Pellet Rig for Carp and Catfish using Fox Pellet Pegs

Pellet Rig for Carp and Catfish using Fox Pellet Pegs

hi and welcome to the north west carp blog today I’m going to take a quick look at the pellet rig I use for carp and
catfish the pellet I’m using here is 16mm in size so it’s about
as big as a standard sized boilie in order to help keep the pellet on the
hair I’m using a 13mm Fox pellet peg I’ve drilled out this 16
mm pellet with the standard 1.5mm nut drill and threaded it
onto the hair the fox pellet peg is v-shaped and it’s designed to fit a
1.5mm hole perfectly the stop fits snugly in the pellet and
holds it in place not only does the pellet peg keep the bait in place it
also helps slow down the softening of the pellet by blocking the hole and
making it that little bit more difficult for water to get in by using the fox
pellet pegs I can keep these 16mm coppens pellets on the hook
for the duration of my short sessions so I’m able to use pellets instead of
boilies to fish with this is great for me pellets are highly attractive to carp
and cats plus they’re a lot cheaper than boilies and they don’t need freezing I
keep mine in a bucket and when I go fishing I just pick my bucket up and
go with no messing around I hope this has given you an insight into carp and catfishing with pellets if you’re a short session angler like me they’re a great
bait to use until next time tight lines

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