Pstrąg Potokowy, Tęczowy i Troć | Piękny Zbiornik Myczkowce | Bieszczady

Hello! We are in Myczkowce Lake in Poland in Europe. We are on a dam reservoir. I’m with my friend Bartek and we’re on the pontoon. We are here from 7 o clock am. And we want to catch some trouts! It can be also a perch, pike or chub. Its a beauty weather, Bartek binds the bait. We hope to catch some fish. We have all day for it! We will look for fish all day, if not here, we will go down the reservoir 🙂 Keep Your fingers crossed. We need to fish some trout! To have a nice video:) Nothing is happening:/ We are searching for fish and use many lures, but it cant help us to catch some fish:/ In front of me are 3 anglers on a boat. They also have nothing:/ It’s a pity, because I know there are trouts here 🙂 Its not a good day for fishing, thats all:) Fish on! So fast:) Beauty! After 4 hours, its a first trout:) A lure: silver spoon. A big one:) And to the water! We have no luck for today, we cant see any fish:/ There is a friend, trying to catch some fish. Here we have some time break:) Behind a pontoon there is some angler on boat. He has just swim out from the beach and he has already caught a one trout:) We think he is from here and he knows a spots. By the way We are organizing a barbecue:) So the sausage is already sizzling 🙂 And fishing from the morning, the man quickly becomes hungry. We will eat and we will fight fishes again 🙂 We will walk and swim and seek for fish. Again spinners, wobblers, spoons, jigs, shallow and deeply descending. This is our beautiful fishing. More specifically, spinning 🙂 We are waiting for sausages and we are starting further. Now we are near a bridge, Where it rides from the Solina dam to the north to Myczkowce City. We are already after some dinner. As for now The main attraction of today was one trout and a sausage:) Really, I do not know what was better 🙂 Now Im using a spinner size #2 from Caperlan (Decathlon) Bartek is playing with rubber lures:) And we are searching for a fish:) But still… we cant find it:) (…where are these pikes….) (…he scared me!…) Calm, calmly, the rod into the water! Its gone…. You do not raise the rod with trout! A rod to the water and there it need to be! Have you heard?…:D Beauty:) Bartek got a fish! A trout! Something happens!:) Put in water. This is how trouts are towed! …- beautifully, he just gave up 🙂 +- 45 cm. Take a photo:) You are up to the sun. I took this picture of myself: D Its gone:D Fish on! It pulls heavily. Look how the rod bends. Here it is!:) Will you take a picture of me? I warn you that they are slippery 🙂 Leeches are wearing. Such beauty bull-trout Look. Look at this leeches. Here is another one. These wobbler let me caught trouts:) This is the end of today 🙂 Its the end of our adventure in the city of Myczkowce. We were fishing for 10 hours, where we caught three trouts and one bull trout:) It’s getting evening, so we’re slowly gathering Here the equipment are trying to dry. Bartek is changing. The sun is slowly going down 🙂 A lake is so beautiful:) We still have to come here and go fishing to get to know the places 🙂 We will be back here soon:) Hope You like this video:) If it is, give a finger up! I invite You to subscribe my fishing channel:) Thanks for watching. See you next fishing video! 🙂 Take care:)

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