Road Restaurant: Frying Fish at Chakwal-Sohawa Turn

Road Restaurant: Frying Fish  at Chakwal-Sohawa Turn

We are at “road restaurant” Sohawa-Chakwal turn on GT Road. Normally the busy hour starts at 14.00. We arrived a little early. [kidding with his nephews] I was in the mood for some fried fish. But my nephew warned me that he does not have any money. Then I though well lets just have kebab to fill our stomach. The view is fantastic here. Here you can see the famous GT Road. Sir can you sprinkle some water on my nephew to awaken him. He seems lost. Don’t worry dude now that you have to pay today. You hardly ever treat me. But today you cannot escape. [teasing him]. You are just standing there and filming. Why don’t you ask the man some questions. Greetings sir. Where do you get your fish from? From Mangla dam and other dams that are nearby. What ingredients do you use? Dhannia (coriander), Zeera (cumin seed), Ajwain (carom seed), red pepper. After that I use gram flour.

17 thoughts on “Road Restaurant: Frying Fish at Chakwal-Sohawa Turn

  1. beautifull. im from gujar khan living in uk i been to sohawa lots of time but didnt now abot this place next time iwl try ho good khan sahebs fish is lovely people love you all…

  2. Search "Village TV" on youtube with a pigeon pic! He has a nice fish buying and cutting video. And cooking too!

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