Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 1/3 (Documentary)

Sensory Deprivation Tanks: Part 1/3 (Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Floating is about
creating a unique experience for the brain in which it’s now
confronted, for the first time in its existence, a
lack of sensory input. SPEAKER 2: They say it’s the
most intimate experience you’ll ever have
with yourself. It’s kind of like going on
a date with yourself. SPEAKER 3: There’s no chance you
have anywhere else where you’re in total silence,
total darkness, and you’re literally floating. SPEAKER 4: “Train by day,
Joe Rogan podcast by night.” All day. JOE ROGAN: Hamilton Morris comes
here with a video camera when the podcast in its most
cluttered state possible. This room is a wreck. I look like I should
be on “Hoarders” in this fucking room. SPEAKER 4: Serious. JOE ROGAN: I gotta clean
this bitch out. This is ridiculous. Too much traveling, man. Too much traveling. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yes. JOE ROGAN: You know? You know how it is,
Hamilton Morris. HAMILTON MORRIS: Hello. JOE ROGAN: What’s up, bunny? HAMILTON MORRIS: Not much. Good to be here. JOE ROGAN: Thanks for– thanks for coming on. HAMILTON MORRIS: Thanks
for having me. JOE ROGAN: Hamilton is doing
something on isolation tanks. And we’re going to check out
the Float Lab tomorrow in Venice, where Crash is the mad
genius, putting together the baddest float tanks
in the world. We’re gonna go check out his
stuff and his crazy cellular influence device. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yeah. I’m curious. JOE ROGAN: Yeah, his idea, this
guy Crash’s idea, is that in the sensory deprivation
environment, with the lack of external stimuli, your brain
will be more focused. HAMILTON MORRIS: It sounds
like “The Lawnmower Man.” JOE ROGAN: [INAUDIBLE]
in the tank. It does sound like “The
Lawnmower Man.” You’re right. It does. Could you imagine if you took
like, if you found out that you could develop a course
specifically for you inside the isolation tank, like the
optimum way to learn things and memorize things and
put them to use? And you show that you could make
people learn Spanish ten times quicker or something
fucking nutty like that. That would be, like, the
best way to learn ever. We were talking about
it earlier. You’ve only had one sensory
experience. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yeah. And it was quite a while ago. JOE ROGAN: So what’s
your goal? What are you trying to
get out of this? HAMILTON MORRIS: Well, at the
very beginning of psychedelic research, there were always
these attempts to try and isolate the experience from the
environment in some way when they were trying to
quantify or qualify the effects of new drugs in the
’60s, and test them in some kind of unbiased setting. And the two ways they had were
sensory deprivation tanks and these Ganzfeld devices. But of the two, it was John
Lilly’s sensory deprivation tank that turned out to be much
more effective, which is why it’s still used today. INTERVIEWER: In your writings,
you’ve explored almost every state of consciousness I could
imagine, the various mystical levels of satori, communication
with extraterrestrials, communication with other species. You’ve established, probably, a
more significant mapping of inner space than almost any
other modern person. And I think we all owe a great
debt to you for that. JOHN C. LILLY: But don’t
get stuck with those. I’ve abandoned all of them. It’s impossible because
there are infinities within the mind. HAMILTON MORRIS: Before showing
me his personal flotation unit, Joe taught
me about California’s high-potency medical cannabis. JOE ROGAN: I like to get fucked
up and get in the tank. Every day, I turn this on, and
this is the filtration system. [MACHINERY STARTS] JOE ROGAN: And inside it– HAMILTON MORRIS: Wow. JOE ROGAN: Yeah. It’s pretty intense. That’s what it looks like when
it’s circulating the water. It’s great for everything,
man. It’s great for your mind. It’s relaxing. It’s great for your body. All your muscles just like, they
sort of like lengthen out and unwind. ‘Cause you’re floating. It’s like a zero-gravity
atmosphere. It’s really the only
environment on Earth like this. HAMILTON MORRIS: Have you
tried smoking DMT in it? JOE ROGAN: No. I’ve never thought with DMT,
well, this’d be great if I did it on a roller coaster,
you know? My main thing is eating pot. If you eat enough of it, you’ll
have really insane visual effects. Like when I close my eyes, I
have these, like, weird, cartoony characters that sort of
dance behind your eyelids. But they’re very
slippery, too. If I was you, I would go to one
of these dispensaries and get myself a cookie. HAMILTON MORRIS: OK, cool. I just imagine they’re
extremely strong. They’re always very strong. [MUZAK PLAYING] HAMILTON MORRIS: I mentally
prepared myself to meet Crash, venerated tank engineer and
floatation expert, as well as the builder of Joe Rogan’s
personal tank– of Joe Rogan’s personal tank. CRASH: Come on up. HAMILTON MORRIS: Uh. CRASH: You guys know about this
chem trail shit, right? No? You do? HAMILTON MORRIS: No. CRASH: Huh? HAMILTON MORRIS: No. CRASH: The spray that’s out
in the sky everywhere? I don’t want to even know
about new imaging. Very interesting
stuff goes on. I study a lot. That’s why I got the dark field
and things, you know? Studying the blood, studying
this, studying that. I look into a lot of
things, you know, so I can get informed. I’m concerned with my
own well-being. HAMILTON MORRIS: Joe recommended
that I eat some kind of a weed brownie before
getting into the tanks. He said that that was the best
way to experience this. Do you feel that way? CRASH: Whoa. Well, you know, I think that
everybody likes to do what they like to do. I mean, what? Do they think I’m gonna
say, oh, no. You can’t do that. I mean, what is that? What am I, your mom? Your mom, who tells you–? You know, absolutely. Do whatever you want. I think that this type of
conscious action, people that are doing it, I am sick
of these– what I like about Joe– this is a big thing
to me, too– oh, this is the point I was
going to make, though. The stigma that pertains to this
industry has to do with this hippy kind of a person. These are not your grandma’s
people coming into the float chamber no more. See, Joe’s had an influence on
the industry in general. The fact is, I believe him to
be the single most driving feature in the entire
industry. [MUZAK PLAYING] HAMILTON MORRIS: Crash’s Float
Lab is outfitted with the most technologically sophisticated
flotation systems in the world, in addition to whole-body
vibration therapy devices and several portraits
of Albert Hofmann. CRASH: I did a report on Albert
Hofmann when I was about yo big. I don’t even know if I
knew what the fuck I was talking about. But I did a report about
how he discovered LSD. You guys do some acid? Done some acid before? HAMILTON MORRIS: Yes. CRASH: Yeah? How do you like that stuff? HAMILTON MORRIS: I
like it a lot. CRASH: Yeah? Gotta get the clean
stuff, right? HAMILTON MORRIS: I guess so. CRASH: Yeah, get
the clean acid. Get it from a reliable source. HAMILTON MORRIS: All right. CRASH: There you go. HAMILTON MORRIS: Before entering
the tank, Crash coached me on how to maximize
the benefits of my flotation experience. CRASH: The other thing is
putting it in your eyes. You don’t want to put
it in your eyes, ’cause it stings a big. You could put your hands like
this way here, or like that, or however you feel comfortable
for you. You ready to go? HAMILTON MORRIS:
(YAWNING) Yeah. CRASH: I’ll give you
some earplugs. They have a little filament
in the middle. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yeah,
what is the filament? That’s– CRASH: That’s freaky, huh. HAMILTON MORRIS: Yeah, that is
the one that’s making me– CRASH: Yeah, that’s what makes
it freaky, is the filament. See? See? It goes from freaky to cool
all of a sudden, right? That’s what I like. Take it from freaky to cool. Thank you. All right. Let’s get out of here. This guy’s gotta take a shower. Come on. HAMILTON MORRIS: So wait, so
wait– is this it, and then you’ll alert me, and then– CRASH: Yeah. Say hey, time’s up.

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  5. I sleep with ear plugs in and in a chair that removes all pressure to my body (over stuffed chair). I sleep in a near fetal body position. I've slept this way for about 5 years. I have the most vivid and entertaining and deep dreams, so much so that I actually look forward to sleeping more than anything else in life. I see color and read and even do math in dreams. It's really almost exactly like real life, but the situations are all over the place. The key to understanding dreams is simply to be honest with yourself and others. Everyone thinks they are honest, but true honesty is very difficult and often not a virtue. A million lies a day are told as a kindness to others and to ourselves. NO ONE wants a truly honest friend or spouse.

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  9. The float tanks are amazing. Used them in the early to mid 80’s, sans drugs. The calm, peaceful, serene effect lasts for hours. I could clearly see ways to solve whatever problem I had. Highly recommend. Just don’t trip while your in there, otherwise it’s just entertainment. My thoughts anyway. To each his own.

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