Pet Fish Care : Pet Shark Care

Pet Fish Care : Pet Shark Care

Hi, I’m Hunter from the Austin Aqua-Dome.
Caring for a pet shark is best left to trained and experienced saltwater hobbyists. Sharks
are somewhat more difficult than most of the tropical fishes to keep and thus you should
have some experience in keeping saltwater clown fish, damsel fish, and other larger
saltwater fish before you try a shark. Almost no sharks grow smaller than three or four
feet and thus you need a very large tank, at least a hundred and eighty gallons or more.
The fish will grow quickly and will need to be upgraded if the tank is too small. Sharks
most times are finicky eaters, you may have to start them off on live food such as feeder
shrimps or feeder goldfish and then transfer them over to a diet of frozen shrimp, frozen
silversides, which are a small fish or if the shark is big enough you could actually
use chopped fresh sea fruit from the grocery seafood counter. Sharks need basically the
same water parameters as most other saltwater fish but they do need a very smooth fine sand
substrate so as not to scratch their belly and rounded objects and decorations in the
tank for the same purpose.

69 thoughts on “Pet Fish Care : Pet Shark Care

  1. a 180 gallon tank for a 3 foot fish ? thats a regualar 6 foot tank …what a fucking idiot this guy is …i wouldnt keep a shark in less than a 500 gallon IF THAT

    he ment to start off with cuz ur shark would be juvenille, he said ur tank need to be upgraded when ur shark grows cuz ur tank would be too small.

  3. this guy is weird .. he was mentioning about saltwater sharks but feeding them goldfish ??
    isn't that a freshwater species .. how can this be ??

  4. funny thing is when you got to there store the used to have a shark (i live in Austin and go there every now and than) and the pore thing was in the opposite of condition never looked really happy and healthy

  5. Why would you ever wanna feed dead frozen to an animal that wants to kill? I see no fun in buying shark food at Jewel.

  6. feeding goldfish to shark,s is lousy advice, feeding them to any predatory fish is lousy advice, goldfish carry almost no nutritional value and cause disease. when would a shark ever come across a goldfish in the ocean…

  7. a lot of people buy pets on a whim, and he's smart. For you morons not getting the idea "Dont buy a shark if you're poor, or stupid."

  8. Another great expert village video. How to care for pet sharks without actually showing any pet sharks or their care. Nice

  9. @mmmmmarcus i have to agree… fact of life: poachers are scum. and if you know you cant care for it dont try it. i am by no means an expert, i have been doing salt tanks since the 7th grade (im in 11th now) and really want to try sharks, im stuck with a 55g and cant upgrade till after im out, but i have heard too many stories about inexperienced fresh water keepers trying sharks "right off the bat" and it doesnt end well, so theres the reason for my preachy response

  10. Would you have to be a millionaire or a billionaire in order to have a pet whale shark (about 40 feet long)?

  11. I LOVE SHARKS but putting the sharks in that small of a tank is torture u should put up info that sharks DONT suffer because of

  12. @TheAllyLyn -_- No, you couldn't.
    They need SALTWATER. A pond would also get too grummy. You're just a new kind of stupid, aren't you?

  13. Interesting how he's an expert at shark keeping, but wasn't able to show a living one, in one of his own tanks, during the video.

  14. its completly of the point to this video but do you have any fish recomendation for a fish that can eat goldfish (not neccesery but cool) cheap under £50 or whatever and freshwater for a 60cm long tank 30cm width and 30cm deep?

  15. " the fish will grow quickly and will need to be upgraded if the tank is too small." buddy next time wait an hour after you smoke that joint,than make a video.

  16. This guy really doesn't seem to be much of an expert.

    I really hope that people don't actually believe that if they can keep a tomato clownfish and damselfish alive that they're an expert aquarist and you can keep a shark. Just about all clowns and all damsels are the easiest fish to keep in the saltwater aquarium hobby. I can only say this about larger, saltwater sharks. I can't tell you anything about the smaller sized freshwater ones.

  17. Mice are not very good for a shark, its safer to stick with its natural foods. Having said that, once will not kill it (the shark that is, it most certainly will kill the mouse!). It's also going to create a lot of mess and could foul the water. Personally I wouldn't do it.

  18. So I should get a small ass clownfish before I get a shark?And there are sharks that stay under 3ft and do well in captivity.So this dude is not an expert.

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