Rs. 60 Fish Meals Changanassery | 60 രൂപയ്ക്കു മീൻ വറത്തതും ഊണും | Meals + Fish fry + Fish Curry

Rs. 60 Fish Meals Changanassery | 60 രൂപയ്ക്കു മീൻ വറത്തതും ഊണും | Meals + Fish fry + Fish Curry

Aviyal cooking is going on here. Fish fry also. Here, beef fry is also being made. Ebbin bro, what is your new year resolution? I will tell my first resolution now. Good morning. It is new year. I am with Shameer. We are in Changanassery, Appuchettande Kada. Where are we going after this? After this, we will go to a juice shop in Changanassery PMG Complex. A shop where you get Sunny Leone. We will go there. This is a common man’s hotel. Auto drivers are regular visitors at this hotel. Shameer has brought us here. First we will have lunch. Then go for Sunny Leone juice. We will drink Sunny Leone juice. And we will also talk about some new year resolutions. You will be watching this video on the day of New Year. We will have some new year resolutions for FoodN Travel with this video. We have eaten food from Vasuventtande Kada in Chalakkudy. That was not a very small restaurant. It was a medium sized one. This is a small restaurant, right? This is more like a house. It is a homemade meal. So this is a homemade meal. Shameer says that this is a place frequented by people here. There are many other restaurants nearby. But this one is special. People love eating from here. We came early. Restaurant opens at 12:30. We will try to see some fish frying, then taste the food and move to the next place. We are inside the kitchen. As Shameer said, this is a house. We are standing in a small area of kitchen. There is more space for cooking. Here, we can see sambar and fish fries. Fish has been fried already. On this side, avail preparation is going on with vegetables cut in long pieces. Music Aviyal on one side, fish fry on the other. And beef is also being fried. All processes are going on. Now we will have food. We will talk about our resolutions, and the taste of food while having the food. Music After seeing the kitchen, we are sitting for lunch. Even now, the hotel has not opened. People have not started entering. It opens at 12:30. When we sat at the table, many things are already kept here. Sambar, pachadi, rasam, pickle, pulissery, buttermilk.. Many items are kept here. Now we will get rice, beef, and other things. Only that has to come now. By the time it comes, what is your new year resolution? Okay, I will tell about my first resolution now. I have been doing videos for Food N Travel for one year now. Not one, it has been almost 2 years now. In February, we will complete 2 years. In these 2 years, I have done a few paid videos. Maybe five to six videos. My first resolution is that from now on, there won’t be any paid food video in Food N Travel. That is a big decision. Yes, it is a firm decision. What is the reason for that? Reason is that we don’t need it. We don’t need to receive payments and do videos for them. We can do videos otherwise also. If I like any food after eating, only then I will upload the videos. We have taken that decision. Ebbin bro, I brought the food before people start crowding. Shameer has brought us rice and curries. Curries are already there on table. Let me tell you about what is there in the plate. This dried fish chutney. This is aviyal. We saw the cooking of aviyal. We saw how long pieces of vegetables were cooked for aviyal. Here, we have fish curry with a small piece of fish and some gravy. This is fish fry, it is sardine. We also have beetroot pachadi and bitter gourd pickle. With all this, we will try some sambar also. Hot sambar. We can take as much as we want. Sambar, pulissery and buttermilk are there. We can take whatever we wish. I didn’t understand what this is. Fish gravy? He wants beef fry, I don’t want it. Shameer, you will have beef, right? Not necessary. There are so many curries. Is this sufficient? This is fish gravy. We can have rice with this also. First, let me try with sambar. Sambar has been made with lots of vegetables. It is just 12:30 now. There are many people here. Let me mix rice and sambar. I am taking some dry fish chutney. Let me mix this with rice and sambar. A small ball of rice. Sambar is good. Beef has come for Shameer. This sambar tastes like the sambar we make at home. It has a rich taste of asafoetida. If you like the taste of asafoetida, you will love this. In the dry fish chutney, there is plenty of coconut. Let me take a handful of just the chutney. It has lots of coconut and some pieces of dried fish. Dried fish is very salty, we know. This has the saltiness and taste of fish, and the flavor of coconut. There are many people here. What is your name? My name is Sabu. I stay nearby. Do you come here often? Yes, I come very often. I am in the neighborhood. This is open only in mornings and noon. I tasted dry fish chutney. This is chili chutney. This is made of dried red chili. Coconut oil is also there. Let us see how it is. Let me try just this chutney. This has the rich taste of dried red chili. When dried red chili is roasted, it has a special flavor. And the taste of coconut oil too. We need only this for having rice. I am mixing this with rice, sambar and aviyal. As he said, sambar is unwanted. We need just the chili chutney. It is good. We have clam also. It is a special dish. Shall I serve you some? We will also take some. It is hot. With clam, there is carrot and onion also. Coconut pieces are also added in this. Is this called Kakka roast? Clam has a different taste. Normally people don’t like it. But this has a good taste of masala. So I liked it. See this. Clam roast with coconut bits. I added some onions to it. Actually, there is no need of this much rice. There are lots of curries. Take a little rice with these curries. If you are hungry, you can eat more. It is very crowded here. There will be noises of food being served. I am sorry for that. After sambar, I am going to try this fish curry gravy. We will try rice with this. It is kept here. We can take as much as we want. With this, I am taking some aviyal. And one piece of fish also. I am breaking a small piece of fish and adding with this. Thundanmeen. Here, we call big fish pieces as thundanmeen. The fish curry and gravy are very hot. This is made with pot tamarind in the Changanassery style. I didn’t tell you where the restaurant is located. It is on Changanassery Alappuzha Highway, just after Perunna. It is close to Perunna. I will give the location map in description. After fish piece, we will try fish fry. This is sardine fry. No need to break this. Just one bite. In that bite, all fish thorns will crumble in our mouth. Now this rice mixed with fish gravy Let me take a handful of this rice. Do we need anything else? Now I will take a little of this aviyal made with lots of coconut and yogurt. Ebbin bro, give a break to food. Tell me about the next new year resolution. I told you the first one.Now the next one. Towards the end of last year, we used to upload 4 videos in a week. I used to go to one restaurant and upload a video quickly. Now we are not doing that. We will have two good quality videos per week. That will be better. If I do more videos, my health is also getting affected. And the quality of videos may be affected. So 2 good quality videos. Isn’t that enough? Whatever resolutions we make, we should not forget sardines. Yes, this is our national fish. Yes, for Kerala. Our state fish. Many times when I come here, I don’t get place to sit. Today we got it by chance. That is because of the taste. This is bitter gourd pickle. It has other vegetables too. They make this pickle here. Bitter gourd is something I don’t like. Because it is bitter. Still, let me try this. It is very bitter. Do you expect bitter gourd to be sweet? What I said is foolishness. A slight sour taste of vinegar is also there. This is beetroot pachadi. It is made with beetroot. This is good. What I loved the most is the sardine fry.. and the chili chutney. These two I loved the most. Fish gravy is good. Aviyal is also good. Sambar also. All items are good. Let me try Pulissery too. With this, lunch will have a happy ending. After lunch, let take some buttermilk in my hand. It is good. There are green chilies in this. Now we will go for Sunny Leone juice. Shmaeer, you try the dry fish chutney without rice. Superb. It is a little spicy. With the saltiness of fish, it is superb. What you told is right. We know Ebbin bro can’t eat beef. So I will try this. Very soft beef. It has the taste of pepper and masala. It is well-cooked. Music After lunch, we had plans to have Sunny Leone juice. That is not possible now. The shop is closed. Yesterday, they had a festival here. It is called Chandanakkodam. It is a famous festival in Changanassery. Chandanakkodam and Parel palli perunnal are celebrated together. Next year, we will cover all those. We will try the juice some other time. Next time when we come to Changanassery, we will have some other food and this juice. Let us end this video here. Bye. Happy new year to all of you. Wishing you all a very happy 2020. Live happily.

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