Serenading The Ladies and Runaway Turtles

Serenading The Ladies and Runaway Turtles

(whistling) – What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog, we’re leaving the hotel
that we stayed at last night after we left Summer’s house, we’re going to pick up Summer
and then we’re driving home, that’s pretty much the gist of our day you can pretty much stop watching now ’cause I just told you
everything that’s gonna happen. Wait a second, wait, wait,
wait, wait, come here, sorry. – [Older Woman] Hi, honey! – [Asa] Can you say hi? (people talking in lobby) – [Older Woman] Paxon
Athletics, where you from? – [Isaiah] Jacksonville. – Jacksonville, I didn’t,
I didn’t know that. – Can you carry this bag,
I’m gonna grab some coffee, do you want coffee, okay. – Just cream. – [Asa] All right, I’ll get coffee. – It’s okay, she can talk to everybody. – Hi, sweetheart! – [Priscilla] Abbie, can you wave? – [Asa] Can you say hi? – Hi, hi, Abbie. – [Priscilla] She’s
non-verbal, but she can wave. – [Older Woman] She’s so pretty. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Asa] Everybody here is so nice! – Right? – [Asa] So the young lady
that was in the elevator, the daughter? She came up to me after
they got done talking, said I love your YouTube channel! – Oh, my Gosh! (laughing) – [Asa] Isn’t that funny? – That is funny. – [Asa] They live in a really pretty area. – [Priscilla] They do. – [Asa] I like this little, like, it’s very Florida. Like a Florida beach town,
that is a crazy tree. – [Priscilla] Right, it
looks like they just had it trimmed or something. – [Isaiah] It’s like the
Whoville’s Christmas trees. – [Asa] In the Whoville. Okay, I wanna know if the breakfast is gonna live up to the hype. That’s what I wanna know. – I wanna, I need to know what you want. – [Asa] You said last night. – What do you wanna, what do you like? – [Asa] Every, everything.
– Scrambled eggs? Yeah, I don’t think I, I
don’t think I lived up to it. – [Asa] Skills, no, they’re good dude. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, bagels, pancakes, what else do we have,
grapes, said that, coffee. Pretty epic breakfast, Phil. – [Priscilla] Phil’s spoiling us. – [Asa] Little bit better
than the Hampton Inn. – [Phil] Trying to get
you to move next to us. – [Asa] Yeah? (upbeat electronic music) – [Isaiah] Abby, there’s a turtle up here! Oh he’s, he’s getting away, he’s a fast little sucker, isn’t he? – [Isaiah] Shush, look at him. Hey, buddy, hi, little guy. You’re way bigger than my turtle. Much, much bigger, you
would eat my turtle. – [Summer] Hi, there’s a baby one! – [Isaiah] There’s a
baby turtle back there but you can’t see it! – [Summer] Did you see it? – [Isaiah] Yeah, where’d he
go, oh, he’s right there. – [Summer] It’s so cute! – [Isaiah] He’s right
there, he’s so, sis, small. (upbeat electronic music) – [Isaiah] Abbie, there’s
a turtle crossing up here. Better watch out. Look at him, he’s just moving right along! Oh, no, he’s going back. – [Summer] Is he coming head on? – [Isaiah] You’re scaring him. Look at him, look at
the turtle, hey, buddy. Oh, it’s okay, look at
him, he’s so nervous. That’s a big old turtle,
that’s a chunky thing. Abbie, you do have so much fun. (guitar strumming) – [Priscilla] Are you so excited? Summer’s coming with us. – [Asa] Yeah, we’re gonna leave
but Summer’s going with us, but you gotta say goodbye
to everybody else, though. – [Priscilla] Come give Phil a hug. – [Isaiah] Summer, your phone is inside. – Bye, Abbie, bye, honey, you
take care of Summer, okay? Don’t let her get into trouble? (laughing) All you guys hugged me goodbye? My daughter didn’t hug me goodbye. – [Summer] Yes, I did!
– When did you? – [Priscilla] Isaiah, get out of the car. Abbie’s yelling. – [Asa] Oh, you’re a terrible child. – I heard they’re really
nice in Jacksonville. – [Asa] Stay out of the bars, she is 21. – Need more money on
your card, don’t ask me. (upbeat electronic music) – We took Summer by the house,
what’d you think, Summer? – I love it. – Yeah, you wanna live,
you gonna live there, and go to school here, and all that? That’s the plan.
– Yep. – That’s our plan – Summer’s plan is irrelevant. Abbie, do you want Summer to live with us? Hey, do you want Summer to live with us? Yes or no, Ab? – [Isaiah] Hey, Abbie. – Do you want me live with you, no? (laughing) – [Asa] We’re home! What you got, Mom? – All kinds of things. – [Asa] Grove Collaborative stuff? – Yeah. – [Asa] Still waiting on
that Grove Collaborative sponsorship though. – Right? – [Asa] They don’t have to sponsor, you just love their stuff. – I do. – [Asa] You also got, a
friend sent you some stuff? – Yeah, my upline slash friend. – [Asa] Yeah, for? – Congratulations on my promotion. – [Asa] Look at you,
it’s a real succulent. I’ve never seen a real one, I’ve only seen the fake ones at IKEA. What you get? – [Priscilla] I’m so excited! – Smells clean. – [Asa] Are those things expensive? – It’s, no. – [Maury Povich] The lie
detector test determined that was a lie. (crowd jeering) – They give you so many free things. – [Asa] Are you so happy to be home? Guess what, we’re gonna
leave in less than 24 hours. When are we leaving? We’re picking up the van tomorrow morning? – Yep. – [Asa] And then we leave when? – Whenever we want, I
would like to leave early, just because we might do
meetups along the way? – [Asa] Yes. Well, comment down below if
you saw us during a meetup because you’ll be seeing
this after the meetup. So, I can’t wait, looking
forward to to meeting, meeting some new people. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – And we’ll have the whole crew, Summer will be with us, the whole crew! – I’m so excited! – Because you’ve only got to
do the one in New York, right? That was our very first meetup. That was when we were super awkward and we didn’t know what we were doing. – [Asa] Abbie, you
rocking those ABA skills? Putting away groceries? Boy, we got some junk
food for the road trip. Summer likes Dr. Pepper, right, Sum? – [Summer] I do. – [Asa] Slim Jims, salsa,
peanuts, oh cashews, even better. – [Summer] Cashews. – [Asa] Good job, keep going, what a face. What are you do, what are teaching my son, and what are you all doing? – Well, I’m teaching him a handgame. – Schoolyard game.
– And he cannot do it. – [Asa] Alright, you got it, do it. You got this, you got it, don’t mess up. – Mm, I did something wrong again. – [Asa] Abbie, okay,
Abbie’s in the background, with her, her pile of chips. – [Isaiah] She dumped the whole bag. – [Asa] Alright, Mom,
show them how it’s done. Show them, Syl. – Okay. – [Asa] Here we go. She’s a real MVP. Do y’all like practice this,
in a mirror or something? You got it this time, right? – You gotta move more swiftly, he can’t. – That’s my movement. – You ready?
(laughing) See, I was thinking about moving swiftly, and I was gonna be like, I was gonna be all
stupid, let’s just do it. Summer, can you take
this seriously, please? – I can’t look at you,
your face is just blank. Okay, okay, okay. – I could see you laughing and
it messed me up every time. – All right, I gotta tell. So if you have had the
gastric sleeve surgery, I highly recommend doing
the Philly cheese steak on a flatbread and then
taking it off the flatbread and just eating the steak and onion and throwing a little A1 on it. – [Asa] It did well for you, huh? – It did, it worked out well. – [Asa] Abbie, what do you recommend? Do you recommend a whole bag of chips? Okay, we’re done, okay, you’re all done. Come on, up up. No, not taking roadies
with ya, let’s go, no. Okay guys, we got a lot of packing to do, and get ready for our, our week-long trip. Abbie, want to say bye, say bye, bye. Alright guys, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye, guys. – Wait, come back! – I’m crying. – [Priscilla] Why are you crying? – ‘Cause it’s so cute,
and he’s in my hand. – [Priscilla] Don’t worry
everybody, we already know that they carry salmonella. – We know, we’re gonna wash our hands, don’t freak out. – Honestly it’s okay, he’s too cute. – [Asa] It’s just Summer, though. – [Priscilla] Look at his cute- (gasping) (slowed down audio) (laughing) – [Asa] What are you doing? – Put him in the tank. – [Asa] Gotta put him back. – I caught him, okay? – Set him down, set him down. – He’s like not scared to fall. – [Asa] He’s like I’m probably gonna catch something from her. – [Isaiah] Look him, look,
oop, there he’s in there. Look at the little spats. – That was crazy. – [Asa] He’s doing well, so you guys, everybody wanted an update on the turtle. – Yeah, they’ve been
commenting on my Instagram. – [Asa] He swims over to the glass when Isaiah comes in so he can get fed. He always wants to eat. Isaiah has to monitor his feeding though so he doesn’t overfeed him
’cause that’s easy to do. – I get excited ’cause
I’m like oh my Gosh! He’s so cute, I wanna feed him. But you can’t do that,
you can’t do what I do. Hey buddy, look at him, he’s
taking a shower over there. – [Summer] There he goes. – [Isaiah] Look at him,
look at him, chomp! It just disappeared. Look at him. – [Summer] He’s so cute. – [Isaiah] Phil’s the guy at the party. – [Asa] Great, everybody
already loves Phil, now he plays guitar, now
they’re really gonna love Phil. – [Priscilla] Uh-oh, Phil,
Sherrie better watch out! – I only play the guitar to get girls. I mean, really, ask any rock and roller they only play the guitar to get girls. It wasn’t to make money,
it was just to get girls. – [Priscilla] Isaiah’s like
how do I learn the guitar?

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