REALLY BAD Snapping Turtle Bite

REALLY BAD Snapping Turtle Bite

– Hey everyone out
there in YouTube land, Coyote Peterson
here, and I’ve got the answer to the question
you’ve all been asking. (roaring, wild, pounding music) Well, we got a lot of great
questions this past week. And I’m scrolling
through my phone, and I’ve been
collecting them this whole season on Dragon Tails, and the one question that
everybody wants to know is, “Have you ever been bitten
by a snapping turtle?” (screams in pain) “If you have been bitten,
how bad does it hurt?” That hurt. “Can they bite off your finger?” “Do they let go?” Guys, I was bitten
and you saw it this past week on Dragon Tails. That was the worst bite
that I’ve ever taken from a snapping turtle. I’ve been nipped before, I
get clawed up all the time. I’m not worried about the claws. The bites usually
come on like my leg, or they’ll just nip me and
it’s never been a big turtle. But when we were
filming at Lost Lake, there was a 26 pound turtle,
and I was distracted. There were 9 snapping
turtles on that dock when we were working,
filming that episode. And I’ve never been
around that many snapping turtles before at once. One of the turtles
had a bunch of mud and algae on
its head, and I went to the edge of the
dock and dipped it off into the water and as
I was lifting him up, there was a leaf on his head. And for some reason, I thought I could quickly
brush that leaf off and the moment that I did, he turned his head and he struck and he got the whole top
of my thumb in his beak. The bite force in these
animals is unbelievable. It happened so quickly,
I didn’t even feel it. I felt the hit, and then
I looked at my thumb and it immediately just … (spewing sound) blood spewing everywhere. Now, unfortunately, Mark wasn’t rolling the camera
at that moment, but I looked at my
thumb and I said to him, “Dude, that turtle just bit
the top of my thumb off.” And he’s like, “Wait, what?” And that’s the moment where
you guys saw in the episode that the camera was
just sitting on the dock and we’re pacing back
and forth and I’m saying, “Well, at the very least,
we got to film this.” I wanted you guys to see
how bad that bite was. So we finished out
weighing the turtle, and then we went into how
to medically treat it. So, we’re going to show you guys a little bit of
that footage here, and we didn’t show this
shot in the actual episode. This is the moment
where I want to say, if you’re squeamish, if
you’re under 18 years old, if you don’t like blood,
if you don’t wanna see what my thumb looked
like after the bite, click away from the
video right now. You’re not going to
hurt my feelings. I don’t wanna make you
sick to your stomach. But if you’re ready, I’m
gonna give you a second. Here we go, we’re gonna
show you the shot. It’s going to be out
of focus at first, then it will come into
focus, and there it is. That is the top of my thumb, hacked off by a snapping turtle. It was bad, it hurt like crazy. We cleaned it up with
antiseptics right
there in the field. – [Mark] Yeah, he took
a good chunk of you. – [Voice Off-screen]
You’ll have a scar. – [Mark] Yeah. – [Coyote] At least he
didn’t get my whole finger. – [Mark] Yeah, it could
have been a lot worse guys. – [Coyote] Mark mushed
the meat back down into my thumb, we wrapped
it up really tight, and we continued
on filming, because that’s what we had to do. We’re out there in
the middle of nowhere, it’s not like we could
leave and come back and reshoot the episode,
so we just kept going. When we got back
to civilization, we cleaned it up really
good, and I’m fine. I’m lucky I didn’t
get an infection, reptiles have a lot of
bacteria in their mouths. That’s one thing
that I was afraid of, and if you want to see my
thumb now, there it is. You can see there, it’s
healing up pretty well. That’s 19 days later. The turtle really just sliced
off the epidermis layer and didn’t quite get down into
the dermis, so I got lucky. Had he caught me above the nail, he probably would
have completely chopped off the top of my thumb. I think the moral of
this story is that snapping turtles are
incredibly dangerous. They’re beautiful reptiles,
I love working with them. I’ve been doing
this for 20 years. But hopefully you guys are going
to walk away with a lesson. You should not go out there
and try to catch these animals. I’m experienced at doing this. If you see a snapping
turtle in the wild, take a picture of
it with your phone, from a safe distance. Send me that picture. Don’t send me a picture of you trying to catch a
snapping turtle, because I’m just
going to be worried that you guys are going to take an injury like I did. Great questions, guys. I’m so glad that I
got to answer that one and give you a little
insight as to what happens when Coyote does get
injured in the field. Keep writing in. Next week, let’s
do something silly. Not so serious, not so gross. Send me in some goofy questions and I’ll be answering
them out here in the wild. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild,
keep your thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next Friday. (animal growling, bird hooting) Let’s just film this
weight with him. Be like, I just got
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snapping turtles. This turtle just bit
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  4. Okay, true story that happened to me today. I drove down a road and saw a turtle crossing a busy road. I pulled over and stopped my car and put on my hazard lights. I then noticed that it was a medium sized snapping turtle. I didn't have anything good to catch it with or do movie it around but I had a backpack. I tried to get it to go into the backpack but it just tried to bite the backpack. I then drove home to get a net and a big plastic bucket to put him in. When I came back to him someone had already run him over. I could have tried to pick him put or something but these animals are dangerous and I didn't really know how to handle him so I didn't touch him. These turtles can seriously take off a finger so that is why I went back to my house to get some supplies to try and help him. But I feel bad because he got ran over by someone in the time it took for me to come back to him. It's just crazy because its hard to work with these animals and I honestly didn't want to get hurt. I try and save all of the animals I can but I couldn't save this one unfortunately.

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