Shark Coloration | SHARK ACADEMY

Shark Coloration | SHARK ACADEMY

Do sharks have camouflage? Do they need camouflage?
I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! Most people, when they imagine a shark, think
of something like this: a reef shark, with the classic sharky look. Almost all sharks
of this type are grayish with a darker top and lighter underside. This is called countershading.
What is it for? Imagine sunlight falling on a shark with no
countershading. The top would be illuminated more brightly than the underside. This would
make the shark very easy to see, and its shape is obvious. However if you darken the top
of the shark so that it matches the brightness of the underside when sunlight falls on it,
now it’s much harder to see, and its shape has been disguised. That is countershading,
and it’s what sharks do to help blend in while swimming in plain sight. Other sharks like the Wobbegong live entirely
on the bottom and hunt by ambushing their prey. They have evolved complex coloration
and camouflage to blend in to the sea floor. The Whale shark? Well, in addition to counter
shading it has spots on top. Biologists think these help the shark use the dappling of sunlight
near the ocean surface to disguise their shape. Why does the world’s biggest fish need camouflage?
Well, that’s anyone’s guess! Don’t go away! If you’re interested in
sharks, there are more than 30 Shark Academy episodes to watch! You can also join my underwater
adventures on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! And don’t ever miss a new episode, subscribe

28 thoughts on “Shark Coloration | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. hey @BlueWorldTV /Jonathan can you maybe make longer vids of shark academy ?,becuse i love shark's  by the way love your vids

  2. Can you maybe do a video on Japanese Spider crab please? I love your videos they are very educational! I also love sealife!

  3. The Goblin Shark is the stranger Shark i've ever seen…but I still don't know much about it,can you make a video that talks a bit of it in one of your shark academy videos ? By the way, your videos are awesome 😃 +BlueWorldTV

  4. You have inspired me to major in marine biology at Rhode Island University! After college I would like to be an aquarist or a beluga whale trainer at the Georgia Aquarium!

  5. Hey Johnathon Have You Ever Thought Bout Changing Your Profile Picture? Maybe To Like Your Own Official Logo?

  6. Possibly the best sharks' channel…With which shark did u fear more(if u feared) at ur divings(tiger shark,bull shark or gr8 white one)….

  7. You forgot how tiger sharks have stripes so as babies, when the stripes are stronger, they can hide among the mangrove roots, while hen older & the stripes are more subtle, the stripes now blend wi ripples on the surface & seen from above in the sand. Kind of clever really xxx Sneaky seatigies!!! Love em!!!

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