Pier Fishing: A Simple Fishing Rig to catch every fish!

Pier Fishing: A Simple Fishing Rig to catch every fish!

What’s going on guys today I’m going to show you a fishing rig That’s gonna catch you a lot a lot of fish and a lot of different kinds of fish And that rig is the flickered snell hooks I think you can find this pretty much at Walmart too any one of your tackle shops will probably have this This is what it looks like I’ve been running through a lot of them This rig I’m talking about is a pre tied rig with three beads on it a bait hook and This little flashy thing on here. You see it? This little flashing thing is supposed to mimic a bait or like the flash of a bait fish running away something like that anyways, it’s got a loop at the top and what I like to use to connect the loop to your mainline is A snap swivel before you attach your mainline. I like to use a sinker a bullet sinker a Sliding sinker, so I’ll put that on first All right, there we go now I’ll tie this the swivel on using the improved clinch knot to do this For those of you who don’t know how to tie this knot We’ve got a knots guide called “what knots to tie and when to tie them” And basically There are certain knots that I like to use for certain rigs and different lures This this little guide will teach you about that about how to tie it and when to apply those knots So now we unclip now we clip this in just like this And here’s our rig, it’s got a sliding sinker right here This little flashy flash and at the end of this this is the best part about this rig is that it can it can be used for lures or Live bait so I could put like a little minnow on the end of this and slowly retrieve it I can put a piece of worm on here. I can put a piece of super salty squid on here Or I can put a little swim bait on here Like a little gulp One of those gulp things that would be great. So I’m just gonna put a little piece of this tentacle on here All I really need is just the tip of one of them like this man they’re tough, i’ll use this Just like that Thread it through that looks nice, doesn’t it? this with the little flashy flash right here? deadly combo So now depending on what kind of pier you’re at if it’s really fast moving water, I would- I would make a Heavier sinker, but here is pretty calm I know that piers are different all around the world, but the pier that I’m fishing this rig works really well And we’re fishing on the bay side right now Bayside has lots. I feel like this side has a lot of smaller inshore fish Versus like the ocean or the bigger water on the other side Has bigger fish but a lot more water See these pillars I’m gonna cast parallel to that and I want to run this –this little flickering, this little flickering piece of metal and bait Right along these spots because I think that there’s there’s fish hiding around these pylons right here So I’m gonna cast a parallel just like this I’m gonna let it sink to the bottom this time. I’m just gonna slowly reel it in really slowly reel it in On. you see? the slow reel! I Find that when I do slow reel. Oh, look. This guy’s got a parasite. It’s a little crab. It was eating a tiny baby crab Flatfish Cast parallel to these beams. So there’s more beams this way. I can do the same thing right there Let it sink to the bottom And you’ll know it’s on the bottom When it’s when the line stops moving And then just slowly retrieve it. Also try casting under Under it a lot of times fish like to look for shade There we go! told you a spot That was just leaving it there [Erin] What is it? Spot?
[Brendon] tiny spot [Erin] Were you retrieving it?
[Brendon] no, it’s just– I just left it right there Now later on tonight, I’m gonna keep those spot those little small spots are perfect live bait [Erin] Very nice. You on one? Still on… Good?
[Sharko] Yeah. Perch? Alright guys, hope you learned something I like doing these little short tutorials, especially when I just discovered a new rig like this I can’t believe I’ve only been fishing this rig for a couple months but anyways, you can get the rig at Bass Pro you can get the rig at Walmart stuff like that If you want to try this combo out yourself the Sharky 3 combo. This is perfect for this kind of fishing I got the 6′ 6″ version with a two thousand sized reel It’s really nice really sensitive lightweight balanced. I like it. I approve That’s in the link in the description below if you want to try the squid Right here You want to try the tentacles? We’ve got that in our store senkoskipper.com see you guys next week

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  2. I had a dream that Erin died. I cried. I'm a grown ass man. I know these videos make money, but please invent something new like the pole change. Something exciting!

  3. Not tryna hate on your products but could you use something besides your salty squid! Every time I watch your videos your always trying to advertise your products!

  4. Carolina rig with a spinner (and the beads). C-rig works wonders for everything! Except I rarely catch Sand Bass with the super salty squid. Sand sharks and sting rays are most common over here for me.

  5. Hello I’m 15 and just started fishing you inspired me to use lures and bait as I always used bait and would never catch anything except bluegills

  6. Great vid !!! I would use those for fresh water trout and they would do major work !!! Have you guys ever taken fishing gear on a cruise ship ? And if you did how did you go about it ??

  7. I keep on going fishing and only feeding the fish not catching them. They nibble but i can't set the hook, any suggestions?

  8. Bye bye Sabiki rig , Hello Flicker Snelled Hooks πŸ˜‚ i remember that rig, you used it several times , and if i’m not mistaken it was once used during night time with plastic bugs. Seems like this product is going to be added to the cart.
    Thank you for this video guys. Like the editing : quick notes are awesome.

  9. Oh I'm not so sure about the snap swivel. It's better if you use just a barrel swivel because snap swivels are weak in general. They are used for attaching sinkers primarily

  10. just a reminder try to remember to hold the parts of the rig you are explaining in front of your white shirt or the palm of your hand instead of in front of your dark glasses

  11. Thanks senko skipper finely we get to see Erin thanks for teaching us how to improve are fishing you guys are awesome thanks always looking forward to seeing your videos hopefully we can see a catch and cook video with the whole family love those

  12. Thanks for the vid.
    The little flashy thing is called a, "flicker."
    Thus the name.

    They've been added to lures and leaders for decades. Pretty cool they're still around.

  13. Hey Senko! Hello from Canary Islands. I just write you to ask by any rig for rocky bottoms. You coud make a guide to see and example of how you do it? Or give some counsell answering this coment. Thank you for your time, I apreciate you and your videos so much. Keep doing like wellπŸ‘

  14. Any chance you could show us the baby crab next time? I think what you said about it first was correct. The parasite eats the fishes tongue. I think it is a type of isopod a sea flea? Scott Pilgrim

  15. Can you do a video at pacifica pier ? I see guys catching striped bass and crabs . I get skunked every time I go! Help me out !

  16. Sorry but I liked your videos much better when you were first starting out. It was like exploring new fishing spots and having new experiences with a friend. Now it seems like you are not as humble and it shows through in the videos. Most of us watching have been fishing for years, in my case 50, and don't need to be lectured about baits, tackle and techniques . Your videos used to be full of the joy of fishing and you seemed happy, now it seems like it's just a job and you are just going through the motions.
    I'm not saying these things to be mean. I have been confined to a hospital bed and wheelchair for the better part of 5 years and have been unable to fish. I loved to watch your videos because it looked like you were having fun and I was enjoying watching you learn how to fish for different species in different states. Your videos, in my humble opinion, have become part instructional video and part Home Shopping Network. I understand the need for money to travel and for expenses, but sometimes it gets annoying with the instructional sheets and packets. Don't know what happened to the nice, humble respectful young man who was self assured enough to laugh at himself when he did something dumb, but I wish he would come back.
    I know I will probably get some blowback from this, but just be respectful if you comment on my comment. Don't be one of those anonymous trolls who is all big and bad from behind your keyboard.

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