San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

look at this he’s gonna fool me he’s
gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s pulling me look Oh yo what’s up guys we are here at San
Pablo dam reservoir we’re here for the trout tournament we’re waiting at the
gate to get in got here a little bit late today 6:30 and there’s about 20
cars in front of us tournament starts at 7:00 it is really
warm it is really unseasonable warmth or February so we’re gonna go keep let’s
see if we can get the big one let’s go fishing this song yeah on the lure dude Tamm lift them look at this guy I’m gonna keep this guy this guy’s big
whoo oh no come back got one got one got one fish on fish on
oh this is a whopper dude whoo Oh dig yeah baby take my drag take my drag it’s
a whopper it’s a whopper come on baby oh he doesn’t want to come in
dang come on come back oh he’s spooling me holy crap holy crap
he’s gonna spoil me oh crap come on he’s gonna spoil me look at this he’s gonna
fool me he’s gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s
fooling me look Oh man he’s gonna spoil me dude that’s a
big fish dang look at this he’s gonna spool me 110 110 dude dang on the 46
that’s a big fish you see he’s fooling me
he’s freaking spooling me dude I’m at the end of my spool no man Lord Lord he
just fooled me yeah I don’t know either man that did you see that thing I was
crazy dude he’s off he’s off huh damn did you see that holy crap did you
see that but did you hey he hit that thing I was using a white spinner a
rooster tail dang yeah oh my god did you see that shit oh my gosh oh dude 100 I
couldn’t even stop it Mike drat oh man that’s the one that got away I just got
a small one and no I have a fish finder dirt dirt all over here dude
unbelievable at first I thought it was a boat or something oh man
golly oh dude and you can see you can feel it the line you can feel the line
tugging right you can feel the line moving right oh I thought it was a boat was gone probably he probably no I mean
dude he went all the way he went all the way down he went all the way down to the
knot dude I I went like this Oh fish on you’re on buddy this guy feel small fish alone certainly
not that one the one though yeah I’ll take it it’s not gonna win me the
tournament no I just power bait I think I think I’m gonna pull my power bait in
and not use it it’s too easy on the power bait you still there buddy
come here okay yes nice to see you we got one fish on yeah baby pink lure guys pink cast our pink
spinnerbait from Walmart dude this guy feels a little bit better don’t come out
of the water dude well I got a fatty oh yeah baby yeah baby yeah yeah yeah
look how big this fish is dude La Perla yeah yeah that’s right yeah yeah baby
yeah won’t learn on the lip I lift them dang dude yeah that’s what I’m talking
about oh he came off he came off okay come on
guys damn dude look at this fishy oh oh dang
dude that’s all sick and pig shit yeah yeah yeah man
yo what’s up guys look what we just hooked into yeah and what time is laying sorry guys I don’t know no wait yeah I
don’t know man I know what’s up guys we are here we’re gonna do our weigh-in
right now right we’re gonna weigh in guys like there guys
auto group they are giving away some we’re giving away the land doesn’t cost
you anything come on over guys and watch the great
Wiggum this guy’s bringing it on big fish what’s your name sir SuperDuper
SuperDuper Ted all right what was the leader so far was a five something this
is 2nd place 503 Bible reads away 505 okay now let me tell you something about
rhe ways final six I called it oh there you go wait wait now you can you have a
real way but you have to take what the relay number is would you like to have
the 503 that I called or you want me to take it off put it back on and you got
really let’s do the real way okay let’s pick it up he wants to read way he run
through a hug yeah wait wait wait I got to he will he wants to break my Bible
group wait wait wait yeah it is 505 that’s the first time
normally when a reweighed you lose a couple ahem 505 thank you very high
roller huh alright and fourth place with 263 we have J Big Dave beat slurries in
fourth place 263 he’s gonna get a check for $350 cause he was a third in the
high rollers explain that is third please now I want you guys to go Shawn
no you gotta be kidding third place two years ago this guy’s won
it all and he should know better he didn’t get
the High Roller option and gave $200 a day Bixler this is Jerry Barksdale for
333 he gets 200 bucks but he don’t get the extra 200 high-roller money Jerry
Jerry Jerry where’d he go come on up Jerry he won one of them okay and our runner-up for the NorCal
trout English challenge I got 5.05 he gets to 50 for the first 250 for over
$500 ting ting doors okay now let’s put our
hands together for our winners now don’t hate congratulations we’re gonna be your
time this gentleman came in his wife came in and settled it up for him she’s
a woman she got a great smile I was glad to see her five point six one was the
weight first was good for three hundred dollars plus three fit in the high
rollers just holes in the back yep exactly all right later bro thank you very much
congratulations man congratulations yeah I’m recording yeah I’m recording
not bad for my for a for a day’s work I wasn’t gonna go one ribbon it’s going to
go to 1.90 in Schwab oh holy Sh well come on Boyd oh it’s okay all right
let’s put our hands together for the runner-up is a youth division for the
NorCal trilingual show in San Pablo opener 205 yeah take it to school for
short gel so yo what’s up guys we are closing our
day here at San Pablo dam reservoir man when I got up this morning I was not
thinking I was gonna even place in this tournament my first tournament and yeah
man had me Erick last night I didn’t sleep at all got like two hours sleep I
got up I wasn’t gonna go and end up going late got my blinds in the water
and did my thing it just goes to say you can’t catch fish
unless your lines are in the water so yo go get your lines out in the water
fish on

19 thoughts on “San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

  1. Wow @10:45 that could have been bad when you were adjusting your net you didnt keep tension on him if he would have bolted and made another hard run he would have broke you off with that 4lb test 😲… as it was he was barely lip hooked because he got loose in your net but still a nice money fish Super Duper 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪 Tight Lines!

  2. Great video like always brother watched all ur vids brother wish u could do more of bank trout fishing again I suggest sandy wool lake out here in milpitas California🤙🏼

  3. I live in SF and don't get out on the water nearly enough. So I watch your vids and it puts me right in the action! Subbed.

  4. Comment below and let me know what you think smashed my Rostertail. Some are saying that it was a Catfish that spooled me. I've had Cats hit Powerbait before but a Rostertail…Really?

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