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  1. How should one "guide" the topic back to the original one when one spots that the person he/she is talking to is red herring?

  2. Ajit Pai used the shady practices of youtube, twitter, and facebook censorship to move conservatives towards wanting to repeal net neutrality. Almost implying that net neutrality enabled youtube, twitter, and facebook to perform said practices. A lot of people fell for it.

  3. Q: Why are there two churches located in the same neighborhood across the street from each other? What is one teaching that the other is not?

    A: Just because there are multiple churches doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything for the community, not everyone in there is a Christian.

  4. I liked Trump's red herring where he made the media focus on wether some lady was trying to offer him sexual favors – instead of focusing on wether she was sexually assualted or whatever.

  5. Would the fallacy of Whataboutism fall under Red Herring? Or would it fall under the broader Fallacies of Relevance category?

  6. Interesting video. (Maybe improve the animation by not typing words one letter at a time which is too slow and distracting compare to our reading speed..) So, how do we counter or diffuse such fallacies once we're aware of it?

  7. Are red herrings the same logical fallacy as whataboutism-(where someone tries to distract from you point by saying what about and comparing unnecessarily)?

  8. Last example? Throw out like 8 topics in every sentence. It's a way to glean interest from a date. -still single

  9. Perhaps I am predisposed to do so, but for past 2+ years I have been hearing increasing number of people respond to questions about trump by attacking Hillary Clinton. Seen it often enough to vaguely recall from my one and only logic class (cir, 1973) that there was a fallacy in those responses, just couldn't remember what it's called.

  10. This was a little confusing because in the beginning example she claims the defendant killed the person with the chainsaw, not just that death by a chainsaw would be and awful way to die.

  11. 05:15 – "As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to criticize the argument when it is so difficult to identify."

    Ohhhhhhh my god, welcome to my fuckin relationship…

  12. I notice this a lot with salesmen. Car dealers loans mainly. “If we extend the loan period you’ll save a ton of money monthly” it gets you to think about the money you save per month on the payment and distracts you from realizing that your paying way more in interest.

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