Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

Hey everyone
Steve Poland here from Steve Poland Cichlids Today I wanted to do a review of another one
of the products that I use in all of my tanks and that is these Pinky Aquarium Filters
They sell these through their website which is
but you may have also seen their advertising on craigslist
They were nice enough to send me a roll to use for this review
so that you can see exactly how it looks when it arrives
This is a 10 foot roll here It’s 12 inches wide so one roll goes a long
way And they only charge $12.95 for this which
is great and shipping is free actually. If you order more it costs even less, there’s
bulk discounts. You are buying directly from the manufacturer
so that’s how they can afford to do that. And there are a few things that I really like
about this filter media. My favorite thing is that is has two different
layers. So you’ve got the white side that traps larger
particles. You can kinda see in here that it’s two sided.
And then the pink side that gets the smaller stuff.
I also like the way these are made which is that the layers are dry bonded together with
no chemicals and the materials are all non-toxic.
They don’t use glue or anything to put this together.
And I also like that this stuff really holds up.
There have been a bunch of times that I’ve been cleaning a filter where I’ve used both
these Pinky Filters and another type of filter floss and it’s just really obvious when you
do that how much better this stuff holds up. You can use this for either freshwater or
saltwater. You can use these in canister filters, hang
on back filters, sumps, you name it. This stuff is great.
They are very easy to cut to size. And here I will show you.
So you would for instance take a piece like this, cut it down.
For instance if I wanted to put this in my Eheim 2260 I would just a circle the size
of that filter, throw it in there, and I’m good to go.
And if you don’t believe that I actually use this stuff, this is my big bundle of pieces
that are left over from where I’ve cut these to fit in my filters.
Really love this stuff. Go get some today., check it out.
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Thanks, have a good one!

18 thoughts on “Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

  1. I went ahead and bought a couple of rolls to try it out. I also dropped your name as the one who referred me. Looking forward to putting it in my filters.

  2. This is a great product. I personally use the marineland white and blue but know a lot of people use pinky and like it.

  3. Good review of product…and so I looked it up and found on ebay ……for you guys its $12.95..Now..this is the aspect of fishkeeping that I hate…for me in Australia I would be paying $30 US because of postage..which is US $19.95 and each additional roll postage is + US $8.95…and as these are US dollars it means that 1 roll for me would cost me close to $40 AUS….2 rolls $50 AUS….all the good stuff costs a fortune to get because of postage..It seems ludicrous that we have to pay that much for something which is so light and squishes down.

    ..this is not my first whinge about the cost of postage to Australia…and not likely to be my last…


  5. thanks for the review
    just received my free sample from pinky filters ; about to pull a maintenance on my AC30 and i might have enough left over for the whisper 20-40 … if so i'll have a double test

  6. ur tanks look beautiful..just ordered some pinky filters for first time.looking foward to using them with my lil pigs (red ear sliders) tanks.

  7. Woody's Discus (FB)
    Steve, check out the "pinky" 5' x 24" roll. Same price on eBay. I can get way more pads for my filter at this size. Great Video !

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