Sea Trout Fishing From Boat – Chasing Silver On Shallow Water!

Sea Trout Fishing From Boat – Chasing Silver On Shallow Water!

Today we are at one of the danish fjords, to chase some winter trout. Its a bit different today, because the weather and water temperature has dropped the last days. So the seatrout are gonna gather around in schools, and can be a bit hard to locate. So yeah, a bit different from normal seatrout fishing. We are gonna go by boat, with Anders. What are we gonna do? – We are gonna try to locate the trout around the shallow parts of the fjord. The last couple of times we managed to track down some big schools around here. Hope we can do the same now! So its shallow water fishing, with some really light spoons, that can be fished high in the water. And if we find the fish…
– Then there can be a lot! Really looking forward. Should we begin?
– Lets do it! As mentioned, the fishing today is gonna take place at around 30-40cm of water. Really shallow. Thats the same depth we have found the fish lately. Because we are fishing some areas with darker bottom, it makes it easier for the sun to warm up during the day. Usually that helps a lot, by activating the fish to feed. Thats the theory tho, lets hope we can find the fish! I have found some of the lures that we are gonna be using today. There is kind of a pattern here. We have some bright colours, alongside with some white ones. Really classic winter lures, for cold water. Because we are fishing the really shallow water, these lures are designet to fish high in the water. They’re light. Because of that, we can target really shallow water, where the fish hopefully are gathered right now. If I should come with an exemple of a lure, then this Seeker from Savage Gear, is pretty effective. White and pink colours – 13g. Had some nice fishing lately on this. If that doesn’t work, I have a plan B. – A Dorado, from Hansen. 6,3g. This one can be fished super slow, while its attracting a lot of attention from the trout, by moving a lot. Plan C could be a coastal wobbler, like this one from Falkfish. totally white, with a red strike point. Lately these lures has been delivering, hope it’s the same thing today. Fish!
– There we go. Nice! Awesome!
– Is it big? Naaah.. There it is. Smaller fish tho. But then we found them! It’s went for it pretty close to the boat!
– yeah right on top of the dark bottom. Really awesome! Nice way to start the day. – Totally smacked it! Yes, so important! First cast! Beautiful fish, pure silver. So.. Pretty fish.
– Lets release it again. There is goes!
– So awesome! That fish wasn’t swimming alone. – There should be some more! So lets just start casting again.
– Lets just sail a bit towards land again first tho! Lets go get one more!
– Yes! Damn! Important! This is so cool! Even to its freezing out here! And even tho the wind is picking up – this helps a lot! They are just so pretty!
– Can’t really believe it. These smaller winter trouts now… Look at this. So pretty! – True that. Cool fish! Took the pink lure?
– Once again. Its funny because right now I am fishing with natural colours, only had one strike. But you keep catching fish! – Yeah they are loving it! Beauty.. Bye bye fish! Thats it. Rock and roll!
– Important! As the day is passing by, the wind is picking up. Pretty much actually. This morning, the wind was like 1-2 m/sec. Now its more like 7-8m/sec. And even tho its damn cold, its maybe good for the fishing. Because of that, we have moved to a new spot. It’s a bit less windy here. But the cool thing here is, that we have a small shallow area right here behind me. You can actually see its breaking the surface right there. And that makes up for a shallow area. And on the edge of this area, we have some deeper water. And its not that deep tho, around 1,5 m. Maybe 2 m at the deepest. But the deeper water creates some current around the shallow area here behind me. And that current can catch some of the small shrimps, gathering at the shallows, pushing them out to the deep. So when the seatrout is causing alongside the edge, it doesn’t take many seconds for it to grab a snack. So the way we do it, is to cast across the shallow water… And then we make contact with the lure, letting it drift out on deeper water, with the current pushing it. And by that, the lure is acting like the small baitfish, drifting out from the shallow to the deep water. Remember to do some spinstop, when the lure is over deeper water, to make go deeper where the trout is. Thats pretty much the technique on this spot. Later on, we are gonna be fishing on some other spots, with different techniques. But right now, we are gonna give this place some love – the conditions looks good tho! Lets see now. I believe in it. Yep, fish! Thats it! There we go. Not the biggest fish… But again, really pretty! Pure silver. So cool. Right about time they started biting! 30-35 cm? Not the biggest… Still really cool! Has this almost.. Purple colour cast? – Yeah, lot of the fish out here has it. Oh, there are fish here!
– Where!? Look at the surface!! Its chasing it!
– Is it still there!? Ohh, that’s a good fish! There are 2.. 3.. a big one! Should we drop the anchor? It was damn big, the one of them! It was huge! We are here on a small reef.. Around 20cm of water beneath the boat? – More like 10-15cm… Its really shallow! It is such a cool spot. Just a big reef, made of clamps. And above the reef, there is around 10-15cm of water. And the fish just love to cruse on top of it, collecting food! We actually just arrived to the spot, and started to see something in the surface. Made one cast, and a fish followed in! But it wasn’t only one fish, there were several! – yeah, really many fish there! And a huge one.. Oh, there was a fish over there! – But the cool thing is that we can see the fish chasing all the time at the surface. Its crazy.
– Really intense! But its cool this type of fishing. So shallow water. 20 cm! Despite that, we saw a huge trout! At lest 55cm, pure silver. And really fat. Build like a tank. Crazy… I think right now… I actually changed lure to some heavier, but it’s not gonna work here at this spot. So im gonna change again, this time to a bombards float, and a small Brenda flie. A small brown flie, that I can fish right on top of the reef. Really pumped about this, such cool fishing! Look, look right there! Fish in the surface ! My lure is right beside it now. So shallow water… Totally pumped now! Just the tiniest bump on the line, and I will make a strike! Right there, ohhhhh! So crazy! Never seen anything like this! Are there a fish chasing? – There it is, ohh.. noooo! They are chasing you’re lure, but not interested in my flie!? Multiple fish there, right? I can’t manage this… A bit too exiting! Its a matter of time before… Oh look at that!! I can feel them! oh Sh**’ there are many! Did you see that!? Fished this exact place multiple times before this!? I can feel it right down in the.. Cant really tell on camera.. So shallow here.. 5 cm!? Think they got scared by the bombarda float? We cant really do anything different.. Maybe we just suck at fishing? Haha, they just love pink colour right now!
– They do! Think I can land it by hand.. It’s a decent fish! Around 40 cm. Damn, it’s beautiful! It’s just this… This anchor isn’t placed that good! It goes.. Thats it! Dont know if you can see it on the camera, but check out this golden, almost purple colour on this fish. Most of them has this colour, in this area. pretty fish. Let’s release it. There we go. – Now it must be my turn to grab a fish!?
Haha, yeah properly. Maybe try with some pink. – Yeah once again they are biting the pink. I am still fishing with white, and nothing is happening. – Maybe I should change to pink… I think that would be the right thing to do, after all. It catches everything.. Even clamps. A savage gear seeker, in 13g. With a small pink bead at the end. Usually works here in the cold month.
– Pink, with some extra pink! – If you have some pink lures I can borrow?
It costs… – It costs.. Bullshit 😉 Now I finally got to borrow some lures. Until now, I have fished with a small white “Hotshot”, that usually works for me around here. But… Today seems like it’s the pink that works. Let’s see what we got. You are catching on the Eelprout colour, right?
– Yep, exactly. Then maybe this one.. Anders is fishing with a rotation spoon tho, but this has similar colours. Sp im gonna change to this one, and hope… – That one works super well!
This one? Yep, it does! Let’s try it out. Now its about done. I have rigged it like I usually rig all my inline lures. A small triple hook at the end. A small bead, to protect the knot. I have chosen a red one, so it kinda match the lure. Then we have the lure. And then I have actually mounted a small float stopper up here. Somebody likes it, somebody doesent. I do it because I like to jig this “sandeel” to make it move a bit more. So to avoid the lure moving to far up the line when doing spinstop, I have mounted this floatstopper here. It can still rotate and move on the leader. But again, it’s like religion. But it works for me. Lets give it a go. Yep, fish! Thats it! Finally a fish! Not as big as yours. But.. Its cool. A fish is a fish! Right about time! Now you have caught around.. 10 fish!? And I have caught… Not that many.. – But it’s there!
It’s beautiful. Check out the dots! Wauw. We haven’t really found the big massive fish yet, but damn, they are pretty! Look at this fat one! Doesn’t get more pretty! And again, almost purple colourcast. Thats the way to go! It’s almost noon, and the wind has picked up badly. I think its around 10 m/sec out here. its fine close to shore, but out here at the open.. Its biting cold! We have just pulled our small anchor up. So now we are just drifting, pretty fast. On our way to deeper water. The water is getting even more shallow now, so the spot we fished before, is almost too shallow for the boat. So lets just drift for a bit. Maybe the fish are out here, following the current. Maybe on the edges out here. But we are still on only half a meter of water. So the plan is to cover some water now, to see where the fish has relocated. We found the fish closer to shore earlier, but as the tide dropped, the fish stopped biting. Let’s drift for a bit, and locate the fish. Then I have my fingers crossed for a big fish! A follower! A bit more decent! Real good fish!
– And pure silver! Please stop these head shakes! – Grab the net! That’s it!
– So damn cool! Fuck it, its beautiful! That’s why we are here. Think about it, mid December.. Just check this out! It’s about.. My guess is 53cm.. Holy shit, that’s why we are out here! The day is about to end, we are almost running out of light. But that’s winter time, gets dark pretty early. And cold by the way! We got the boat to shore..
– Yep! Actually had some pretty amazing fishing today. I mean.. We really don’t know what to expect before heading out here, during this period. – We can’t really complain about this day! We spend some time locating the fish, and found some decent ones! – And we saw some huge ones! Its really make it or brake it during the winter period. Some days is totally dead out here, like there is no fish at all! And then there are days like today. We still had to fight for it, but when first you find the fish, at can be totally worth it! – think we have been lucky with the weather as well. Think about it. We had drifting skies, and the sun peaked thru several times during the day. – We could really feel the sun heating! Exactly. That helped the shallow water heating up pretty fast. Think that triggered the fish. And maybe the fact that we started out the day with no wind at all, and during the day the wind piked up pretty good. That can some times activate the trout.
– It surely did today! It did, yeah! But after all, approved day at the water. Just looking forward to our next trip! – Sure thing!

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  1. Awesome fish guys! I wish we had them over here looks like a fun fish to catch! Looking forward to more vids!

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