Prescription Fish Oil | Consumer Reports

Prescription Fish Oil | Consumer Reports

[Narrator] Anne Conway doesn’t like to eat fish. [Narrator] So to get the heart-healthy benefits, she takes a fish oil supplement. [Anne Conway] I take fish oil for my
arteries, to make my good cholesterol higher. [Narrator] Anne buys her fish oil as a supplement at the drugstore [Narrator] but you can also get a prescription for fish oil called Lovaza. [Narrator] Consumer Reports’ Gayle Williams says this is one of the first supplements [Narrator] to be offered as a prescription. [Gayle Williams] Lovaza has a concentrated amount of fish oil [Gayle Williams] so if you need to take
a high dose to lower your triglycerides, [Gayle Williams] you can do it by taking fewer pills, which is more convenient. [Narrator] But Lovaza is expensive, costing roughly 160 dollars a month. [Narrator] And even people with existing heart disease don’t
usually need the high dose it offers. [Gayle Williams] The American Heart Association recommends one gram of omega-3s per day [Gayle Williams] for people with existing heart disease. [Gayle Williams] You can easily get that amount from one
or two capsules of a fish oil supplement. [Narrator] In picking a supplement, you do need to choose carefully. [Narrator] Consumer Reports recommends picking a brand that is labeled “U-S-P Verified.” [Gayle Williams] USP Verified fish oil has been tested
by the U.S. Pharmacopeia for purity and potency, [Gayle Williams] so you know you’re getting a fish
oil that’s free of mercury and other contaminants. [Narrator] Choosing a supplement for as little as 10 dollars a month [Narrator] will keep your wallet healthy along with your heart.

5 thoughts on “Prescription Fish Oil | Consumer Reports

  1. I take Lovaza – 3 grams a day and in two years my blood triglicerides level has gone from over 250 to 113.

  2. what a rip off the EPA/DHA levels in nordic naturals or even carlson are the same or higher depending on which you buy. Even spring valley has a 60 pill bottle in stores that has 650mb EPA/300mg DHA for 9 bucks.

    prescription fishoil is a RIPOFF. good old FDA at it again

  3. I fired my doctor when he prescribed me Lovaza. Damn fish oil… I wasted $80. on a prescription of Lovaza just because Big Pharma was able to get a patent on fish oil. Studies prove most regular fish oil… that is fresh… is just as good for a fraction of the price.

  4. misleading data –  see, hard science of lovaza -like saying walnuts have omega 3 as does fish oil or a glass of water from a pond is the same as a glass of filtered water -both are glasses of water – the pond water is less expensive so, buy the pond water -because it is water – so, no big deal – 

  5. Vascepa, Vascepa, Vascepa. Ask your doctor about Vascepa, an O3 PUFA, proven to reduce adverse cardiovadcular events by 25% in the Reduce-It CV Outcomes trial.

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