Origami cute Turtle

Origami cute Turtle

this is Tavin’s Turtle, I mad eit up myself it makes good use of the paper, it get’s this big with a sheet the size of the blue one in the bakcground it’s an intermdiate/low-intermediate model, because there are some guess-folds but I’m sure a beginner can do it, if he really tries I hope you enjoy folding it just as much as I did enjoy inventing it begin by folding diangonally the unfold make sure the crease is precise fold a kite-shape one edge to the middle-line now comes the tricky part it is similar to a rabbit-ear-fold in a fish-base the edges align diffrently though I’ll explain it laiter in greater detail fold both of the “kite-creases” then pull the layers back together and align them like this and make two new creases let’s open it to take a look at it looks like this this line and that one don’t worry if you did not understand it right away because you can always replay the video and also I’ll repeat the step in a second again: first kite-shape make the crease nice, precise and clear I’m sure you’ll do it too don’t give up! nice and neat, then fold the other one now we have those two tips I’ll play this in slow motion for you bring together both parts then pull back one of the layers and align it with the one on the top push and crease both creases that’s it! If you did this part you’re done woth the most difficult part of the model so you can be praud 😉 fold the lower tip to the middle if you imagine a line from left to right here this will be where the tip goes make a strong crease we’re going to put it inside, like a inside-reverse-fold just with more layers we reverse two creases maybe you see it better on the diagram on the right we will sink the whole thing in it’s a sink an open sink, acctually but I just open it up and reverse all the creases should look like this now. turn it around make sure to pause the video if needed the lower parts can be opened like doors now the flap is there, just open it take the top tip fold it down, below the lower edge so it sticks out a little squash fold basically you pinch the tail together flaten the begint paper in order to have a flat model repeat on the other side sorry for my camera going out of focuse I’m still learning how to work with it this is the tail if everything goes well it should look similar to this your angels mieght vary a little, but that’s ok for the “hands” of the turtle crease those flaps outward in an angle you like do an zig-zag fold we want to have an edge pointing towards the two white pieces on the bottom the bottom edge align with the two other edges that is what we’re aiming for and it should meet in the center now squash-fold a neck for the turtle because a turtle-neck is no triangle squash it left and right by turning this layer and squashing paper afterwards this might be a little tricky for beginners so stay focused and try a squash-fold sidewards I like to open up the hands for this step to reach the paper better the trick is to make both parts look the same remember: this is a video, so rewind and review if you need to one more step fold in the tip you made a turtle! i’m quite proud of the model, as you might noticed if you like to fold even more I made some annotations you can click those pictures and if you click the turtle you’ll get to a video of how to make your turtle look even better also in that video I’ll talk about the design process in case those things are interesting to you I hope to see you next time bye.bye and happy folding

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  1. hey =) i would be very glad if you could make this origami tag. i didn'nt found any on youtube so i decided to make an own with questions i really interested in. sorry if my english is to bad ( greats from germany^^)

    1. what was the very first origami figure you did?

    2. how old have you been when you started with origami?

    3. what was the most complicated origami figure you ever did?

    4. (optional) how much money do you spend for origami paper every month?

  2. right at the star tis says: Material: Paper 15cm by 15cm. So it's obviously a square, also I think you can tell just by looking that it's a square.

  3. i reinvented yr turtle! its a little octogon ont top of anoth octogon with some feet and a tail! (i couldnt figure out the neck thing -____- fml)

  4. keep pushing, it took me years to get to this level (which is still low) and I still worked on this model for over two weeks

  5. well it's a start, my first attempt did not have a tial nor a neck, you'll get there!

  6. i cannot believe i coudnt make it and i have folded the multipiece dragon by joseph wu the octahedral flasher by jeremy shafer and the origami mermaid by eric joisel

  7. Es sollte doch sicher "proud" heißen nicht "praud"(nein,ich bin kein Englischlehrer).Klasse Modell!!!

  8. thank you so much for this cute turtle, Tavin! I used this to make my classmate a birthday present with candy glued on the turtle's shell, I am so thankful, you are amazing 🙂

  9. I am making this for my friend you make your origami so easy and you explain it very specifically I like your channel

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