Russian Herring Under Fur Coat Recipe (Shuba) Dressed Herring

Hello and Welcome to our channel! Today we will cook very popular and delicious traditional Russian festive dish called Dressed Herring or Shuba, in translation it mean herring under a fur coat This salad is so tasty! And I’m sure you will enjoy it! List of ingredients you might see here or in the description below this video Let’s get started!!! First we have to prepare our herring For this you may to use knife or scissors Snip off the fins, then make the cut from the center of the belly up towards the head and remove the guts Make the cut along on the back from the tail to the head Don’t go to deep with your knife, just until you reach the backbone Make a short cut next to the tail and carefully peel off the skin If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below this video Flip your fish and peel off the skin from the other side Separate the first piece of fillet from bones Remove the rest of bones Now pull out the backbone And our herring fillet is ready! Cut herring fillet on medium sized pieces Place all of them in one layer on a wide flat plate Stay tuned for more delicious video-recipes! And go to our website The next layer it’s a finely chop onion If you like this video-recipe, give me big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel A little secret! If slightly mash the onion with the flat side of the knife It will helps to reduce the bitterness and strong onion flavor Put the layer of onion on top of the herring Drizzle with sunflower oil and season with black pepper to taste Now add on top of onion about 3 tablespoons of mayo and spread evenly The next layer gonna be the grated potato If you looking for recipe of traditional Russian Olivier salad, you’ll find it in suggested video Now you could start to arrange the shape of your salad Top up potato with some mayonnaise and grate the carrot New layer of delicious homemade mayonnaise Recipe recipe in suggested video And the top of the “shuba” it’ a bright and beautiful beetroot Arrange the shape of salad and cover the top and sides with mayo Chill for 2-3 hours or better overnight and serve Mmmm…Beautiful! Let me know in the comment if you enjoy this salad or which salads your favorite once Bon appetite!!! Thanks you for watching! If you enjoy this recipe, press the like button and subscribe!

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