PetSolutions: Marina 360 2 Gallon Aquarium Kit

PetSolutions: Marina 360 2 Gallon Aquarium Kit

The Mmarina 360 aquarium kit is a simple,
modern 2.65 gallon aquarium with integrated filtration and LED lighting.
It features a circular design that provides a 360 degree view, so it can be
placed anywhere for full effect in your home or office. It has eight powerful leds, a three way
switch to control bright day time and blue nighttime and off. The cover is
removable with two replaceable filter cartridges. It comes with bacterial water starter
and conditioner. For additional information on the products used in this
video, please visit

20 thoughts on “PetSolutions: Marina 360 2 Gallon Aquarium Kit

  1. I Can You explain the double filtration because I saw it at the store and it had two filters in there a video would be awesome I'd like to get this

  2. Good morning. I'm not sure what you saw in a store, but this aquarium is designed and built with only the one filter shown in this video.

  3. I read the direction on an opened item the pet store had and it said this aquarium housed 2 filters and it said to change them every 2-4 weeks and I was confused about it. Thanks for responding!

  4. Oh, ok, I see. It uses 2 filter cartridges inside the filter. It doesn't come with 2 filters, it comes with 1 filter that uses 2 filter cartridges inside of it.

  5. I'm buying this product today to do a review on it, I'm sorry for the confusion. I meant to say it has 1 filter that uses 2 cartridges, the part that confuses me is that the instructions say remove filter from slot 1 rinse thoroughly and place in slot 2 and move the other cartridge to slot 1 and I'm super confused on that. It may not be exactly the correct way I remember the instructions read but that's what I gathered. So I'm buying it to see how it works and make a review of it on my channel

  6. I'm not sure why the manufacturer suggests that actually. Your best bet is probably to contact them to see if they can shed some light on the process for you.

  7. ok thank you, I was hoping you would have the answer since you had a video of it and some hands on. I'll try and contact them to see how this goes. Thanks again!

  8. hello i am thinking of buying this tank to keep aquatic frogs and mickey mouse platys. is there a certain type of heater i need to add to this or will anyone do?

  9. Hi Sophie, I would recommend a 50 watt heater for this aquarium. The brand is up to you, but I like the Cascade brand heater, because it is only 7 inches long so it will not be too large for this aquarium.

  10. @petsolution it's recommended that some schooling fish need tanks of about 10 gallons or more. Is that really necessary or can they live in a tank that small for a long period?

  11. That tank is wwwwaaaayyyy overstocked. The amount of fish in there need as least a 10 gallon. The only thing l would recommend to live in there would be a betta or some shrimp.

  12. The motor is LOUD. I replaced it 3x, each one was as loud as the last. Returned the whole thing. Shame, it's a pretty set up.

  13. Hello, it is made of plastic!

    I usually put fish in glass container.

    Please let me know if it is good for the fish. ?

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