Quarry Lakes Kayak Trout Fishing the Watersnake T24 Trolling Motor!

Quarry Lakes Kayak Trout Fishing the Watersnake T24 Trolling Motor!

Whatsup guys check it out
guess what I’m installing today so this kit came with this bracket this
bracket is meant to be installed on a side mount on your kayak so this is the
bracket these are all the parts here so this mode is pretty light that’s it I love a bolt on Amazon stuff
next day shipping you oh yeah that’s low bro steering is a
little challenging okay this is on one why is that good
should I check throw it on to let me throw it on to watch oh yeah baby oh you
got to watch it on to bro yeah you I can tip this thing over on to
haha hey I got it going bro this is one almost tipped it over on to that would
have been a good show I think I want to keep it on wine do you get one you got one on the lure
I’m troubleshooting I got a rig up hey this thing is so
awesome dude oh man it’s hard I’m never going back to
paddling I still have to rig up all my lures there’s a school of fish coming through
okay so what’s up guys we are kicking it here with the trolling
motor yeah this thing is so sick I am never paddling again you know I’m
gonna paddle it’s it’ll get you to the fishing hole faster and I’ve never told
before so I’m gonna probably start trolling a little bit but man I’m loving
this this mecca 9 is kayak thing I’m gonna get back to fixing my rig I have
two poles soaking one in the front and they have one in the back this fish
finder keeps going off so there is fish here supposedly
so yeah man let’s go fishing guys fish on give me buddy lip them too here you go
guys number one number one lift them oh yeah
hook set we have a hook set right on the lip
we got a hook set you guys I think you’re gonna catch me at least today see
you later buddy hey what’s up guys so the trolling motor was a hit sets the
stage for what’s gonna happen in the future videos
so stay tuned for more fishing videos and more adventures subscribe if you’re
not subscribed hit that like button leave me a comment let me know what you
think I’ll see you guys out on the lakes and keep those lines tight hey Sean

17 thoughts on “Quarry Lakes Kayak Trout Fishing the Watersnake T24 Trolling Motor!

  1. Sick bro. Im trying to customize my trolling motor on my kayak. I cant wait to hit the water with it. Tight lines 🎣🐟

  2. That trolling motor is great bro. When I was a teen I used a float tube often and I would have wanted to mount one of those motors on it, if they were around then (probably a bad idea). And that line for permits tho!
    How deep were you fishing in that spot where you hooked up?

  3. Dude thats tight. Good to see kayaking footage of my old fishing turf. I used to live in Union City C/O 97 JLHS

  4. I stumbled upon your channel and realized we chatted at Quarry the day you shot this video. I went home and got my kayak registered too. Can't wait to try it out. See you out there.

  5. Im hooking up my sit in kayak with the same trolling motor setup thanks for the idea..hope you get that figured out with the company..

  6. Great vid thanks….I have cheap sun dolphin 10' sit in. and would like to do that too, am worried about the weight of the battery sinking my kayak if behind my seat was wondering what you use for battery and if its a concern? See you on the water Ken in Oakley, I will have to try quarry lakes, have only been in delta so far…….I subscribed….

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