Saraswat Fish Amti Recipe | Yummy Fish Curry

Saraswat Fish Amti Recipe | Yummy Fish Curry

My name’s Sanjay Vartikar. We’re Goud Saraswat Brahmins By religion, we’re allowed to have fish as the
only non vegetarian part in our food Today we’re showing you how to make Saraswat style Bangda Amti The special flavouring used in this dish is a spice called Triphal We grind coconut, haldi & red chilly together We add the Triphal without the inside seed to the mixture We grind the mixture till it becomes a fine paste We heat coconut oil in a vessel We now add the ground mixture to this And add a bit of water & cook this Add salt Now add the fish And cook this for another 5-6 minutes And add the cocum The fish’s now ready after cooking for another 2 minutes

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  1. Yes there are other communities as well..All Utkaliya and Jhadua brahmins(From Orissa) also eat non veg Mutton as well as fish..

  2. Hello this is Aarati Govekaar here. I wanted to learn all GSB recipes veg non veg. Do you guys conduct classes? Thanks

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