Palma de Mallorca Spain vlog #2 fish market | What I eat in a day 西班牙马略卡岛

Palma de Mallorca Spain vlog #2 fish market | What I eat in a day 西班牙马略卡岛

It was probably one of the hottest days we had in Mallorca, a record high 43 degrees c. But instead of laying on the beach, we decided to continue our city tour in Palma and start with this indoor market Mercat de L’Olivar. I did a 360 degrees live stream while visiting there. The link is on the card above. This place is amazing! It’s filled with fresh fruits, veggies and
my favourite seafood. It’s almost therapeutic just by looking at the vendors cleaning up the fish. We were actually on a mission here to find the freshest oysters and Sushi in the market. maybe one more the small one How could you eat oysters without a glass of white wine? The quality of the oysters there were superb. If I could I would bring that lobster home
as well. Then we found this Sushi bar run by a couple of Chinese girls. good? soft! fresh? So we have 2 Salmons, 2 tunas and 2 bbq eels Classic! cost only 1.50 euro each. I also bought some cherry tomatoes from the market, but it has so much more to offer. I could spend a whole day there. Then we went to the harbour, from there you can walk all the way up to the hill to Bellver Castle. It took us about 30 mins to get there, but
the view on the way was incredible. There is a small cafe at the back side of
the castle where you can enjoy some Spanish pastries and cold drinks. We were then back to the city to look for
authentic paelleras. Unfortunately, almost all the restaurants
there are only open after 7.30 some even at 8 pm. So instead, we just had a ball of ice cream from this German owned ice shop and went back to our hotel. You won’t believe how difficult it was to
find freshly made paelleras in Mallorca. Most of the restaurants serve frozen ones
from a brand. We were lucky enough, by the end of the day, to find this Spanish restaurant near our hotel. Although I had to wait for almost 40 mins,
it was worth it. Yogi had his mixed salad somehow covered with tuna. It took a while to remove all of them. My last recommendation is actually this American diner at the airport of Mallorca. Alaska crabs write golden in front of onion rings then have to pay more baby wings, bbq baby wings toll, 1 euro each! this one is good too. We shared a glass of our last Spanish beer, half BBQ ribs and some nachos Tijuana. Thanks for watching! See you again in my next cooking video. Nacho looks good! Ribs have fries already. Can you eat without sauce? last one!

4 thoughts on “Palma de Mallorca Spain vlog #2 fish market | What I eat in a day 西班牙马略卡岛

  1. Totally ignorant about Mallorca, culture and food.
    Sangria and paella…?wow!!you forgot flamenco to get all the topics

  2. I am a Professional Chef and I really enjoyed your video! Very well produced, technically! Great narration and filming…love the Epicurean shots and info on Spanish food! Well Done!!

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