quarantine aquarium : hospital tank for sick fish and new fish

quarantine aquarium : hospital tank for sick fish and new fish

Why you need a quarantine tank for your salt
water aquarium. You need patience in the salt water aquarium hobby and a quarantine tank
can test your patience if you have never had one because it forces you to wait it out before
placing new or sick fish in your salt water aquarium. A smaller quarantine tank is used
to keep sick or new fish separate from your fish in your main display tank. You can treat
the sick or new fish for parasites or disease without affecting the fish or corals in your
display tank. Regardless if a new fish is sick or not, you should always put new fish
in your quarantine tank for at least 3 weeks before introducing them into your main aquarium.
You want them to chill out and relax, while giving them plenty of time to eat and fatten
up. You also want to treat them with cupramine copper by seachem to make sure they are free
of parasites while in there for 3 weeks. You will also be doing about a 30% water change
every 3 days at least to make sure the water is clean for them. The fish pee and ammonia
and waste and uneaten food must be removed via these water changes. If you do not do
this, the fish can die. You need to do a water change this often because there is no live
rock or live sand in this quarantine tank to break down the uneaten food or ammonia
from fish pee. You will not have live rock or sand in this tank, just some pvc pipe for
them to hide in and swim through. Any questions, please comment below. Thanks for watching!

18 thoughts on “quarantine aquarium : hospital tank for sick fish and new fish

  1. good show, I keep a easy to catch clown in my quarantine tank and move him to my refrug sump area. Just swap him out with the new fish from the store. Tank stays cycled and has worked good so far. Once I introduce new fish to display I throw him back in the quarantine tank and he has no issues.

  2. Great video Steve, I couldn't agree more with everything said! I heard a good tip though if you're not running the quarantine tank all the time you can keep a sponge in your sump and when you set up the QT put the sponge in it and all the beneficial bacteria you need come in with it 🙂 (personally I just leave my QT tank set up with a few corals in it so it looks nice)

  3. my all fish's died after 50% water change but my all corals and animom lived , before the water change the salinity was 1.022 and after the water change the salinity became 1.024 , i did the water change at 8.00 pm and the next day morning i see all my fishes died .
    Did my fishes died because of the sudden change in salinity ? and can i add new fish ?
    plz do reply

  4. Amit, there was no REPLY option so i will type this here. was this in your main tank or a quarantine tank? i'm assuming it's your main tank because you never put corals or anemone in a quarantine. this is hard to say why they died. why did you do such a large water change of 50%? how did you do the water change? did you stir up a lot of debris in the tank when doing the water change? if so, that could have released gases from your sandbed, killing your fish, especially if you have a deep sand bed. also, by doing a large water change like this, you could have set off a mini tank cycle, removing enough bacteria to cause the ammonia to rise, killing your fish. what did the fish look like when they died? did they look white or have white salt spots on them? did you notice them scratching against rocks. only marine velvet would kill this fast. salinity swing that little wouldn't do this.

  5. hello my friend! first thing your videos are verry helpfull!! i give all your aquariums videos a big thumb!
    i just building up a new tank..almost i get everything!!
    and than i will begin with my 400liter tank..
    but this weekend i gonna buy a small quarantaine tank
    butt i have some questions? is it possible that i can email you? because i dont trust allot people,,and what i see and what you tell,tell me that you understand it verry good!! please let me know! best regards from Lee from the netherlands

  6. hello steve! nice last video! DIY by Steve!! heheh..
    i have a question? i order my cupramine last week! butt i whant to ask you something,what brand of copper test do you use with cupramine? or what do you think is the best..thanks dutch-man

  7. Is there any chance you could give me a idea of reef safe fish that can go in a 40 gallon tank I've got 2 blue/green chromis 2 percola clown and a orchid dotty back I don't have any idea spent hours looking on Internet but so many people say one thing then another I'm sooooo confused thanks

  8. Seachem Cupramine Copper 250ml to kill ich and marine velvet in quarantine tank

  9. My fish have ich:( can I use some water from the main display for the QT tank and treat my fish?? Thanks in advance!

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