Nowe rybki! Cierniki czy cierniczki? || New fish! Three or nine spine stickleback?

Nowe rybki! Cierniki czy cierniczki? || New fish! Three or nine spine stickleback?

here they are our new inhabitants Three spined probably or nine spine stickleback we are going to see them closer in few moments Hi, it’s Mikołaj, coldwater aquariums As I promised before If this movie is uploaded for our goby we are going to catch a roommate we will hunt for three spined or ninespine sticklebacks we will see what we can get we will go for a trip for nearby streams in Pucka Bay region and we will see what lives in those streams I hope we can get some fish or maybe at least some food for our perch something new ok, let’s go our first stop, river Gizdepka in Osłonino I am looking for fish but I can’t spot any Our destination spot “Ducks Corner” There is a road to Władysławowo and Hel There is a parking viewpoint on Pucka Bay Rumors say that is it good spot for crucian carp fishing strange fish for sea but salinity here is almost at zero It is shallow place with weeds so crucian carps are here we will see if there are also stiklebacks over there is Płutnica river and city Puck This is Płutnica river looks promising but the weather is bad I am down here, the river looks like there must be sticklebacks but I can’t see any we are currently in Gdynia near blocks there is small stream where I hunted for sticklebacks I did;t record the hunting there are lot of people I was big attraction anyway with this butterfly net It was hard to catch any fish They were very spooky and very fast and when I lost my hope I started to move net into the biggest weeds over here and I managed to catch few where are you? I managed to catch few very small sticklebacks we are going home to release them into aquarium Goby greets us As i mentioned before, very interesting fish spooked of camera normally, when I enter home she comes here to the glass begging for food very nice fish at least in aquarium, because in nature it is very dangerous invasive species in Baltic and upstream rivers but she is not the hero of todays episode but fish in this bucket here they are our new inhabitants nine spine probably or three-spined sticklebacks we will see them closer in few moments 7 of them if I see well we are starting acclimatization process for the first we will let them stay here for some time bacause temperature of this water is very cold and in aquariun there is room temperature they stayed here for a long time we have added some aquarium water to the bucket I think the difference in temperatures is low enough to release them safely one of them is already in aquarium and he is okay so this is time to release the rest I did this with net but it will be better with hand because their spines get stuck in net I don’t know if I will film this It can be quite hard we have one here small one into aquarium he goes spooked shocked look how goby was interested in them they are getting colors it is the time to ask what are theese? small three spined? Or maybe ninespine? In this size quite hard to distinguish It can be done by counting the spines but they don’t want to show them please give a sub to see next movies with our new fish how are they I try to show them nice we will see when they grow wait for next movies soon first feeding I hove they will eat live food and then get used to frozen very quickly the goby is no longer very interested in them she will get her food I am curious if new fish will eat Thanks for watching please give a sub like and comment what are theese fish Thanks, see you

3 thoughts on “Nowe rybki! Cierniki czy cierniczki? || New fish! Three or nine spine stickleback?

  1. A poza tymi cierniczkami występują inne gatunki ryb w tej rzeczce lub w tej zatoce (pomijam karasia i inne większe gatunki)

  2. Fajne te cierniki,ale czy babka nie będzie ich atakować? Po obejrzeniu twoich odc postanowiłem także hodować jazgarza :). Co to za gatunek rośliny ?

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