Rice Milk Recipe

Hey guys, this is Heather from healthyveganrecipes.net.
Today, I’m going to share my recipe for rice milk, which is something that I finally
got the hang out. I’ve been trying to make it for awhile but I didn’t get this little
trick that I’m going to show you today. Now, the reason why I wanted to make rice
milk was number one – its cheaper, number 2 – you can control anything that goes in
it, so there aren’t any preservatives. You also don’t have to add any sugar compared
to the rice milk that you but in the store. You can also any other type of vegan milk,
like almond milk, cashew milk – anything like that which you can make at home. I go
with rice because rice is cheap. Another one that I might try is oat milk because oats
are cheap as well, but any of the grains would be good to work with. The trick is… One, you have to use long
grain brown rice because it works better than short grain. What I’m going to do is take
one cup of long grain brown rice. Trick number two is to put 8 cups of water
for that one cup of long grain brown rice. This is the main thing that I forgot in my
previous instructions for my recipe for rice milk, which say to just cook the rice but
I’ll not get soft enough to blend it in, unless you have a high speed blender. If you’re working with a normal blender,
cooking rice normally is not going to make it soft enough. So, 8 cups of water for that
rice and then add a sprinkle of salt to help it cook, and put the lid on. Trick number three – let the rice boil and
let it simmer of 3 hours. Normally, brown rice takes about 45 minutes to cook, but if
you’re making this recipe for rice milk you want it to get really soft, so you’ll
need to let it simmer for 3 hours. You’ll be surprised to see things in the
end. If you want to skip ahead to the recipe, you can head over at healthyveganrecipes.net.
I’ll put this on the stove for 3 hours – I’ll meet you back then. So after 3 hours and after some cooling time,
there is my rice after cooking it with 8 cups of water. You can see that the rice has gotten
bigger and bigger. The thing about grains is that – you can’t really over cook them,
as long as they have enough water, they’re just keeps growing. What I’m going to do next is to take this
rice and its remaining water to my blender. I’m going to fill it up halfway and then
fill the other half with plain water. A blender full with rice and water, and I’ll just
put it on until its fairly broken up. As you can see, one cup of rice for this recipe
for rice milk is going to make a lot of rice milk, about 16 cups or 4 liters worth of rice
milk. I just got a regular blender and the rice got fairly smooth, it could probably
get smoother in a high speed blender but it’s not necessary. If you have a funnels and a cheese cloth or
match bag, you can do it one way but I don’t have that so I’m using a mesh strainer – I’ll
show you how its done. I’ll store the rice milk in mason jars,
which I always have in the kitchen. You can use any type of pitcher you like, and like
I said, this recipe is going to make 4 liters, which will last for about 2 weeks. If you’re not going to drink four liters
in 2 weeks, then you can make lesser amount. You can do half a cup of rice cooked in four
cups of water, and about four cups of extra water to blend, which will make you only about
2 liters. To filter this rice milk is the other important
trick – pour this into your strainer or if you have the mesh and the funnel, just
put it on the top of your mason jar. You can get funnel specifically for canning that will
just slide around. So, you out the funnel in and then out the
bag in so it goes all the way down. Pour the rice milk in there, pull the funnel out and
then squeeze the bag as you pull out. If you’re using a strainer like me, you can see that
some of the water doesn’t go through because the rice gets stuck. All you have to do is to get your hand in
there and start swirling it until all the water gets through. A bunch of sticky gooey
or rice fiber will be left in the strainer or bag. Some people use this for baking. This recipe doesn’t create too much, you’ll
probably have half a cup of three quarters maybe of the rice pulp in the recipe. It’s
a great stuff but I’m not doing any baking I’ll just throw this in the compost. This recipe is actually quite creamy
than the “half” plain water which is added earlier. You can use the funnel or scoop its
put with my measuring cup to transfer the rice milk into the jar. Like I said, I could be confusing if we talk
about the water – so we cooked 1 cup of rice with 8 cups of water. Then we added 8
more cups as we blended, I don’t know if you can tell, but this really creamy in here. If you want to add more water to this, and
thin it out a bit, it would be fine. I usually don’t to that just because four liters is
just a bit for Phil and I to get through 2 weeks. If we’re running low, I might add
some water to the lat jar, but otherwise, I’ll just keep it like this. So, that’s all to it in making this recipe
for rice milk. It’s easy but I did some issues during the first times I tried to make
it, because I’m not cooking it with as much water. That’s my number one tip if you want
top try making rice milk at home – cook it in 8 cups water for 3 hours. If you want to sweeten it up a little bit,
you can add some sugar, maybe at the end of the cooking to help it dissolve in the water.
You can also add some maple syrup that is already a liquid or you can add some vanilla
extract for vanilla flavor. You can also add some cocoa powder or carob
powder if you want some choco flavored rice milk. I hope you had fun with that, enjoy
the recipe to make your own cheaper rice milk. If you want the recipe, you can check the
recipe at healthyveganrecipes.net.

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