Sea Otter Pups’ Journey to Georgia Aquarium

Sea Otter Pups’ Journey to Georgia Aquarium

We’re in Monterey, California working
with a stranding center here that’s caring for sea otters and they have a
couple of sea otters that were abandoned from their mothers and needed to be cared for. The southern sea otter is a species that at one point was thought to be extinct, thought to be non-existent off this coast. These animals need our protection. They need us to be caring, to be stewards of the environment that they depend on, and you know for us to be out here and to be
able to be part of that and to be helping with that, means a tremendous
amount to me personally. Things have been moving really, really fast. Obviously we’ve been preparing for Mara to come to Atlanta for several weeks now and the
addition of Gibson is exciting but also just another layer of a little bit of stress. It’s a great opportunity to give these animals a second chance because there are so many sea otter pups every year that don’t have that opportunity, that don’t get a chance, and so taking these guys back to Georgia
I think is great. We’re all loaded up. We have the animals in place. We’re waiting for the temperature to come down in the cabin. We’re setting it for about 60
degrees so it’ll be a little chilly for us but it’ll be a lot more comfortable for them. So I think we’ve successfully turned this airplane into an otter nursery. We’ve got one sleeping baby over there, and a very quietly playing baby over here. Days like this are absolutely the tops. Like, this is what makes all of
the stuff that we go through, worth it.

12 thoughts on “Sea Otter Pups’ Journey to Georgia Aquarium

  1. Loved it!!! Very caring people. Happy to see those cute otter pups in safe handsπŸ’“β€
    πŸ˜™πŸ˜™Love you Georgia Aquarium team.

  2. I wish if I could be there to care for them also, because I'd surely treat them with every bit of care and compassion, with every bit of my heart, these animals are so adorable and brilliant.

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