Rare Albino Alligators Arrive at Georgia Aquarium

100 thoughts on “Rare Albino Alligators Arrive at Georgia Aquarium

  1. Who else is a HUGE fan of Inside edition??

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    With notíś💞

  2. Belief in the “spirit nature” of albino animals and the ritual taboo of protection probably has its roots in the fact that an albino’s ability to survive natural predators is greatly reduced by the lack of proper pigmentation for camouflage and keener vision to spot prey. These natural attributes render an albino “unfair” game for the Native hunter, or any hunter aware of the spiritual nature these animals might possess.

  3. The original ones collected from the Louisiana nest as babies have already started producing babies theirselves over the years. There is a lot more than 50 now. The one man in West Palm Beach /Boca area is the largest producer of these. There is also lucistic alligators (kinda like double albino now).

  4. 0:03 lol that sign is actually from the St Augustine Alligator Farm in St Augustine, FL. I’ve been there quite a few times. It’s an amazing place.

  5. Seeing the albino in any creature is wild. White (sometimes yellow) skin, bright pink or red eyes, often followed by a bright pink nose if a mammal. Amazing.

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