, new piece on and I hooked this up just like I did the first one. Let’s throw it a little further down in the hole. Right under those tree limbs over there is a good little spot and your trout will like to lay in stuff like that too. They feel hidden. I may have a hard time getting there just because… I don’t want to get hung up in the trees again. There he is! Got him!!! Another Brooke, a little better. A lot prettier color too. Technical difficulties and malfunctions. Threw him back… didn’t want to… but I did. Good thing is, I caught him. (gun fires loudly in background) (gun fires again) Every time I’m gonna jump, hahaha. It’ll scare ya. (gun fires again) (Music) Run into a little problem…
the place where we like the fish that bridge right back there… the people that own the land around it have put up no trespassing… no hunting or fishing…. anything like that signs up. So… that threw us out there so we are going to ride on up the road here to another part of the river and see if we can’t get into some more and if we can’t we are going to come back through here. Which, I think we are gonna turn around right now and go back to the actual hatchery supported side of this river and see if we can’t get into some fish they stocked yesterday. Cause I think the fish we just caught are some that have been in there for a little while. They acted so wild. So… We’re gonna turn around, head up the road and see if we can’t get into some more trout. Hopefully they’ll be a few more and maybe some better size, and more consistency in catching. Hahaha,
first thing Sunfish…
Oh he got it fast. He jumped all over it. He’s got some pretty orange spots on him, that’s for sure. Colored up nice. Cameras slowly died on us there. We’ll
get them charged and go again. Here’s the fish for today. We’ve sore lipped awhole lot of them today they slow biting… and come up hit and then let go.
But there’s what we got caught. We’re gonna call it a day and we will hit you up again. This is Middle Tree Outdoors. (Music) Well, this is how we do. We start with a
trout fishing trip and we end up riding through Stone Mountain deer looking.
So far we’ve seen ten counting that baby and one buck. We are gonna finish the drive through here and let you see what we see. Pretty good trout fishing in here too.
One day when we get time we’ll come through here and fish a bunch of this stream. Show y’all what it looks like. If you ain’t never been it’d be a good place to come try. (Music) In years past, you used to could come through here
and you would see some just absolutely giant bucks for the area. I think they’ve all kind of died out. Brian: Where that disease came through a few years ago. Blue tongue It kind of messed up a lot. This area was
hit hard. I don’t remember the exact percentage of
what they lost, but… Brian: I think they recorded like close to 85% loss of the dead ones laying in the fields and the woods Chris: And that’s not counting what they couldn’t find. That was about
three… four years ago and now… the numbers are just starting to bounce back. Brian: Ya know, obviously, it being a state park… there is no hunting allowed. There is no management as far as that part… they just… they do what they do and they are left alone. So management is a big part of your deer and your herd. It makes a very big difference if you manage it right. Chris: I just wasn’t too impressed with the deer out today. I don’t know if you can tell it it’s pretty dark. It’s been like that all day today. Temperature really hadn’t got, I think it
may have hit 80 today. If that… (Music) Coming to the end of the park where the gate is… to the house we go. if y’all like this, please subscribe
and follow us on Facebook… Middle Tree Outdoors. We’re trying to do this, we’re new…
We’re always out of the woods. We’re always doing something. It’s just, it’s
more than just a hobby or something for us it’s seasonal we just get out and do.
Nah, this is our way of life. This fills the freezers, puts food on the
table, gives us good stories and just fellowship with friends and family. We
introduce new people to the woods it’s just what we do it’s how we live. So… check us out on Facebook, subscribe we… are… out…

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  1. Back in the 70 s and 80 s , that was a wonderful place to fish and shoot , I have caught my limit many times just fishing under the bridge, up stream about a mile the creek forks ,, take the left fork and go all the way out into a meadow , it belongs to eldon joins and he won’t mind you fishing

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