Sea-Section: Incredible Shark Birth Caught on Camera

Sea-Section: Incredible Shark Birth Caught on Camera

GIRL: Yay oh my god this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen 00:06
COMM: A family outing turned into an incredible emergency c-section shark birth caught on
camera. 00:14
COMM: Restaurant owners Beth and Lindsey Cordell were walking along the coast of Georgia, USA
with their three children and a friend when they noticed a shark had been washed up on
shore. 00:25
MAN: I don’t think there’s a baby in there 00:27
COMM: Strangers gathered and helped remove a hook from the 6ft shark, which was when
they noticed movement inside its body. 00:34
MAN: There are more than 1, back up. 00:36
COMM: Quickly realizing the dead shark was pregnant, another beach-goer volunteered to
cut the mother open and attempt to save her pups. 00:45
COMM: In total 3 baby sharks were successfully rescued and released into the ocean.

100 thoughts on “Sea-Section: Incredible Shark Birth Caught on Camera

  1. This is really bad that is the most horrible thing they could have ever done baby sharks cant live alone like that they cant survive without there mother to teach them thing like how eat or do enything they did a horrible thing to those shark

  2. Ugh people frustrate me beyond belief! The person cutting the mother open hadn’t known the babies were in there, so you can’t exactly moan at him for ‘careless’ cutting of the stomach.

  3. Wow. Totally assumed that being fish, shark babies would hatch from eggs which had already been laid by the mom.

  4. rescued and instantly released in the ocean without a mom to show how to survive and protect you ? LOLZ Im pretty sure these babies are dead fast

  5. Baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do baby shark. Mommy shark is dead dedede dead, she is dead dededede dead, mommy shark is dead dead dede dead, spilling blood.

  6. It's like 99% of the people are protecting wildlife but less than 1% are enough to get species indangered or even extinct .
    When are the goverments of the world going to do something to truly protect the wildlife?

  7. This man deserves as a shark helper and a species that are being heavily fished can find new hope in the next generation

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    baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
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    now i know where they got baby shark from…

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