Panfried Crispy Salmon with Salsa Verde | Bart’s Fish Tales

Panfried Crispy Salmon with Salsa Verde | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys Welcome to another Fresh Fish Tale and
today a dream is coming true because I’m cooking on the Yukon River in alaska the longest Salmon River in the
whole wide world I’m going to pan fry salmon fillet, I’m
going to serve you some beautiful lentils with it and a Salsa Verde if you look behind me you can see there
Maxine and her cousin fishing for Salmon. Look at this guys beautiful Keta Salmon just caught and this
salmon just started his or her journey at
the end of the Yukon River and I can tell you the longer the river
the better the Salmon. It’s full of fat It’s full of omega-3, beautiful taste, let’s
cook with it So first we descale the fish
especially when you pan fry it on the skin it’s not nice to have all
these pieces into your meal. Okay, ready for filleting Look at this colour, so beautiful freshest salmon in the world Because you want to serve the salmon hot from the pan We first make the
lentils. We take a nice saucepan going to cut some celery I use some parsley not there leaves but the
stalks Three leaves of sage. Cold water. And we bring this to boil. At the same time
I’m going to start my Salsa Verde. I’m going
to use some capers going to cut them really fine I’m here outdoor cooking but
if you’re at home you can use a blender to make this green sauce Your garlic clove. French mustard. and now, of course for the Salsa Verde we use green herbs
nice parsley Coriander if you have basil, use basil If you have mint, use mint Tell maxine to start pulling in her nets the State Department of fishing here in Alaska They tell you exactly when you are allowed to fish and when not They want to have enough fish and now fish coming through the river So there is enough fish for next generations So now we have the green herbs, we have capers, we have the garlic We add the French mustard, we add some olive oil 2 tablespoons with a bit of red wine
vinegar We add some pepper and a pinch of salt squeeze a bit of lemon perfect now for the lentils, half an onion again I chop some parsley so as soon as
the lentils have cooked like 20-25 minutes We take them off, we drain them and we add the onion and parsley when the lentils are still hot we add some olive oil some red wine vinegar, some salt, some
pepper and some lemon Delicious. So now we’re going to
pan fry the salmon steaks, what you really
need to do is make sure the skin is really dry because then we make sure the skin will be very crispy We season the fish and we had some vegetable oil on the skin of the salmon We put the salmon in the pan, skin side down. Wow look at this. a piece of fresh Yukon salmon and don’t move it in order to have a crispy crispy skin. Press the the skin of
the fish to cook the skin crispy, evenly. Ah, we see here on the meat here around there, it’s getting a bit
white so the other meat is cooked so if this is cooked a bit more
than this I’m going to turn it around So now it’s on thirty percent I
turn it around and let’s see at the other side the skin is, oh wow
look at this. It’s crispy we cook it for another maybe one minute and there’s really no problem to have it a bit raw inside, it’s warm It still has it’s colour, it’s still oily, because a dry piece of salmon is really not tasty And really here with this salmon you should taste this most perfect salmon of the world Salsa verde. Hmmm. Hope you like it It is good yeah? Really good. Pan fried Yukon Keto Salmon Salsa verde and lentils I’ve
got loads more, great fish dishes From all around the world on my own
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forget to subscribe. We say goodbye here from the Yukon River, Maxine Me, we see you next time thank you for
watching this show and see you soon again for a new Fish Tale Hi guys I’m Bart, welcome to Fish Tales
Cooking Channel I’m living here in Amsterdam but more often you will
see me traveling the world to live and to cook together with the
most amazing fishing communities around the globe. On my channel its all of our lovely seafood
sustainable of course I like that. I know many of you find it difficult to cook fish but why I
will show you cooking seafood is so easy and so much
fun to do Delicious, besides I’m really
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100 thoughts on “Panfried Crispy Salmon with Salsa Verde | Bart’s Fish Tales

  1. OMG! Wish I could have a salmon this fresh in Sao Paulo! hahahaha I'll try this recipe anyways cause it looks AMAZING!

  2. Wow, Bart, this is a wonderful place to cook, the fish right out of the water and sharing the lovely dish with the fishers, a great way to say thank you….
    Looking forward to your recipes, dank je wel

  3. Freshness overload!! Would love to taste that salmon.
    btw I am studying in the Netherlands now. Your accent and the streets of Amsterdam feels really familiar:)

  4. To the river where it belongs. Fishes die and rot in the water anyway, so that's the most Nature-friendly way to do it. Way better than throwing it into a plastic bag.

  5. I like this dude. Fish is something that's overcooked a lot of the time and I'd really enjoy seeing and learning from him.

  6. Welcome to @Jamie Oliver Food Tube Bart! I look fwrd to subscribing to your channel and checking out ur vids! Love this Salmon recipe! 

  7. Hell to the yea! Jamie Im loving all these new channels you're promoting! You definitely have a knack for finding wonderful peoples

  8. Это просто супер, когда есть возможность приготовить свеже пойманную рыбу!
    Ilike fish!

  9. Wow, that reddish salmon meat color ….that's not the product of camera color correction, right?
    I usually see the ordinary orange one. :3

  10. I have a quick question. So I see when people poach fish in salt water or marinate them that of course helps flavor into the muscle. The makes a lot of sense. But wouldn't the fish be salty to start with because they live in salt water? I know they have skin to protect them from the outside world but when I think of a fish they seem like a very exposed animal. Sorry if that sounds stupid but i was just curious why super fresh fish doesn't taste like salt water. 

  11. Aw I was real happy to see him share with fishers!  Should totally try this dish out, wasn't sure if I could combine my lentils with fish. Now i have to.

  12. Bart! 
    Stopped by to tell you i tried my salmon according to this video
    (not the fishy freshness though but the way how it was prepared)
    The results was superb! The crispy skin and the soft oily fishiness inside made it so delicious! thanks! will do this again

  13. Why he named the green "thing" "Salsa verde"? I'm from México and that is not a SALSA VERDE. Good video, I loved the Salmon's fried tecnic.

  14. Hey From Colorado!
    This makes me want to go to Alaska and hook some Salmon.
    This makes me want to go to Alaska to hook a hunky Dutchman!

    Keep up the great work Bart!
    With love from the Mary Ann & Ruthie Show.

  15. I am not sure what region you got the Salsa verde recipe, but i have never seen a salsa verde like that in my life.

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