Rainbow Trout | Diamond Adventures with Andrew Rea

Rainbow Trout | Diamond Adventures with Andrew Rea

(upbeat guitar music) – Hey guys, I’m here at Cummins Falls. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s not gonna be hard finding inspiration for dinner tonight. Let’s go check it out. (light piano and guitar music) Hey guys, we had an amazing time exploring Cummins Falls yesterday. And it inspired me to get inventurous in the kitchen. So I’ve decided to cook
two entire rainbow trout, eyes and all. When selecting a fish like this, you’re gonna need to be
quick with your hands. No, I’m just kidding. But you may need to head
to your local fish market to get a full trout. The fish monger there will help you select the best one for grilling. (cymbals chiming) But before we get started, let’s have a glass of pinot grigio because it pairs really
well with the rainbow trout, and it also pairs really
well with my mouth. (upbeat piano music) let’s start cooking. First, season the entire
fish inside and out with salt and pepper. Don’t be too stingy while filling a fish with your seasoning. Nobody likes a bland fish. Now grab your fresh
thyme, parsley, and dill, mix them a up a bit by
tearing them in half, and then just shove ’em into your fish. Don’t be shy. I’m sure the fish won’t mind. Then cut some lime slices. Make sure you save part
of your lime, though, because you will need
it later for squeezing. Go ahead and shingle these lime slices and slide them into your fish. There really isn’t a graceful
way to go about this. You just have to get your hands dirty. Oil up the fish a little bit
and give him a nice back rub. It’s the very least we
could do considering what we’re about to do to the poor thing. Then hit ’em with a little
bit more kosher salt on the outside, flip,
and get the other side. Now make some slashes
into the skin of the fish before throwing him onto the plank. Before we put the fish on the grill, heat up the side of the cedar plank where the fish will rest. Then place the fish on
their respective planks. After 15 to 20 minutes, the
fish should be fully cooked. Carefully take them off the
grill and head to the kitchen to prepare them for plating. Remove the fish’s top
fin, peel back the skin, and cut a line straight
down the center of the fish. Use a fork to lift the
meat fully out of the fish and put it on a plate. This is some flaky meat, so
make sure it doesn’t fall apart. You can garnish with some
of your left-over herbs. Take some lime and sprinkle it on top, hit it with some oil, and finally a little more salt and pepper. Now let’s dig in. (light piano and guitar music) This recipe, like most
of my favorite recipes, is fabulous for it’s simplicity. It’s really clean-tasting,
lots of herbaceous flavors, and the acidity from the lime, it’s just a really simple,
elegant way to treat a trout. It just goes to show you that sometimes the simplest way is best, and made even better by a glass of wine.

20 thoughts on “Rainbow Trout | Diamond Adventures with Andrew Rea

  1. ohh. the audio is messed up.. the volume is different in every scene.. that's kinda ironic for a video with andrew, since his videos are really focussed on a good acoustic experience 😀

  2. Very exclusive videos , having to follow a link to the website then seeing all the unlisted videos 😂 feel special

  3. trout needs to be medium. i learned that on top chef – which coppola wines also sponsors. So which is francis?

  4. Reminds me of barbecues we had growing up. Every now and then my dad and his brothers would catch a few rainbow trout and grill them up in the barbecue. Delicious

  5. Cummins Falls is like 10 minutes away from me lol. I go there very often. Wonder what Andrew was doing down here in TN…

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