Seasoned pan fried flatfish (Gajami yangnyeom-twigim: 가자미 양념튀김)

Seasoned pan fried flatfish (Gajami yangnyeom-twigim: 가자미 양념튀김)

Hello everybody! I’m in Montauk! The Eastern tip of Long Island! Beautiful, beautiful beach. it’s Atlantic Ocean right there! I’m just surrounded by beautiful nature. I just picked this small flowers,
wildflowers, for my video. This morning I woke up with the sound of ocean But I’m a little hungry! I gotta make something!
I have ingredients, why not? Yesterday I went to the fish market
and I bought fresh fresh fluke. Like a kind of flat fish. Today I’m going to use that fish,
but you guys can use any type of flat fish. Today I’m going to pan fry fluke, and season. It’s called “Gajami yangnyeom-twigim” in Korean. In English, “seasoned pan fried flat fish.” I’ve been using this recipe for a long time. Years and years.
For my family, friends, and party. So you will love this. This fluke is two and and a half pounds and I just scaled, and removed the intestines, and cut it up into several pieces. Washed and sprinkled with one tablespoon salt. And then kept in the refrigerator. So this morning I can cook. In order to pan fry, first I brought this. Potato starch. Potato starch – you need potato starch or plain flour.
All purpose flour. And I’m going to coat my fish with this. Let’s start with half cup. So see, there’s fins. I don’t have scissors at the moment, so I didn’t cut it off. But if this is bothering you guys, and then cut it off with scissors. And remove the fins. But actually, it’ll be no problem. After pan frying it’s going to be crunchy and everything, you guys can eat this all. And then here, just coat. Slightly. Here… I washed all this things even inside this pocket, yesterday. Look at this gill: still really really pinkish. Pretty. And very fresh. I can’t find this kind of fresh fish in New York, even though I have my favorite fish market. But I can’t find this kind of really fresh fish. So fish is, freshness is most important! Even yesterday the fishmonger said that I can eat it raw. I can filet and then make Korean “hoe,” raw fish. Amazing! Half cup starch worked perfectly! And this is egg — fish roe. Roe and liver. Let’s go inside to cook this guy! [tinkling music] I’m here! Are you guys ready to cook? I’m using two frying pans. Medium high heat… I will add this oil. Some generously. Here too. This fish is kind of thick. So easily you can burn. So I’m going to cook a little lower heat,
around medium heat. Wow! Head. And this… This guy has to be cooked later. This liver and roe is quickly cooked. It’s almost cooked. Liver…
Fish roe. Done I just opened the window. Because of the fish smell. When this is fried, really tasty smell for me,
but this is smoking! Turn down the heat to low. And then this is cooking foil So I’m going to cover with cooking foil. Because only my cooking foil is available. So I’m using this foil. But at home usually, I use another lid from any pot. Or another frying pan on top! I always use this as a lid. I pan fried for ten minutes over low heat. Now it’s well well cooked. I will show you! Here you go! And then I’m going to flip over again. This side is opaque, now. White. Which means that’s well cooked. Now what we have to do is make it crispy. And then heat up. Over medium high heat. Oh my! It makes my mouth water! It looks so soft and tender and juicy! How is it? Looks so good, isn’t it?
Really crunchy and tasty! Wow! I’ll just put it here And here, oil. My last piece is now being cooked! And then, I’m going to make seasoning sauce. I will just use four cloves garlic. And this guy is connected! (laughs) Just cut! You can mince garlic, or just like me, thinly slice. Garlic. And green onions. Ok, I will bring my fish. This is whole fish! Two and a half pounds of fish, fried! So this pan fried fish by itself is delicious! Because we already salted and then pan fried with this starch powder — really really delicious by itself. But! When I add this seasoning sauce the taste is so enhanced. So many people love love this! You will be surprised how easy it is. I turned on the heat, and then add some cooking oil. When it’s heated, garlic. Fry this garlic until a little crispy. Whenever I fry garlic like this, I love this smell. Ok so a little brownish… And lower the heat. Add this soy sauce. It’s already salted so I’m not going to use a lot.
Two tablespoons, around. Quarter cup water. Quarter cup water… I brought this mulyeot.
Mulyeot is rice syrup. Around a quarter cup, I’m using. Half teaspoon hot pepper flakes. Use a little bit of hot pepper flakes. See bubbling? And chopped green onion. Awesome, see? Lots of bubbles. Turn off. I will add sesame oil. Just a little bit. One teaspoon sesame oil. I already turned off the heat. And then this fish, one by one, like this And I will just put it here. We use starch powder so a little like sticky stuff here. That makes it more juicy and tasty. Fish head. This is very delicious, my favorite food. Never fails, whenever I make this, people love this. Roe and liver. This sauce. Here. Done! Delicious! That’s it! Last touch! Sesame seeds! And let me taste! Let’s take out this guy. Actually really easily you can filet. Like that, inside is huge bones here. So you got rid of this. Fins around here is always small fish bones. Look at that. And here too. Even this one is a lot of fish bones still here, I like to savor all! You can eat this way. I love this skin part. Crunchy and chewy so that part I love that. Mmm! Crunchy, and chewy and a
little salty and garlicky, and sesame oil and it’s all Korean seasonings, it’s not greasy. I don’t feel any greasy feeling. Enjoy my recipe! See you next time, bye!

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  1. Just tried it but with catfish – it was delicious 😀 I had those boneless, skinless filets you get from the store (they were stored in the freezer but I thawed them before starting) which are thinner, so I skipped the foil/cover staged and just fried each side until it was golden brown and crispy. I also didn't have rice syrup so I used brown sugar and it tasted good. Is it because it is covered with potato starch that it was crispy (even quite awhile after cooking) and non-greasy?

  2. I rarely enjoy fish, but I'm going to try this!
    Update: I made this dish using both fluke & basa. Excellent! The family loved it! That sauce is soooooo good!

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  5. Hi Maangchi! I also love to cook fish in this way, and usually add two teaspoons of vinegar (Chinese black vinegar or Japanese rice vinegar, even apple vinegar). It added one more layer to the flavor. Hope you like it 😉

  6. that is the best looking fluke I have ever seen, went to Montauk every year to go fishing as a kid with my parents I used to catch door mat size fluke just 1/4 feed the 4 of us I do have to try your recipe it looks so good and i love fish.

  7. I can guarantee this dish is super delicious. Because I made pan fried salmon with this sauce instead of this fish. My whole family loved it. Very good~

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  18. Me and my husband just graduated from our medical school and are both Physican Assistant with National. He is Korean and I am half Japanese and half European, my father is Japanese and my mother is Bosnian..anyway his parents are coming from Korea to celebrate our graduation and I want to make all Korean meal for them. I have been watching you for years so I can make fish,rice , noodels ,soup and Sunny can make kimchi his mother's recepie. Is it okay if I go with fish and all side dishes or is that not good..would it be better to do a Korean BBQ. I just want them to be happy since we only see them once a year or so since we live in Seattle and they live in Korea. Please let me know I don't want to embarrass him.

  19. Swedish caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much!

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