Paper Turtle | Origami Turtle (Akira Yoshizawa)

Paper Turtle | Origami Turtle (Akira Yoshizawa)

fold in to the half to make the line between edges turn over and fold in to the half to make the line between the corners push two corners down an pull two lower corner up then flat the paper fold two layers up to the center then open fold two sides down to the lower side in both corners then open follow two previous line in each layer to make the tails turn over the paper then repeat fold two lower tails inside to the opposite side fold two upper layer out to the same side fold two lower tails back to opposite side then turn each large layer in each side to the opposite side I return to the previous step to finish the lower foot fold a part of each lower foots down then flat them then turn the large layer in to the opposite side nearly finish now fold a part of the upper foot down then flat them fold a part of corner inside to make the shell more circle push two side of the neck in to the center fold the head down to the center of the shell then turn a part of the head out to lock the neck done

81 thoughts on “Paper Turtle | Origami Turtle (Akira Yoshizawa)

  1. I made an Origami Golbat tutorial with diagram

    if you are interested in origami, please check my channel or this link: and leave me a comment about the model 😉

  2. This is actually very good! Most origami videos are bad quality. What is special about your video is that you have a diagram in the top right corner.

  3. I got up to a bit and it's kind of hard because I can't see what to do cuz your covering it and I can't see what to do so maybe next time don't cover the paper so we can see

  4. I can't even see what you are doing most of the time and you should talk or put music because that was is bouring

  5. You are moving too fast, without giving real instruction. I really have no idea what you're doing. I'm trying to follow along, but I have to watch and rewatch each move you make but still cannot follow.

  6. I have no clue why people are saying its too fast it was at normal speed for me and often I had to wait for the tutorial to even Catch up. maybe its just me..

  7. Não concordo, achei o ritmo ideal. Talvez com um pouco mais de vivência e conhecimento, vcs chegam lá!! Ganbatte nee

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