North Kolkata CLASSIC Street FOOD Tour I Jhalmuri + Ghugni + Sandesh + Telebhaja + Fish/Prawn Cutlet

North Kolkata CLASSIC Street FOOD Tour I Jhalmuri + Ghugni + Sandesh + Telebhaja + Fish/Prawn Cutlet

Is it ready?
-Please have it. What did he say?
-He is like take it. This is a quintessential street food from Kolkata You see the main ingredient is puffed rice. Then there is Gram, Peanuts Then he added that mixture, cucumber, onion, green chilies and coriander There is little potato as well.
-Potatoes, coconut and two kinds of spice mix One is rock salt and the other one is a mixture of roasted cumin and coriander seeds Then there is lemon juice and most important ingredient is mustard oil That gives the unique taste to the puffed rice mixture. I saw that he was even customizing it for people If somebody likes this he is adding it and so How long you have been her? How old is the shop?
-Forty years. From when and till when do you keep the shop open? From 7 am to 10 pm Do people eat Jhal Muri so early in the day? Yes because Bengali loves puffed rice The Jhal Muri has an interesting story. During World War II The Biharis who migrated from Bihar, primarily Bihar and they came to Kolkata And they used to sell it to the soldiers; the American soldiers in World War II So that is how Jhal Muri got popular with American soldiers in Kolkata when they were stationed here. That is quite an interesting fact. The word Jhal Muri is a combination of the words Jhal i.e. spices and Muri i.e. puffed rice Also like because it is a mixture of everything right… there isn’t just puffed rice but many other things It is like a word for likr to describe something that is multi cultural It is a mixture of everything The word like Khichudi, Jhal Muri… we use it to describe things that are a mixture of everything Thank You. Now we will try a different type of Sandesh. and not the regular Sandesh We will try the chocolate sandesh I think that the best shop in the city that makes and sells chocolate Sandesh is Ghosh and Co. It looks completely like a chocolate.
-Yes it is the CHocolate Sandesh It has a hard chocolate coating on the top Below it there is soft, gooey Sandesh There is dry fruits as well Its taste seems like we are having five star It is like a Patishapta but in a Sandesh So Patishapta is a dessert That is stuffed with grated coconut This is like a sandesh version of it The Sandesh is stuffed with cocconut It is like a Sandwich Sandesh It has different layers hence it is called the Sandwich Sandesh On top there is a layer of Malai, then Sandesh and another layer of Sandesh Wow How many varieties of Sandesh do you have? How many? Do you have any proper count 25, 30, 40 During any occasion there are more items.
-Is this mango? My God so many varieties of Sandesh? Thank You brother Now we have arrived at Ramdulal Street Here we will taste Kolkata’s best Sandesh at Girish Chandra and Nakur Chandra Nandy Established in 1844
-Yes It is one of the oldest in this city. And they are known for making Sandesh and nothing else You won’t get any other item in the menu There is o Rosogolla, there is no Gulab Jamun, only Sandesh They do one thing and they do that the best You serve only Sandesh. that is it. Here you will get only Sandesh and nothing else. What all flavours do we have here? Here you have been given the traditional Kadapak Jal Bhara this is the JalBhara, the hard one You also get a soft one as well Inside it there is liquid jaggery This is not a traditional item. It is a fusion item called Mohini Sandesh What is it? In it you have Malai, coconut, cottage cheese and jagegry Sir can you tell us why there is this iron grill in front of your shop? I haven’t seen any shop like this ever Its a matter before my birth. This iron grill was put as a protection measure during the Naxal period It has continued being there since then and haven’t changed It is to protect the place from Naxal attack There were disturbances going on during the Naxal period So the Naxal period in Bengal’s history was a highly politically disturbed and turbulent period For security reasons they had essentially put up this barricade And you haven’t removed it since then Yes its a traditional touch This is the Jal Bhara Sandesh It is made during the winters In winters you get the jaggery one and in rest of the time you get the sugar one This is the jaggery one Wow You are having the Kada Pak which is a traditional item You also get a Soft Jal Bhara That is a semi fusion item The base of the sandesh is cottage cheese only pure cottage cheese nothing else cottage cheese, sugar and jaggery It has dry fruits as well There is cashews as well What is the relationship between sandesh and Bengali culture Sandesh and Bengali culture is deeply integrated into each other Sandesh is an auspicious thing in any kind of delightful occasion So we Bengalis tend to start any good event with Sandesh We even eng it with sandesh. like Durga Puja begins with Sandesh and ends with Sandesh Not only Puja, any occasion like wedding etc happens with Sandesh Like in any auspicious occasion we have Sandesh So it is used for puja as well. That is what he said. You are half way there.
-Before leaving I will be a complete Bengali Very nice sir it was totally moist and soft I really liked it. it has the liquid jaggery It is slightly more sweet than others. it is called the Kada pak Which is the classic Sandesh? This one that you are eating, the Kada Pak Jal Bhara is the classic one You have many other varieties as well like blueberry, kiwi Yes these are all fusion items This is the samosa made of cashew sandesh This one is the coffee one, sugar free one What is the round one?
-It is Manohara On top there is a coating of Jaggery And inside their is sandesh Coffee is mixed in this sandesh and on top there is chocolate chips Wow It has such a strong flavour of coffee I had never thought of trying cottage cheese with coffee How did you like it? How many varieties are there ? 30 to 40 varieties I liked the fact that the sweets here were not that sweet It was just pure Cheena And specially the Mohini sandesh was quite tasty where are we going next? Next we are going to have yellow pea chaat Hedua Chaat Center That’s being here for 79 years And Ghugni is also an iconic dish in Kolkata We have Ghugni for breakfast And the chaat that you get here is very tasty This is Gugni Samosa Chaat Samosa, Ghugni , Sev, Spices, lemon, coriander and onions I have eaten from his grandfather as well Who made it more tasty? They have the same taste The Singhara that you are eating doesn’t have any potatoes in it. Then what is there in it? There is a lentil stuffing I am astonished that the shop is 80 years old He said he has been eating from his grandfather’s time Lot of my acquaintances have eaten here They live in front of the liberty cinema anyone who is travelling to this area will come and eat here It doesn’t harms you hence the next morning too you feel lighter. This Gugni is yellow peas.
-Yes At many places the black gram is also known as Ghugni In Kolkata, Ghugni is this only

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