Seattle Sounders FC take extra precautions amid coronavirus concerns

34 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders FC take extra precautions amid coronavirus concerns

  1. If the CDC and such agencies are your god or gods then by all means listen to them, but if their not then listen to what the Only True Holy God has to say, regarding wisdom, and then take precautions for yourselves and your families safety! I like watching the sounders but not enough to take any chances on being exposed to an aggressive virus and spreading such sickness to many others. If your that much of a diehard fan then take precautions by wearing a face mask, goggles, and latex gloves starting from home and not removing such items until back home! Then applying sanitizer over everything and everyone! The old owl say's, Be wise, don't compromise!

  2. OMG it's going to be a test pool in stadium. People please avoid mass gatherings our government is not protecting us

  3. About 3 days Up to a week these people will be sorry expecaly older ones or any with underlying issues. But they will be spreading virus within 24 hours once exposed. OMG

  4. Put Not Your Trust In Man…. Especially When It Comes Down To Coronavirus. Remember Man Created it, So why Trust a Person who created something so Deadly.

  5. 1 week from now sounder fans dropping like flies left and right from covid-19 morons. even that reporter looked a little confused

  6. Why aren't all these sports club demonstrating real sportsmanship by not playing for now instead of letting the fan decide, gambling on health and safety for all? Show us that sports aren't all just about money and profit, but also about solidarity.

  7. This should be interesting for that CITY taking a chance on if it's going spread or not, this will be the testing ground. Good luck😵

  8. this is why downplaying the virus by government officials is extremely dangerous to the public. boneheads.

  9. C'mon kids… Put on some masks at least .normalacy bias is not worth your life. I appreciate the punk ass spirit of rebellion, but, you don't want to die for it right?

  10. Don't believe the corrupt, incompetent Washington state government ,
    They might be spreading coronavirus on purpose .

  11. Zephaniah 1 :17
    "I will bring distress upon men,
    Because they have sinned against the Lord,
    Their blood shall be poured out like dust,
    And their flesh like refuse."
    Repent and rebuke your sins and call upon the name of the Lord!

  12. Any and ALL crowds need to be avoided. Contact with people in general should be avoided. It's sometimes hard to believe how ignorant people can be.

  13. This country is run by morons that allowed this virus in and people to be REPATRIATED to all parts of the country. COVID-19 has been spreading through the US for a month. It will be 100x as bad as China in the USA. Why? Because the US has freedom. The freedom to escape a city due to fear. Freedom to spread the virus state to state with no control. The US cannot beat people, arrest people, build barricades around their homes, weld people in their homes, build walls around cities, force people to wear masks, kill people for speaking out, imprison people for spreading rumors (7 years), or rip them from their homes and put them in hospitals where the virus replicates and spreads in their body in higher numbers. This virus is not the flu, it is ten times worse. It destroys your kidneys, nerves, and lungs. The young and old both die from this and it hasn't even mutated yet. In Italy and Iran it is killing 10% of infected. The healthiest people will become super spreaders not even knowing they have it. The markets will probably rebound today, but they will fall as this spreads across the US like wild fire as those in big cities on the coasts flee to the midwest in panic!

  14. Maybe Seattle should test the 74 people who died in January 2020 for COVID-19. It is likely, it was the virus and not just the flu! These people are morons!

  15. Or if you are a patriotic American and follow Trump then this is all am elaborate hoax designed to remove him from office.

  16. Send a message to the virus that freedom loving Americans will not be defeated by a communist virus. Go out and gather in large groups and confined spaces!

  17. "You gotta live life"……
    And how many people attend those games…..We all must just be watching a fictional horror movie about the corona virus..Are they for real ! ! !???🙏🤲😷❤✝️🇺🇸

  18. It figures…the Seattle City Council and WA Gov socialistic Democratic dominate powers that be…wouldn't dare change anything to hurt peoples feelings or inconvenience anyone. Money is such a priority, they have to make sure it's handled properly and bring in their revenue.
    That's why there's still thousands of homeless ppl in the streets of DWN TWN Seattle and throughout this state because they handle their money so well. They are straight out stupid. Sorry, but this is so upsetting.

  19. Imagine this: the Corona Virus/Covid 19 was first in this area..What happens when it reaches the thousands of homeless camps and homeless all over this city? The very slow reacting Washington admin. politicians have not tested nearly anyone for this virus despite first case and first death in the nation here. Refuse to test because WA is so ill prepared. Have you seen the protocols in Korea, Japan or Italy? MASKS DO HELP yet our "experts" keep asking people not to wear protection at work or in public spaces? Washington State won't cancel schools although it is crucial to lessen the spread-Every other city knows it DOES HELP, while kids might not get gravely ill, they are super spreaders. Washington state has 10 deaths mind you! Northern France shut down with 4.

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