Seans Aquaponics Automatic Fish Feeder With Free Fish Food

Seans Aquaponics Automatic Fish Feeder With Free Fish Food

My name is Sean Li, and today I’m gonna show
you how I feed my fish in my Aquaponics system for free using duckweed. And with no effort.
And you can build this yourself if you want to. And here is the idea: You connect the
container where you grow the duckweed with the fish tank, with two canals. You put one
canal inside the other one, so you can pull it out. And then the fish will swim in underneath
it and eat from the hole that you made in the first canal. And by adjusting it in and out
you decide the amount of food that is available for the fish depending on how many fish you have that week or month. Inside the container of the duckweed, you should have some media in the bottom. This will help the bacterias convert the fish poo into nutrients for the
duckweed, which is floating on the surface. Duckweed grows really quickly. So within four to six days, it doubles itself and it just push itself into the fish tank. And you don’t
have to do anything. I hope you enjoyed it!

19 thoughts on “Seans Aquaponics Automatic Fish Feeder With Free Fish Food


  2. worried this might overfeed and also you should feed your fish other things than just duckweed, great concept to be worked on though

  3. Cute and conceptual graphics and thoughts. Is there any proof that your 'duckweed slider' actually works? If it does what you claim, patent it and help yourself to a fortune… Ho hum

  4. amazing how many nay sayers in comments, people just can't take a really cool idea, and run with it. hey if its not your bag, go check another vid, otherwise, what the hell you doing watching aquaponics vids? No duh he prolly feeds them fish food, and duh this way of feeding suppliments the fish feeding costs and their diet. Guy is just being even more eco friendly than most. Thumbs up!

  5. This is a really good design and very hands free. Nothing wrong at all with it. it is a little more complicated to build.

  6. So when someone says they 'have a system' but all I see is a computer model….That's called Bullshit.
    Looks like it might be a good idea though.

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