Padova, Italy: Markets and Aperitivo

Padova, Italy: Markets and Aperitivo

Padova’s vast 14th-century
Palazzo della Ragione, once the town’s
medieval law court, now hosts a sprawling market. The scene has changed little
over the centuries, as merchants artfully
display their goods. Since medieval times
shoppers have come here for the best Veneto produce. It’s known for
having the freshest and greatest selection of herbs,
fruits, and vegetables. As you wander, appreciate the Italian passion
for good food. Merchants share
recipe tips with shoppers. Locals can tell the month
by the seasonal selections. Strawberries and white asparagus? It’s April. And in springtime,
there’s lots of work for the man who
preps the artichokes. The indoor market,
featuring various butchers and cheese shops, is a sensuous experience
as well. Stalls and shops
are often family-run, and the lineage of
some of these merchants stretches back centuries. Town squares take on
different personalities as the day goes on. Early in the evening
the stalls are gone and the piazzas become
community gathering places. This is the time
when, traditionally, students gather to enjoy
the ritual of the aperitivo, lubricated by a spritz or three. This is the perfect opportunity
for a traveler to grab a drink, strike up a conversation,
and become part of the scene. Aperitivo, you know? It’s just to relax after
your long day at work or at university. STEVES: You come to the piazza and you know you’re
going to find friends. WOMAN: Yes, it’s always like,
you know, you’re going back home and you
come here and you look around and you always see your friends, and you stop and say, “Oh,
let’s have a drink together,” and that’s just normal. MAN: You always see somebody.
You don’t say, “Oh, my god, we’re going to
go have an aperitivo, it’s going to be a fun night,”
we’re just like, “Hey, I’m in Piazza dei Signori. Do you want to drop by before I
go home and have a bite to eat?” STEVES: So, now, spritz. That’s very trendy, I think. WOMAN: Well, there’s two
different kinds of spritz. You see the color is different,
so it’s basically… this is with Aperol,
which is lighter. And that one is with Campari, and then you put
a slice of orange, usually ice and white wine
or sparkling wine and a bit of water also. STEVES: Whatever
your favorite drink, everyone, including tourists, is welcome to enjoy
this convivial Italian ritual.

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  1. 1:37 I think those deep dish beer trays are ubiquitous in European bars & casual dining spots. I keep seeing them on these shows.

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