SAVE THE SEA TURTLES SOAP – Turning Your Design Into Soap | Royalty Soaps

SAVE THE SEA TURTLES SOAP – Turning Your Design Into Soap | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone! My name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds
here at Royalty Soaps. Today is a very, very special video that I am so excited to do. Once a month, I try to
create a soap design sent to me by one of you guys, one of the members of the royal court. This little miniseries is called Turning Your Designs into Soap, and I have a goal that
by the end of the year, I will have done 12 fan designs. So for this month, my birthday month, I had to weed through all of the designs that you guys have sent in. There are so many fabulous ones, but I picked this one actually
a couple of months ago because it really resonated with me. The design was sent in by Brandi, and it has very precious meaning to her because she picked a sea turtle to commemorate the life of
someone very close to her who passed away 12 years ago. In honor of Brandi’s family member, a portion of the proceeds
from every bar sold will go to sea turtle
conservation efforts. I’ll talk a little bit more
about the charity that I picked for Royalty Soaps to support a
little later on in the video, but for now, let me show
you Brandi’s design. So here’s the sea turtle
soap, or at least part of it. She has the four different blue-greens that she’d like to include, drop swirl, in the pot swirl,
she said she wasn’t picky. She wanted sort of a light
brown or a white top, and then here is the swirly soap middle. She also said, in the little
letter that she sent me, that I could amend any design and sorta spice it up a
little, if I wanted to. I didn’t do much of that for this soap because the design is so good on its own. But I did add a few little seashells and a few extra little sparkly bits on top that I think she’s really gonna like. So without further ado, let’s make some Save the Sea Turtles soap. We begin today by pouring
our lye-water solution into our oils. Actually, I’m gonna come over here and pour it down the
side of the container. And then, using our whisk, we’re going to begin to mix it up. I have really, really,
really, really, really enjoyed doing this this month. Y’all will probably see me
doing it a lot in the future. I’m gonna stick blend
for a couple of seconds, then I’m gonna mix by hand some more. (relaxing guitar music) All right. And this is right about where I want it. – [Muttering Woman] (wordless muttering) – (wordless muttering) I split my batch off
into four equal portions, and now we’re gonna color them with four really gorgeous blues. The first one I have
here is Blue Tide Mica. This is from Mad Micas. It’s a truly gorgeous blue. If you mix it with a
little bitty bit of white, it is a perfect Tiffany Blue. Next we have some Brilliant Blue. This is from Nurture. It is, like, the perfect primary blue. Then we have some Tahitian Teal. This is from Mad Micas. And this is kind of a blue-green color, definitely more of an aqua. And finally, we have Baby Blue. This is from Nurture Soap, and it is exactly what it says it is. It is Baby Blue, which is really nice because most of the time,
you have to mix a blue with titanium dioxide to
kind of make it light, but this one is kinda like
the perfect light blue all to begin with, without any whitener. Because the colors have
been dispersed in oil, and because I don’t want
to accelerate the soap, I’m just going to blend
it in using my whisk. I don’t have any titanium
dioxide in this one, so it doesn’t really matter
that I’m not using the blender. The color isn’t gonna disperse
any more, in other words, if I decided to use a stick blender. It’s gonna disperse just as
much by using this whisk. With oxides it’s a little different. You basically have to stick
blend if you use an oxide. The fragrance oil I am
using today is Pink Sands. This is a Fragrancebuddy fragrance oil. It does accelerate your
batter, so keep that in mind when planning your design. But it is an absolutely
stunning fragrance. It smells so nice, it smells like a Bath
and Body Works scent. This fragrance oil doesn’t rise at all, so I’m going to go ahead
and blend it in by hand, about 10 seconds or so in
each of the containers. And then, starting with the Baby Blue, I’m gonna pour some into
this container in the middle. This is the same one we
mixed everything up in. I’m gonna go to the Brilliant Blue next, then we’re gonna do Blue
Tide, do some Tahitian Teal. We’re gonna do that once more. I’m not gonna concern myself with scraping any of the containers, because like I said, this
does accelerate trashe, so I wanna go ahead and get
it all in as fast as possible. Okay, so I’m gonna scrape this
one just a little. (laughs) All right! So now let’s pour it into
our two brambleberry molds after this quick commercial break. This initial pour is gonna be,
well, relatively uneventful because it’s just pouring,
and then the pot swirl. That’s always, you know, a little bit boring in
my opinion. (laughs) But the piping for this
soap and the embeds are really, really cool, and I think the swirl
is absolutely perfect, ’cause it’s supposed to
look kinda like the ocean. I didn’t go for a very
distinct swirl on this one. (relaxing guitar music) (mold banging) Aw, yes! Oh, it smells so good! I’m gonna push this off to the side, and we are now gonna mix up
the very sandy soap frosting. (relaxing guitar music) I have my frosting bag filled to the brim, to the absolute brim. I should never fill it up this much. I can barely even twist (laughs) the top. But we’re piping with a round tip today because I kinda wanted
to emulate sand dunes. We got some apricot seed powder in here. It’s made of 24 Karat Gold Mica, and it really does create, like, the perfect sandy appearance. So I wanna talk a little bit more about the Sea Turtle Conservancy. If you wanna read even more
about it on their website, they have so much more information than I will be able to
share in this video. You can head over to So STC was founded by Archie Carr in 1959, making it the oldest sea
turtle conservancy 501(c)(3) in the world. And then, in 1989, the Archie
Carr National Wildlife Refugee was established by Congress
to protect sea turtles, now threatened with
extinction around the world. So this organization has been working since before most of us were even born to conserve sea turtles. So besides providing protection
for the sea turtle nests, some of the other ways that this 501(c)(3) tries to help sea turtles is by, number one, cracking down
on international trade of sea turtles and their products by enforcing laws and
agreements worldwide. They aim to decrease the turtle
deaths caused by fishing. They try to eliminate disturbances
of the nesting beaches, so like, any artificial
lights, halting beach armoring, and basically just kinda
limiting the impact of people on the beach. They also work to educate
the public with programs. So basically, they’re just
doing an enormous amount of work for sea turtles. It is such a feat, and I’m
really glad that Royalty Soaps gets to support them this
month on Brandi’s behalf. So now that all the
piping of the sand is on, we’re gonna add a little
bit of Sparkle Sunshine. This is a fairy duster from Mad Micas. This is just gonna add a little
bitty bit of glitz and glam to the top of this soap. Not a whole, whole bunch,
just a little bit of sparkle. Then, with a little bit of Blue
Tide Mica, mixed with oils, I’m gonna sprinkle it on top
of the bars, just like this. Kinda look like some of the ocean is splashing up on the beach. And to help tie the blues
into the top of the soap because all the embeds
don’t have any blue in them. After doing the initial
bit of covering here with this Blue Mica, I’m going down on the sides to make sure that each bar has some. And then, I’m also gonna
add a little teeny tiny bit of plastic-free, biodegradable glitter. Just a teeny tiny bit, not a whole bunch. I’m using 1/16 of a teaspoon
to do the sprinkling, and I’m not gonna do
more than 1/16 per loaf. And now it is time to add
the sea turtle embeds. So these are made with melt and pour soap. A little bit of Aztec Gold
Mica and white melt and pour, and then they’re covered
in three different shades of Green Mica. Sea turtles are actually, it’s kinda hard to nail their coloring because they have beautiful
spots, kinda like leopard spots, on their arms and their head, and then their shell is
sort of a different color, and there’s lots of greens and browns. And so, this the best job we could do emulating their, just amazing coloration. Had to kinda mess around a little there and see how I actually
wanted to put these in. I really wanted it to be easy
to tell that it’s a sea turtle and not any other type of turtle, so you kinda gotta get
the little feet here out at the front. So this soap sorta ties
in with my 25th birthday for multiple reasons. I’m one of those people who has obsessions throughout their life. You will see that in
Kenny’s videos this month. You’ll kind hear about it my videos. I went through different phases growing up and all through teenager-dom, and even sometimes sorta now
as an adult, too. (laughs) I just get really interested in something and I research a lot about it and just fantasize about
getting to do it, or whatever. And so, when I was about 12 to 13, surfing, Hawaii, and all things ocean were, that was my obsession. (laughs) I wanted to live in– (buzzing) Um, so that’s unfortunate. I don’t know when my
camera stopped filming. Kenny and I are getting
a new camera, you guys, ’cause this one just
gives us so much trouble whenever we’re tryin’ to film. So these are the sea shell embeds. Some of them have a
purple sort of red tone, some of them have a little
bit of brown and gold. And we’re going to have
two on every single bar. So yeah, in case it got cut out, I was just saying that I’m
always trying to find my way back to the ocean. That’s been very consistent
throughout my life. I love going to the beach. Anytime we, like, plan
a trip or something, I am trying to figure
how to get to the water. And with sea turtles, in my opinion, being some of the most majestic
creatures in the ocean, that’s how it all kinda
ties into my birthday month. So this is gonna take me
a very, very long time. Anytime I have little, tiny embeds, it’s always a very tedious job, so I’m just gonna bring you
guys back once they’re all in and I’ve spritzed it with rubbing alcohol, and y’all can see the
top of the soap up close. Alrighty! Here is what our Save the Sea Turtles soap looks like up close. Look at them! They look like they’re
taking off towards the water. And then, of course, we have
all of the sea shells on there. We used a sea shell mold from Amazon, so there’s lots of
different shapes and sizes. I’m so proud of this one. It looks so good! Well, I am gonna be really
interested to see how this looks once it’s all cut up, and then we can look
at the individual bars. We will do so in 24 hours, after this quick commercial break. Okay! So we are back the next day to cut the Save the Sea Turtles soap. Honestly, I think I like
it even more the next day because the piping has turned
the perfect sand color, and all of that very wet
Mica drizzle has now dried, so it looks really like,
kinda creamy almost. I’m gonna turn this on its side. Gonna line this up
perfectly for all the bars, and I’m gonna press down very gently. We want this to cut very
slowly and smoothly, hopefully having less drag marks because we’re going really slow. It’s probably gonna take me 15 seconds to cut this one loaf. (cutter slams) I’m gonna pull this one
out from the middle. This is what it looks like on the inside. So you see, we’ve got this beautiful blue
and green and turquoise swirl, and then we have the sandy color on top with glitter of two different types. You’ve got the little sea turtle up there, and then on the other side,
you have the sea shells. And I love that you can
really see that sea turtle poking out, now that I have it cut. It was a little harder
to see it in loaf form, but you can definitely see it
now that it’s all chopped up. The fragrance for this
is absolutely incredible. Oh! They’re just so cute. Oh man, sea turtles! I just, oh, I just love them! When Caleb and I went to Hawaii, we tried to look for sea
turtles in the ocean. I’m sure it was not the right time of year for them to be there, but I kept telling Caleb,
look for a sea turtle, I really just wanna see
a sea turtle! (laughs) And honestly, I like this design so much, I tried to fit it in earlier this year because this design, I’m pretty sure, was sent to me in the
December-January time. So I was trying to figure
out a way to work it in. But I held off and put
it in my birthday month because I like it that much. Anyway, I hope you really
love this design, Brandi. It was so much fun to make,
and the smell is great. You did such a good job designing it. And the question of the day is, in Finding Nemo, who is
your favorite character? So I know that this is
not traditional at all, but one of my favorite characters, I probably couldn’t narrow
it down to just one, but one of my favorite
characters is Bruce the shark. I think he is so funny. I also really like the
pelican that helps the fish by carrying them in his mouth. (laughs) So this isn’t one that you can vote on in the upper-right hand corner, you have to let me know
down in the comments below and tell me why, tell me why they’re
your favorite character. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Thank you so much, Brandi,
for sharing your heart with me and sending in this beautiful design. I’m glad I was finally able to do this. I know you sent this in a while ago, but I was finally able to do it and include it as part
of my birthday month. This soap will be available to purchase on July 1 at eight p.m.
Central Standard Time. If you aren’t following us on Instagram, we have, you know, kinda like three. We have one for Kenny, one for me, and one for Royalty Soaps. Kenny’s is kinda nerdy,
kinda anime, kinda drawing, kinda Japanese. Mine is kids, family,
vacation, pretty photos that Caleb takes. And Royalty Soaps is new product updates and pretty shots of pretty soap. If you’re interested in having me turn one of your designs into soap, you can mail it to us at
the PO box listed below. Very soon, I’m gonna open an email only for fan design, because a lot of you guys are
saying you can’t mail ’em in. So I’m working on setting that up. Should be set up by next month. So until next time, I hope you all have an
absolutely royal day. Do somethin’ that makes you happy like educating yourself and learning more about conservation
efforts around our planet, taking little bitty steps
make a big difference. So even something as simple
as ditchin’ the plastic straw and using a stainless steel one is a super step in the right direction. Or maybe even watching Blue Planet with your favorite person. It is one of my favorite
documentary series. The BBC put it out. It is stunning. The visual imagery is just,
it just can’t be beat. Caleb and I love to watch that show. Either way, do somethin’
that makes you guys happy, and I will see you guys
really, really soon. So until then, by for now. Nroom! (relaxing guitar music)

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