Rawvana Response ft. Bonny Rebecca (subtitulado)

Rawvana Response ft. Bonny Rebecca (subtitulado)

Hoy nos vamos a tomar un segundo Para mirar a la reina de la falsedad Yovana del canal Rawvana quien como Alyse han estado ocupadas borrando videos de su jornada. Yovanna también ha estado borrando videos desde que fue expuesta como una vegana falsa – come pescado desde hace ya unos meses Ahora ya veo de dónde saca Alyse la inspiración para mentir tanto. Yovana es una mentirosa de primera clase y manipuladora fuertemente enfocada en los negocios y el dinero Probablemente entrenada por su Billonario Y emprendedor papi daddy quien se las da de “Sr. Rico Número uno” en Instagram. El papá de Yovana dice en uno de sus posts “he dedicado una gran parte de mi vida a estudiar y encontrar un método para acumular riqueza. Todo parte de un estado mental de abundancia en que se cree que el éxito económico está a tu alcance El primer paso es un propósito definido apoyado por un deseo ardiente de lograrlo. Un paso para comenzar a ser exitoso. Recuerdo una vez hace unos anos que Yovana puso una foto posando con un smoothie y su jet privado detrás Y recibir tanta mierda en los comentarios que probablemente se sentaron en una reunion de negocios para hablar de como eso no tenia relación And she quickly deleted it sure there is essentially nothing wrong with making money However, if you are being a lying Unethical fuck in order to make that money then yes, there is everything wrong with it So it’s pretty obvious to me that mr. Number one and your Verna saw veganism as a business venture first and foremost as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree and Once your varna started sucking up to this girl paul tips who actually exposed her in the end who has more than 8 million subscribers Ivana realized she could reach a larger audience and make more money and acquire more fame If she widened her scope as she says to include tortured animal bits and pieces But it’s not all bad Yovanna is still going to make her starvation recipes for us vegans Continue to support the plant-based lifestyle I will continue to make Tons of plant-based recipes and I will also make recipes with the new foods that I have included in The way that I eat now yay Recipes and plans, which keep no.1 plant-based long term and many people think veganism is a fad starvation diet Seriously, if you purchase one of her 1200 calorie deprivation guides Then you should demand your money back from her as she claimed to get sick following her own program a program she then sold to others and Continues to sell to this very day for profit. She’s as unethical as they come So before we move on to her new death diet, I want to show you just how shady she really is in the video She was forced to make after she was exposed She said she had been eating animal bits and pieces for six months, which is likely not true Anyway, she could have been eating animals and their byproducts the whole time. She claimed to be vegan Who knows but anyway in this video she claims six months so, Ivana If it’s been six months Then why did you lie to your fan? In this video with your mum a month before you exposed and claimed to be still vegan. Hey Today, I have a very special guest my mum your mana Today yes, a lot of people have asked me what do I eat in a day? So in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly what I eat in one day amazing. I love it I am so part of my mom and she’s like so healthy now and so conscious Yeah now basically our coal houses vegan, except my brother But everything else is fun least, you know, I’m so happy basically our whole health since he can accept my brother I think that’s really shit that yvonna would get her mom to lie like that. You can see how uncomfortable she is mother Look, I’m not surprised even on your varnas Instagram account in the early days. She would post clues to who she really was dishonest and fake so after being exposed for the fraud she is you vana spent a short time off Instagram then bravely came back with this strategic post dressed all in white as Elise did at exactly the same time I’m guessing they were trying to convey purity and innocence Unsuccessfully, she typed a caption trying to be deep but as usual said absolutely nothing no mention of the animals no mention of his Starvation plan she continues to sell today no mention of lying to her fans since that update She has been back to her usual posting routine which has included a lot of Instagram stories trying to justify her new death diet and healing my gut with the SIBO diet So my diet mainly consists of greens veggies protein and Healthy fats so after knowing Avada over the years and now considering her financial focus I’m 100% do not believe she ever had a health issue on a plant-based lifestyle I don’t believe this SIBO bullshit for a second. She was maintaining a tough a regular workout routine She was showing up vibrant and videos. She was posting all the time These girls claiming to be suffering so much like Elise was give me a fucking break But instead the truth is she married a meat eater? Who by the way obviously saw the dollar signs of yvonna and she is now pushing his stomach bacteria destroying alkaline bottle scam and then she started hanging around popular meatheads like this Paul tips fuss and however, You say it? She recognized a greater financial Opportunity and she then planned her escape from veganism by researching and finding an illness that sounded credible which she could then use to drop the plant-based lifestyle very Convenient. Jovana so as with Elise after all this lying How does your vana then expect us to actually believe that she is thriving on her new death diet Yes, it is working. I’ve been feeling bloated and constipated and had diarrhea for months and once I incorporated Protein it just went away Wow so even though you were already getting sufficient protein from plants the protein from Brutalized animal flesh just made all of your symptoms go away like magic Yovanna, you know, that’s a lie I’ve always loved boots and vegetables but I didn’t know that you can live off of them because Everywhere you’re seeing you need protein you need protein. You need to be stronger for more energy for more muscle and The truth is that’s a lie It’s a lie it’s so sad that they’ve Misguided us marketers have misguided us to think that I mean think about how much money is in that industry Think of all the restaurants think of the protein shakes. I Mean, it’s it’s everywhere and it’s really sad. It’s making us lethargic. It’s making us fat But guess what? It does not have to be that way. You can feel amazing You can be full of energy and you can get full on a plant-based diet we also know that you can obtain all of your nutrients including proteins on a vegan and even raw vegan diet Yavana, I absolutely agree. Oh, hey. We also have a special guest your mate Bonnie has something to tell you about protein too. You have to start looking at foods as package deals when you ate me Yes, you are getting protein. However, you have to look at everything else. You’re getting with it the cholesterol the saturated fat the hormones even Antibiotics all of which you do not want in your body however when you get your protein from Plants you get nothing but benefits along with it, you get the fire you get the water you get the nutrients the vitamins the minerals At the moment the new foods I have incorporated our eggs fish and II which is clarified butter Damn, no wonder you are getting period pains for 14 hours straight. Your low carb diet gives me cramps. Just thinking about it And let’s not forget that recipe you got from Paul tips for your terrible digestion since eating animal bits and pieces again This is what happens when you starve yourself girls You fry brain cells and fall back into being a mainstream animal abusing zombie These girls who go back to eating eggs are some of the most uneducated Unethical twits I’ve ever come across Or worse they know the deal they have educated themselves and they still go back Jesus eggs are literally the gooey unfertilized reproductive cycle with bonus womb from a chicken They’re simply not human food or else a would be healthy for us, but they are not Bunny, can you please talk some sense into this girl? A lot of you guys are finding it hard to give up eggs because you think there’s such a really good Source of protein and that their overall healthy for you however, when you look at the science in the studies It actually shows that eggs are far more harmful than people think they are This is some egg company trying to put up a brochure on healthy snacking for kids But because of existing laws against false and misleading advertising the head of USDA’s poultry research and promotion programs Reminds them that you can’t couch eggs or egg products as being healthy or nutritious Chris can’t say eggs are low in saturated fat They’re not can’t say they’re relatively low in fat can’t even call them a rich source of protein beat cost. They’re not Can’t say eggs are helpful Certainly can’t say they’re healthy. Have you seen how much cholesterol there are in those things cholesterol? found in animal products Herbivores and humans, we actually don’t need any Extra cholesterol we make all the cholesterol that we need inside of us So when we start getting it from foods such as animal products We run into a lot of health problems, like heart disease heart disease is our number one killer in the world So it is extremely common and that is because we are acting as omnivores. Thanks bunny spot-on so how disease is our number one killer killing millions and millions of people every year and guess what a Plant-based diet is the only diet Scientifically proven to reverse it. There’s only one diet That’s ever been proven to reverse heart disease in the majority of patients a plant-based diet Anytime anyone tries to sell you on some new diet ask someone do me a favor one simple question Does your as your diet been proven to reverse heart disease? You know the number one most likely reason you and everyone you love will die, you know, does it reverse heart disease? If it doesn’t and According to the up-to-date scientific research. What is the most important food? You should be including in your diet Fruit well, duh because we are frugivores, of course The global burden of disease study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of the causes of death undertaken ever Involving nearly 500 researchers for more than 300 institutions in 50 countries starting out with almost a hundred thousand data sources What did they find? Here in the US. They determined our number one killer was our diet Number one on their list of the most important dietary risks not eating enough fruit responsible for millions of deaths a year around the world research like this and from my own personal experience over 12 years is why I eat a high fruit diet and why I always Will eat a high fruit diet Many will come and go from eating high fruit But that’s because of convenience tradition and social acceptance not because it’s unhealthy or not supported by science I our line exactly how to follow a high fruit lifestyle Properly in my Royal till fall book where I provide a 30 day meal plan a shopping list 50 recipes and much more and guess what you won’t starve But be warned rata fall is for those really committed to long-term health who want to look and feel their best for life Not just for summer and you must remember it isn’t a fad weight-loss diet as many girls have treated it in the past However, as you can see from me it does reduce a lean body long term as you’ll learn in this book This is an ethical lifestyle for life If you want to do a high fruit lifestyle properly and not starve yourself like Yavana Then checkout write or for the link is in the description. How about the ethical side Elise? What do you think people should do? Educate yourself research about hunting and how that ethically wrong Just as much as factory farming is research about what’s going on to the male chicks How are they dying in what countries are in the most chicks dying like figure out all these statistics and educate yourself? Let’s get something straight here. There is no such thing as an ethical egg Even the ones from your backyard have been laid by exploited and genetically modified. Hens pushed to produce hundreds of eggs when in the wild hens only lay around 10 to 20 per year and inevitably male chicks and roosters Must be killed even in small backyard pens and new layers must be purchased from hatcheries where they kill even more males These trendy labels are just lies to help lazy morally corrupt people feel good about themselves as they commit horrible Atrocities against innocent animals the male and female chicks are sorted onto separate conveyor boats They’ve been genetically modified to make the male’s a different color than the females allowing for quick sorting Unable to ever produce eggs themselves and a completely different breed to the chickens used for me The male chicks are considered waste products as are any females to be deformed or we They are sorted onto a separate conveyor belt from the healthy females in their first day of life and sent into an industrial blender called an oscillator I can’t really sit here and tell you exactly what these animals go through because Yeah, I know how to explain it I really I don’t know how to put that into words the suffering and the pain and the life of a Life of suffering that they have in order to become our food and we don’t see it So we don’t really know when when I really made the connection and realize oh shit. This is what’s on my plate I’m supporting this with my dollar every time I go in there and buy it I Just I couldn’t I couldn’t do it anymore. I really couldn’t do it So I know it’s hard and it’s so confronting to to look into what’s happening And a lot of people might come back and say well we’re just doing it wrong We need to kill them more humanely They need to have a grass field to run around on they need to you know Have a nice life and then we’ll kill them humanely and that will make it. Okay, humanely killed I mean if I went up to you and I was like I’m just gonna kill you really nicely you might feel a thing and You’ve had a really nice life, so It is killing. You can’t kill something humanely that doesn’t want to die. So this omelet is super-easy I’ve just chopped up some spring onion and some cherry tomatoes and here the eggs that I have at the moment Usually I get them from the farmers markets, but if not, I get them from my local health food shop And it’s really ethical humane conditions So that’s something that I always look at before I get Peg’s Smaller hatcheries may use carbon dioxide gas or simply suffocate the chicks in plastic bag All commercial egg farms cage barn lathe free-range organic RSPCA approved involve the killing of male chicks – a total of roughly 12 million per year in Australia It’s a really ethical humane condition So that’s something that I always look at before I get plagues when When I really made the connection and realize oh shit, this is what’s on my plate I’m supporting this with my dollar every time I go in there and buy it I Just I couldn’t I couldn’t do anything. I really couldn’t do it. You can’t kill something humanely. That doesn’t want to die Nirvana why did you write posts like these if you don’t give a fuck about animals? It’s not that I can’t eat meat is that I don’t want to eat animals I want to eat fruits and veggies living foods for love love for the animals Love for the planet or this more than 150 million animals are slaughtered each year for food I used to be one of those persons that never cared about eating animals and would even get annoyed by people Who care about them? I would even watch clips of how they were murdered and it didn’t really affect me It wasn’t until my awareness and consciousness became more clear once I started eating raw vegan I became more compassionate One thing I find disturbing is how creepily happy she seems to be returning to exploiting animals After claiming to care so much about them. She seems to care a lot about her new breed and dogs She recently purchased from a puppy farm, but we know you don’t really care about the dog. Yavana you just like her unique mismatched eyes you like having pretty expensive things and accessories that you can show off on your insta feed and What about dogmeat? What’s the difference there is no difference except for your hypocritical? Speakest attitude you choose to pet one and eat the other Okay, I’m gonna wrap it up here. It’s obvious. You’ve honest or veganism as a business venture first and foremost she regurgitator the science and the ethics of the lifestyle, but she never Connected with any of it because her top priority was always money money money at the very very least She should take down her starvation plans and refund the blood money She made off veganism because during those supposed six months. She was using that money to fund animal exploitation The very thing that vegans fight so hard to end You can’t kill something humanely that doesn’t want to die

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