Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

73 thoughts on “Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

  1. thats the kind of stream i would walk past and never believe that there was any fish in it, let alone giant salmon. awesome video!

  2. That place is a dream! Big Trout and Salmon up close and personal. I would keep this place a secret. Shshshsh!

  3. these people dont know what thay have the river i fish used to have close to a run of 70 to 80,000 salmon and sea trout last year there was 5k or so i only have 2 caught in 10 years of fishing so i hope the river is mannage and not ruined like the one i fish

  4. I was going to say the same thing 😀 Especially with salmon fishes you have to be very careful if you're going to put it back !

  5. I dont like fly fishing either. If I want to use a fly put a bobber on it its just as good and I catch the same amount of fish.

  6. My thing about fly fishing is its more rewarding wen u catch a fish its like deer hunting with a bow or a shotgun u feel much more rewarded with a bow instead of a gun.

  7. Angling is a broad church and all methods have their merit. Fly fishing snobbery doesn't help anyone.
    In tiny, deep streams like that, fly fishing effectively for sea trout and salmon would be impossible. Brown trout, yes, but you wouldn't be able to fish salmon/sea trout flies properly. Spinning is the only practical option.

  8. i just stumbled across a creek like this full of brown trouts yellow perch every cast and northern pike ect i cant wait to hit this hard! i have never caught a brown trout yet

  9. Can't you fly fishing snobs just keep to the fly fishing videos? out here in the real world we fish many different ways.

  10. @ArchaicEclipse You call us fly-fishing snobs when you're probably the one who is a worm dropper. Most fly fisherman are most likely much more experienced with spinner and bate-caster rods than ignorant people like you. Clearly you don't have an appreciation for the sport, if you did you would have a full understanding of how to use a fly rod. Go back to using a cork and a worm, you're not wanted on these videos. perch await you

  11. i spin fish strangford lough and the fly fishers cannot keep up with me most days spinning is an art its not just chucking metal

  12. you should go to Skåne Sweden to test the worst fishing in the whole world!

    it's so bad that you will be surprised…

  13. He is a biologist and yet at end, hauls out a 10 pound seatrout by its tail and returns it?????

    What fckn degree has he got – that will damage the fish.

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