Parks with the Fish

Parks with the Fish

This wasn’t my fault.
Indirectly, you might argue I had something to do with it but
it – was – not – my – fault! This colony of savage hippies I ran into –
they’re the ones who started it! Watch it, you little puta! You asshole! Now I don’t want to come off like an old hard-ass here,
but I had to take a couple of minutes to explain to these two jackasses
that when you take a man’s hat off, you get to fight the man! Just get fucked! Why don’t you bend over fist, BEACH BUM! Now, I don’t often say anything like
this but I thought maybe for once, five-o might help me out
and it turns out they were up to something else. Hey – ever heard of a door handle? Hey officer! I think maybe your partner
drowned? Yeah well, I didn’t know what else to do
and I didn’t want to get in trouble so I called them and told them to send more police. Watch out for the ocean, fellas! A fella named Darwin. Ring a bell? It’s right around this moment that I’m starting to tell myself that I’m
probably NOT dealing with “the” crack team. So I did what any other reasonable fella
might have done and I called me some more police. What the fuck is happening? Now this guy gave me hope for a couple of minutes, like maybe he’d be the first to be
reasonable in 24 hours. I think that he’s the one who sent
for the ACTUAL crack team. Watch these dudes. They arrive in style. Damn happy to see you here, officer! Hey, your partner is leaving without you. Can I ask you a question? Where do you get your training? I kept calling for more police,
telling them “officers down in the ocean.” And they kept sending more officers into the ocean. You better believe I kept calling ’em! You can never have enough
as far as I’m concerned. It just snuck up on you, didn’t? Damn ocean won’t ever sit still. Inbred dickwad! Somebody called the sergeant on duty
cuz these two showed up
righteously pissed off. Hey, one last thing before these two guys
punch the clock on my toon: the Palito Bay Sheriff’s Department
wants me to let y’all know that they’re hiring. They’re looking for applicants and if
you’re interested, y’all should meet at the municipal pool at 9:00 a.m. on
Saturday morning. Son-of-a-bitch! Now,
don’t be sad. I fought the law and the law won. It was foretold in rock ‘n roll and I’m perfectly fine with. I just have one last thing to say, folks: if y’all subscribe to this YouTube channel you are VERY likely to be exposed to more lunacy.

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  1. I would like to throw a tomahawk in your hat. But sadly some sons of bitches destroyed good old Red Dead. Pity about the game…and your hat.

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