Nurse Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Nurse Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

They don’t work in a hospital but they might
draw blood! I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The Nurse shark is a somewhat sluggish shark
that is often seen resting on the bottom. Far from being a medical professional, this
shark’s common name is derived from the Old-English word for a “sea floor” shark: “Hurse” The Nurse shark reaches about 10 feet in length
but generally ignores people. They are considered totally harmless unless divers annoy them–in
which case they actually can bite. The teeth are small but numerous. The Nurse shark’s small mouth is sometimes
used to feed by suction. Its favorite food is the conch, which the shark can slurp right
out of the shell! If you like sharks, check out our other exciting
Shark Academy episodes! You can also join my adventures exploring the underwater world.
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30 thoughts on “Nurse Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. (Wearing bamdages over head so they cant see) NURSE, NURSE, my arm it really hurts, can you make it better? Oooo that tickles, OW, OW, OW THAT REALLY REALLY HURTS. (Takes off bandages) WHY THE HELL IS THERE A SHARK ON MY ARM???


  3. I went to Belize last summer and the snorkeling guide that took us snorkeling said "I have a shark girlfriend" and pointed at a nurse shark near the boat. XD

  4. Around how much planning goes to your trips? Do you think about how to handle it for some time or do you just go? And on a non-tv level, around how much does each trip cost? 

  5. Hey! i love your videos and i love sea animals too! I jist wanted to ask, did you do the Orca yet? If you did, can you send me the link?


  6. Hey Jonathan, I went to a small aquarium in Tarpon Springs, FL and one of the workers there had their hand sucked in by a nurse shark and it broke all of the bones in his hand. Don't they also eat crabs? If so, how do they manage to break open the shells with such small teeth?

  7. Hey johnathan do a video about mako shark goblin shark megamouth shark and cookie cutter shark those are the coolest sharks on the world

  8. I have seen these sharks in aquariums, along with Sand Tigers, Great Hammerheads, Sandbar Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Bull Sharks, etc

  9. Swam with nurse sharks in San Pedro, Belize a few years ago. It was fun! 🐠🐠🐋🐡🦑🦐🐚🐋🦈🦈

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