Oil Spills: Should Edmonton Oilers be big-fish shopping now?

Oil Spills: Should Edmonton Oilers be big-fish shopping now?

Recent talk has the Oilers sending
out scouts and staff all over the place looking for that forward that I would
think can play on your top line with Connor McDavid or in the top six,
somebody they don’t have right now unless your name is Leon Draisaitl or Ryan
Nugent-Hopkins. The wisdom of doing this at this time of year, however, it kind of
goes against convention. It is an odd time of year to be, you know, the idea of
trading a promising or developing forward and maybe your first-round draft
pick, that’s usually the conversation in the summer, not a month before the trade
deadline. Yeah, like I’ve been, you know, as soon as that came out, I’m like
‘Really? The Oilers just came to the realization now that they need some
scoring depth?’ It’s, you know, I could have told him that on the first week in
November. Like, that’s when they should have been fanning out there scouts, or in
the summer, and like we, in the offseason, we looked at this roster and said ‘OK,
you’re gonna come into the season thinking that Kailer yamamoto and and Jesse Puljujarvi are going to carry a couple of top six scoring roles
for this team? That’s a big ‘if’ and probably not, and it
hasn’t happened, and here they are, ‘Oh, I guess we better send some scouts out
looking for forwards here in the middle of January.’ So it’s maybe too
little, too late. We’ll see what they can rustle up. I don’t know that they have a
lot to offer other than Puljujarvi and that draft pick, and that’s a
high-risk maneuver, because if that fails, that could damage this franchise going
forward for years, so you know, good luck with that, and hope it works out for them,
but there’s a lot of … it’s a minefield right now. I’m not sure why
you have to send out a whole pile of scouts to look at players when you can … there are five or six players unless you’re actually going to make an actual hockey trade as
opposed to just pick up a rental. We all know who the rental players
are. I don’t know why you would have to send people out to watch them play
myself, but … and if they do end up trading Puljujarvi, it’s an admission they picked the
wrong player, which is not a good thing for a fourth-overall draft choice,
to trade him for something that is more of a sure thing now. They put into this amount of time with him. There’s no way I’d trade
him myself unless you’re getting an actual bona fide top six winger, but most
teams aren’t trading bona fide top six wingers unless their contracts are up.
They’re not trading them if they’ve got money left on the contracts, so I don’t
know. No idea who they’re going to get.

8 thoughts on “Oil Spills: Should Edmonton Oilers be big-fish shopping now?

  1. Chiarelli has set the Oilers back far enough. Don't trust him at making any moves without getting ripped off. Management can allow him to trade 7th defensemen and 4th line wingers but not any of our young players or prospects that could help us down the road. He is in panic mode right now and is trying to save his job. Scaring to think him could trade RNH or Nurse for another lucic and then be fired for next season. Fire Chiarelli Now, then let new Gm make the calls. Chiarelli is done after this season anyways.

  2. He had an elite winger in Hall and traded him for a third defensemen in Larsson when he needed a no.1 defenseman. This is the guy that trade Blake Wheeler for Rich Peverley.

  3. Oilers have very good scouts. I think they will find the right guy.
    Hopefully Peter will save his job as would hate to lose him- he knows our mgt team better than anyone and if he fell in the hands of the Flames would be terrible. We could be looking at a Playoff Team here & will be really exciting.
    The most likely move is to trade one of the big names to get 2 ok players that play over their heads….. & also save some $$ so Owner is happy/ keeps the team intact.

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