Shark Vs Shark: Giant Great White Attacks Another Great White

Shark Vs Shark: Giant Great White Attacks Another Great White

COMM: With terrifying speed, a great white shark attacks another great white, something
that’s rarely seen. And even more rarely caught on camera. 00:29
COMM: On a diving trip to learn more about great white sharks, Adam Malski gets plenty
of up close experience with the ocean’s most formidable predator. 00:44
COMM: From the safety of his cage 20 metres below the surface, the sharks he encounters
seem more inquisitive than aggressive. 00:55
COMM: But later when Adam is back on the boat, the species reasserts it’s fearsome reputation
as just feet from his camera a large great white brutally attacks a smaller one. 01:12
COMM: Did the bigger shark deliberately target the smaller one? Or had it committed itself
to striking the bait trailing from the boat, and on reaching the surface find the other
shark in it’s line of attack? 01:23
COMM: While great whites tend to avoid conflict, cannibalism is not unheard of. Deliberate
or not, the shark on shark attack is still an incredible attack to have caught on camera.

100 thoughts on “Shark Vs Shark: Giant Great White Attacks Another Great White

  1. the shark didnt even bite down…..this wasnt an attack……they just ran into each other……..drama

  2. That's because you got beat out jack asses they were both gone for the bait and I fucking ran into each other that's why they did that you fucking morons you're trying to do research but you're fucking making them attacking each other fucking dumbasses!

  3. I bet it was really over a female shark that was near by. Us males would die over some pussy. This is a prime example of it.

  4. Big shark was going for the bait, small shark landed in big sharks mouth, end of story.

  5. Oops, Oops, my bad!!! Ouch!!!

    In retrospect, the young attacked the old… interesting indeed… Quite the mistake.

  6. And when sharks attack the prey (the meat in the water) their eyes go back into their head shelding their eyes and then that causes them to not be able to see and so 2 sharks saw the bait so then they ran into each other

  7. Sharks are blind right after they comp there teeth down he missed the food right in front of him because he chomped down to early which then made him bonk right into the bigger shark so I don't think they were trying to attack each other but that is just my opinion

  8. Great Whites are no longer considered to be "The Ocean's Most Formidable Predator." …..Orcas have recently been filmed eating them for lunch.

  9. Greta white is NOT the most formidable creature in the ocean…Orca can make mince meat out of a GW any day it want's and they do.

  10. โอ้วๆๆๆๆๆ ฟักยู ฟักมี…ไอ้ห่ากูตกใจ

  11. "The 1st. Rule about Shark Fight Club,is that you DON'T TALK about Shark Fight Club!"………The 2nd rule about Shark Fight Club………🐟🐟🐟

  12. They both were focused on the bait heading in the same direction and saw each other at the last minute. Then collided that’s all that was.

  13. These sharks were not attacking each other. Just before a strike a sharks eyes are protected so they effectively attack blind. With these two, neither could see at the point of collision. They were both going for the bait, not each other, if they were then there would of been a lot of blood rather than just ramming into each other

  14. i think the small great white was a baby female and that big one was a male because the males bites the female forcing her to mate with him (shark sex) they do this to make the female stop moving until the male sticks the claspers (shark penises) then sticks it in the Cloacal (shark vagina)

  15. They are comparing size to each other like a pecking order. The bigger great white is just saying this is my food. Usually the smaller shark is like nope im out.

  16. Shark attack seems like an erratic term.
    I believe that the big shark catches the little one in order to preserve it by preventing it from eating the hook

  17. Which one is bad, and which one is not?

    Actually they're just fighting for their meal, and yes…I'm talking about the people on the boat.

  18. That's what happens when you do stupid things like feeding wild animals. The national geographic team is 100% responsible for the death of that shark. If they didn't bait them for picture ops…that shark would of never died when another bigger shark decided he was the one to eat the bait. Instead they battled and one died. For a video. Sad

  19. When great whites feed, their eyes roll back into their heads to prevent them from being damaged by the prey they are attacking. However, this leaves them blind. This was just a case of mistaken identity between two sharks that were both wanting to eat the bait set by Adam Malski and his crew. By setting the bait directly between the two sharks, they created the circumstances for this 'attack.' To us it seemed violent, but to sharks it was the equivalent of bumping elbows with someone while walking.

  20. Orcas are the apex animal of the water. They're far more intelligent, stronger, better swimmers than sharks & hunt in orchestrated packs.

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