Seeing color for the first time – AQUARIUM EDITION!!

Seeing color for the first time – AQUARIUM EDITION!!

I was going to wait until the aquarium gallery was completed before I filmed this video But I cannot wait any longer. I need to do it now So I’ve mentioned in a few videos at this point that I am colorblind and I don’t see my fish the way you guys have and You guys have all recommended to me Joey Why don’t you get the colorblind glasses that will help at least temporarily cure your problem, so I? Did but why did I get them? Well, specifically for the aquarium gallery that’s coming soon You see my hopes are to not only show off the beauty of the aquarium, Hobby as well as different aspects of it But potentially get more people into the hobby and get them excited with it however I felt like how am I supposed to get somebody excited about something. That’s so beautiful If I can’t see it for what it is myself So I got exactly what you guys recommended. I should get which is the n chroma Colorblind glasses now. I should mention a couple of things one this isn’t sponsored. They didn’t give me these glasses I paid out of pocket. They’re very expensive with only a fifty percent chance of them working. [I] will give them back I’ll send them at get my money back if they don’t work But I figured since the galleries are already putting me into a tremendous amount of debt Why not dig that hole a little bit deeper? So I have not opened these yet? I have not tried them on I got them out of the box, and you know made sure they were in here, but I haven’t opened them up I haven’t tried them on I haven’t done anything with them because I wanted to truly share this experience with you guys now for those that aren’t familiar with what? color Blindness is It affects like one in [twelve] males and something like one in a hundred females. It’s probably a good Explanation as to why females are typically better with choosing colors guys can’t see what we’re looking at It’s hereditary for the most part and you’re usually born with it. You don’t develop it. It’s not a disease [or] anything like that it’s just Some color issues with your eyes something to do with the retina I don’t know the science behind it, but I’ve been colorblind my whole life But I’m really excited to finally get to see my fish for what they are. I just hope that they work If they work you see this video. They don’t work I send them back you never see this video so Sick to come in a little case is they’re Kind of looking through them now. Oh yeah, all right ah I’m pretty excited about this I’m kind of nervous as well the first fish we’re going to look at is the Asian Arowana. You’ve been here the longest He’s my right-hand man he gets to uh I want to look at him first, so See how this goes Oh, wow. He is blue? So he’s a blue base cross back and what that means is. He’s going to have a lot of gold to him and apparently, he’s got a red tail and at the base of his scales is going to be a blue hue I could kind of see the color difference there before but I never seen it actually blue I think that’s blue oh Wow, I know the lighting’s would play a role in and changing his appearance oh I Feel like I just got a new fish old fish new fish. I can’t walk around that was like this forever though These are typically meant for outdoors as well as the only ones ahead in stock I’ll go out sides a little bit. Let’s look at some of the other fish go over and see the flowerhorn Wait the camera doesn’t pick that up at all or maybe it does and I don’t see it Look, he’s red blue haha Now clearly this will be tinted a little bit. This is what you guys see always got markings on his cheeks orange and red good Little speckles Are you excited too? You look so much better now. Oh When did the lighting can be changed to make him look a little bit better change the color spectrum? I’m the great in the middle is fine. Oh, wow aren’t you pretty [oh]? [that’s] pretty cool The Rays don’t look too much different scenes leather peep-toe I’m seeing a lot of blue from the there must be a blue spectrum. I tend to use I tend to use a like 5000 to 6500 Kelvins in terms of the Color spectrum Oh look there’s a little one of you guys can see that on the floor there the aquarium But one of the fish lost their burbs See it there I’ll have to pick that up in a second. It’s fine there for now, but I’m seeing a lot of blues So these are black and white fish is really going to a offer much of a contrast Well the pearl looks a lot better. I thought he was just different shades of brown like different colors I Guess [he] sort of is still but there’s so much more vibrant and they contrast so much more. He’s going to be a beauty Well, what a boat. I have to shut oh the shell dwellers. Let’s look at those guys This is so cool. [I] wish I had a lot [more] colorful fish I got the saltwater tank upstairs out when I wish I had a lot of the older fish that I used to have and Because I used to have a lot of or especially that goldfish tank. That would have been beautiful to look at But with so many new tanks coming and so many different types of aquariums will definitely be Just turn this down for you guys There we go. I don’t know if the color has been blown up and detain pay attention to the camera So many new fish coming I can’t Wait to oh, that’s good I always says that these guys made up what they [lack] in color they make up for personality, but This is ridiculous. They actually do of color. I don’t know what the colors are though. I want used to seeing this maybe orange and yellow The whole room looks so much different Hmm We both the [Asian] near 10. He’s up there have a peek at him Shut this light up. I [think] it’s messing it up. Oh You do have color. I’m not exact the wait to see anything So he’s a fat some pink’s used to Kaylas Red He’s overall kind of red There’s Gonna be really read soon Let’s go look at the saltwater tank upstairs. I can’t wait to go outside and see some real colors of clownfish now the regular colors don’t look too much different like that black and white clearly but the the Who’s that Lauren John Their face? someone’s glowing This tank is in rough shape Look at the brass. That’s back there Let’s see how this looks the sky so blue Somebody looks like everybody this is so intense. Why is it so colorful? yeah, so it’s not a great time to look opac here, but especially the grasses and needs to grow the Trees are so green One thing I got is the color of the gallery walls in here Some people have said they’re blue comes. I thought they were gray let’s find out for sure Sitting there is definitely great without here There is a blue tint to us wanting a steel steel blue I Just I was like greg ncAt glue in here at all. It’s the flower one. I notice the biggest difference and n contrast in its colors and the blue really coming through you see I Being being colorblind myself when it comes to editing a video I can’t do color Correction or you know I have a hard time balancing the you know the white Balance and Making sure it looks properly, so I usually [just] go with like automatic settings cross my fingers, and you know kind of hope for the best, but I Can’t see myself wearing these all the time. I don’t not really a fan of this this look What do you guys think wear them all the time every moving forward my videos if I color blind? Glasses see if you guys could see any difference if [I] put these over you I? Think I just get a little more shade today yeah, just because [there] I Suppose [that] turn blue let me give you guys a look Is it raining blue or the tank is also empty so it’s reflecting a lot of light? Let’s see what it looks like with these on ready And get an idea of what I’ve been seeing You see a difference there I can [see] the difference For a lot of you, maybe it just looks Lighter or darker with these own, but man it’s night and day for me. I can’t get these on there properly Look at them ready The clue is contrasting a lot more for me these glasses are Just kind of adding a tent. Maybe you can see it. Maybe you can see what I was saying so That’s pretty much it. I mean I Got to see my fish in a different light kind of seeing them for the first time for what they are And what you guys have been seeing and I guess that’s pretty exciting I can’t wait to kind of see what all my fish look like in the gallery I got to admit the number one feeling. I’m having is like I feel cheated For not being able to to see it to see the fish for what they are and this is such a such a beautiful, Hobby that It’s such a visual hobby But not actually seeing them in the way, they’re supposed to be seen Just feels wrong But all right, I’m glad I shared that experience with you guys. I thought that I might have been a Little more excited to do this video. I thought that I would [be] more emotional with it, but it’s just not there for me I feel I feel a little bit angry. I feel a little bit robbed I feel I Feel as though perhaps my selection and fish might have been different had I been able to see what you guys have seen But in the end. I’m happy with my fish I love them all I can’t wait for the gallery to happen whether I could see it or not the focus is not on me It’s on you guys, and what I can do [for] the hobby so ultimately that’s what I’m truly looking forward to so anyways Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If not join me next Thursday, and I will have something new for you

100 thoughts on “Seeing color for the first time – AQUARIUM EDITION!!

  1. I think I might be colorblind after watching this video lol. I never thought that I was…but now I think I might get checked for it lol.

  2. That's so awesome! So many of us take our vision for granted. It was nice to see the sheer joy on your face!
    I was wondering how similar your new vision is to "normal" vision. I thought the red tones came out more with the glasses over the camera. I could even see some pinkish tint in your shirt.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Can i just get an info? Im wondering why do you Know the colors if you are colorblind since birth? I dont understand how you can say, oh they are blue if you never seen what blue ever before? Plese help

  4. They’re supposed to take 15 minuets to actually work I’m surprised you could see the colors right away. I’m happy for you.

  5. The glasses would work much better if you kept them on for a while without flipping back and forth. You need to give your eyes time to adjust.

  6. Umm.. i thought they didnt work right away, you have to adapt a little with them, plus, they dont work as well inside as they are for the outside so i dunno

  7. I hope they help. It's pretty amazing you got into this type of hobby if you can't see the fish properly. Enjoy your hobby dude.

  8. All of your fish are brown and beige!!!! Go back to the tropical fish store!!!!!

    Or better yet, go scuba dive some of the amazing reefs in the caribbean.

  9. WAIT do you listen to hamilton?

    "AND IM GONNA NEED A RIGHT HAND MAN" -George Washington

    "He's my right hand man" -Joey ( the Asian Arowana part )

  10. I thought it took like 20 munities to take effect? My friend got some and it took half an hour for them to start working.

  11. My brother-in-law is very mildly colorblind, though we aren't sure to what extent. The way we found out is that my sister's eyes are a very clear shade of green, but it came out after a couple years of being married he always thought her eyes were grey. He can see most other shades of green so by coincidence he married a woman with eyes the one shade he has trouble seeing.

  12. I hope you make this video again now. Like in August 2018. And bring someone with you to confirm the colour if its accurate 🙂

  13. Love this! And thank you SOOO much for letting us see too. The flowerhorn looks more neon, like when you look at colors under a blacklight. Next time u go to buy a ton of fish bring the glasses!!!!

  14. yo King of DIY i can explain it to you why you are colorblind, first of all Colorblindness is a Genetzic Defect wich is on the X-Chromosome, it has several different Variations wich Colors you dont see and/or how strong this Colorblindness is. now the reason why Men have it much more often,than Women its because Women have 2 X-chromosomes and Men 1 X and 1 Y chromosome, that means if the genetic defect is on the X-chromosome the Man who has it will have it for sure, if a Women has it its not that bad because she has a second one wich has in most cases not the defect so she wont be affected by it if 1 is good and the other one has the defect. i hope you can understand this,cuz its 7:am and is did not sleep yet 😀

  15. Is the arowana blue? It doesn’t look blue to me unless I can’t see that color but I e never had trouble with color before

  16. I cried like a baby watching you get to experience color it is amazing what science has become i thought you was going to cry but im glad you to see color maybe you should go to a fish store and wear them

  17. Now that I have seen this video of yours again Joey, it kind of bothers me that they sell these glasses leaving people feeling robbed. You shouldn't have been left with that feeling Joey. That's the worst sensation ever.

  18. I was just wondering if either of your little people inherited any eye problems? especially your son, being male??? 🙂

  19. Don't be angry, you just opened your eyes to the world of color…and you have nice fish already, it's just that you will be able to now pick more fishes to enhance your gallery with more color. Good luck, and congrats on seeing the colors like we do.

  20. My understanding is that the most colorblind people still have all three color detectors (cones) but the red/green ones are too similar, too close, and almost overlap front to end. There's only a tiny window of contrast between them. The glasses filter out a bunch of light that would end up stimulating both cones (making brown/yellow), and shif green light to fall perfectly on the incorrectly calibrated green cone and red ilght to fall perfectly on the incorrectly calibrated red cone, which allows the colorblind person to suddenly behold the tremendous differences between green and red. Their brain theoretically should now 'see' green and red as they are meant to be seen because those cones are being stimulated to the right degree by the right stimulus (green or red) in a way they never previously were. I'm to understand the tech's not perfect yet but damn does it open the front door!

  21. The glasses definitely intensify the colors, but they're not creating colors that aren't there. Very Cool!

  22. If you were colorblind from the start then how do you know colors? And if you got them in your childhood, when and how did it happen? Fo you see everything black and white like felines?

  23. I see less definition in the colors of the fish, when you put the glasses in front of the camera. It just becomes darker. 🙂

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