saltwater aquarium filtration

saltwater aquarium filtration

Hi friends Today we are going to talk about filtration So at first let’s talk about sand Sand this is aragonite sand the one I’m going to use The reason behind choosing thi seems sand is It’s not very big ,the bigger substrate doesn’t look so pleasing It’s not so tiny that wave maker could blow it away Live sand I personally don’t use I can’t believe how bacteria stay alive for months and years in a packed bag UNBELIEVABLE It’s just to way to make afew more bucks out of a product nothing more the new that Let’s be put the sand in aquarium How deep the sand bed should be ? As deep as much you can manage If you keep a deep sand band then just don’t touch it Cause nitrogen gas can be their and On siphon or stir sand nitrogen gas can release and potentially kill your live stock And if you have a thinner sand be done like this 2 -3 inches you can siphon it And it has it’s own benefits Now at number 2 The thing which will filter our aquarium is live or Dry rock Which I prefer is dead rock. why ? The benefit of dead rock is that’s it don’t have any thing on it And it don’t come so with any kind of pest For example at this stage it don’t have anything live or dead It don’t have any Bristle worms , Bobbit worms Octopus And other things like that , hair algae or macro algea Or sponges Nothing’s isn’t in this rock now .so it’s nice and clean So how’s do it perform filtration It do filtration in the wat that’s it has very pours structure Where benefital bacteria lives That benefital bacteria houses in this rock and perform biological filtration This is the second major filter of a saltwater aquarium So let’s put these rocks in aquarium How I did this aquascape ? I have posted this video I have posted on this channel You can go and wacth that video I did it aquascape and then cured it for more then 2 week so And today I’m going to use it Always do this process with patience The benefit is patience is always pays And if there’s is any dead thing in your rock Or any decaying material will be washed out And will not pollute you’re tank These were the things on front for filtration Filtration on the front side is done now Let’s look at the back filtration that And what are we going to do on back of the tank So let’s me show you that This is our back filtration chamber From here water is going to enter The things I’m going to use here First of all mechanical filtration And for that I got Sponges Sponge and this is a a poly filter So firstly Putting Sponge on the bottom These sponge are done I cutters these to the size Now On the top poly filter This will polish the water When I will do maintainace on this Every week I will through this one out And the one on the top I will rinse it The rest of 2 I will not touch those So in there Beneficial bacteria stay safe alive Now an other thing which can potentially Give some benefit to our aquarium is It’s not a super porous media but But still it will help in filtration I have used these in the past Din you want to use it go for it If you have some in hand just dump it in your tank I have this so I’m going to use This is what we call Ceramic media So now I have putted some ceramic media So fiends these all were The filtration for a reef tank No rocket science nothing to worry about All these things are available In your countries Pakistan In India it’s available In Bangladesh all thins stuff is available so nothing to worry about it ( sorry for my noisy conoure ) We putted ceramic rings , some sponge here And here On the front it was Here we putted rock and sand And you can see that I didn’t built any sump If you want to make a sumpless system make An all in one filtration Ok , some folks were saying like This one ummmmmm Sump has More benefits , it’s not like sump It’s not big enough It’s true that sump has its own benefits And But Because I mean not going to put many fish in there I will put only 2-3 fish In there Rest will be for corals am done other inverts So in this case I think that it Will be enough filtration On bottom it’s sand , rocks On back sponge and ceramic media

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  1. This is a very good video! I too never fall for the charge you 40% more for live sand con! 👍😊

  2. is tank ki filtration 5 mah bad kesi chal rhi hai is live update ko dekhain

  3. bhai ek BT btaiye ager hum 15 gallons ka marine aquarium bna rhe hai to kya usme media filtration jruri h y koi filtration pump ata ho to plz btaiye

  4. y sump k ander ki media hoti h Jo uski BT kr RHA hu AGR hum 20 gallon k tank bnai to kya usme sump banana jruri hoga

  5. Can this inbuilt sump clean fish poop and extra food which remain on bottom of tank. As water will flow from surface only.

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